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A latchable room is a room that allows the entry portal - generally a door - to be locked from the inside by use of LATCH.


The current policy only considers lockable or latchable rooms private. No other areas, including tables, are considered private spaces. Tables are considered public. You can check the monitoring status of a room using POLICY REVIEW.


The following is a list of known latchable rooms.

(H) = must be a house member to access
(P) = publicly accessible

Mist Harbor

  • Firefly Villa - six latchable rooms upstairs (P): The Silver Room, The Saffron Room, The Purple Room, The Blue Room, The Green Room, The Azure Room. Note on Firefly Villa: In these rooms there are two doors that need to be latched - one to the outside hall and one to a shared balcony.
  • Scuttlebug Tavern - two latchable rooms upstairs (P): Grey Room, Red Room

Wehnimer's Landing

Icemule Trace


  • Captain's Rest - latchable rooms upstairs (P)
  • Wage and Dagger - two latchable rooms upstairs (P)
  • Bathhouse - several latchable bathing rooms (P)
  • Solhaven Inn - several latchable rooms (P)
  • Trading Post - several latchable rooms (P)
  • Krawling Kraken - Sitting Room, Scaled Room, Pine Room, Cozy Room, Trophy Room, Sailor's Ease, Seascape Room (P)

River's Rest

Teras Isle

Zul Logoth

  • Bawdy Bard Inn - four latchable rooms downstairs (P):Horn Room, Strings Room, Percussion Room, Woodwind Room
  • Tregg's Tavern - two latchable roooms (P). Note: This is in Khazar's Hold, which is before Zul Logoth, to the west side.


  • Naerine Hostelry - four latchable rooms upstairs (P): Star Room, Sky Room, Sun Room, Moon Room


  • Feystone Inn - near Sylvarraend, two latchable rooms upstairs (P): Sitting Room, Bedroom
  • Shimmarglin Inn - ten latchable rooms upstairs (P): Charging Boar Room, Twisting Serpent Room, Mountain Peak Room, Bright Berry Room, Red Bear Room, Yellow Sunburst Room, Soaring Falcon Room, Black Oak Room, Timber Wolf Room, Wood Sprite Room


  • The Legendary Rest - four latchable rooms upstairs (P): Lofty Peaks Room, Sea N' Shore Room, Desert Evening Room, Golden Harvest Room; three latchable rooms downstairs (P): Forest Clearing Room, City Life Room, City Vista Room
  • Malwith Inn - three latchable rooms upstairs (P): Green Suite, Blue Suite, Bedroom