Ta'Vaalor new-player jobs

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The shopkeepers in the city of Ta'Vaalor have a series of jobs that they need done by low-level adventurers. The character can bring back the asked for item and GIVE it to the shopkeeper in exchange for experience and silvers.

The merchant Clentaran beams as he gingerly takes the lockpick from your hand. "Oh, excellent that is just what I needed," he exclaims.
The merchant Clentaran gives you 100 silvers which you quickly pocket.

None of the NPCs will accept items if they will sell for more at the pawnshop.

You would most likely be able to get a better price for that at the pawnshop.

These jobs are limited to adventurers below level 6 or so; if you are too advanced, the messenger service will not hire you, and other locations will accept the items but will not give a reward.

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