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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Ebon Gate that will help you navigate the experience like a pro!

Cost & Attendance

Can a Free to Play character attend?

Yes. As far as we know, there is no place or event at Ebon Gate that F2P is barred from. You can also buy a Merchant Pass just like everyone else, and go to everything.

Can I use Silvers at Ebon Gate?

Short answer: Only for a few things.

The currency at Evermore Hollow is soul shards. Except for Raffles, raffles still cost silvers in 2022. Live merchants, too, generally charge silvers. Treasure Trove Tokens in Gravelsdown Hall sell for silvers (100k each). (Remember, raffles, the Treasure Trove, and merchants will require a service pass.)

BUT: We expect GemStone to offer 3 Event Boxes for purchase with silvers that will hold some game entries.

Longer answer: sometimes you can exchange silvers with other players for purchase of items from shops or to buy game entries. Deal with someone you know is reputable, meet them at a bank, use EXCHANGE.

Does Ebon Gate Cost money? (Which kind?)

  • Dollars purchase SimuCoins, which are used in the SimuCoin shop to buy Game Entries.
  • Games are the source of Soul Shards that you can earn.
  • Soul Shards purchase goods and services for sale.
  • Silvers can be used to buy the limited EVENT BOXes when/if they are announced.
  • Silvers are also used for EG Merchants, Treasure Trove Tokens, and Raffles.

How many passes do I need to buy?

One pass is all there is, it is good all month, and is referred to as a Service Pass or a Merchant Pass. The pass is purchased at the SimuCoin Shop at the Play.Net web site. You will need this pass only if you wish to participate in:

  • Live Merchants
  • Raffles
  • Live Games, including GHOUL, the Cooking Contest, and the Costume Contest.

For the rest of the festival, shopping, games, storyline, etc., you no longer need any kind of pass. But you will need special Ebon Gate currency, called soul shards, to purchase items for sale at the Festival. You will need game entry items, bought from the SimuCoin shop, to play games.

How much do the game activities cost?

  • There is no pass required for games.
  • All game entries (except for fishing) are purchased with SimuCoins, in the SimuCoin Shop. SimuCoins are purchased with US Dollars in the shop at the Play.Net web site. After purchase in the SimuCoin shop, retrieve the purchase in-game with the command in GemStone: SIMUCOIN DELIVER
  • Usually, there is a free GIFTBOX (for subscribers) with a few entries inside
  • There are usually EVENT BOXes every week or so that can be purchased in-game with silvers, which hold a set amount of entries.
  • Sometimes you will find entries for sale from other players for silvers or other currency.
  • Game/Activities Include:
    • Spook Contest
    • Fishing, open from Friday, Sept 29 to Oct 31, costs 50 soul shards (the Evermore Hollow currency): earn various prizes here, including a ridge-edged painted wooden coin that can be tossed into the wishing well for an experience orb … and you will probably get haunted, too. (No pass is required.)
    • Sonreeva (The Newcropolis), Not Open until mid-month. 10 SimuCoins for a cube: is a single run dungeon crawl. Earn experience in combat, the satisfaction of solving the puzzles, and to those who complete it, a special trinket that will boost your AS, DS, CS, or TD +1 per year.
    • Arena of the Abyss, 10 SimuCoins for a cube, starts Oct 1: is an arena combat setting of 5 rounds each entry, against an undead creature. Earn Soul Shards, Fusion Tokens, Shimmering Green Experience Orbs, Necrotic Ring, and random breakable system loot. This is the annual time to charge up your necrotic ring, in the Arena.
    • Trick-or-Treat, 100 SimuCoins for an entry key, starts Oct 1: Earn soul shards, candy that can be collected and turned in for other things, Random prize droppings (I think), and some experience. There is undead combat behind some doors, too. You get about 10 knocks per entry.
    • Herb Hunt, 100 SimuCoins for an entry key, starts Oct 1: Earn soul shards, Reim entry orb, potion to recharge enhancives, some experience, Maybe other prize droppings, or the extremely rare whistle that will summon a mandrake pet.
    • Live Games are listed in FESTIVAL 2 and require the service pass to play in. They are usually restricted to a certain number of players who are picked randomly at the beginning.
    • Cooking Contest requires a service pass to play. This is a submission game, be sure to read all the instructions.
    • GHOUL games begin Oct 12, requires a service pass. Look for the schedule and prize information in the FESTIVAL 6 command.

What can I do for free?

  • There's the guidebook quest, also called the The Newly Unliving Registry, where you solve the step-by-step puzzles to unlock a guidebook for the event. The guidebook holds the names and locations of current merchants working and the current raffles. It will teleport you to the outside of the shop where the merchant is working.
  • There is a storyline that will launch at the beginning of the event with several events, and then continue with low-key things for characters to achieve/do/collect, and then a grand finale during the last days of the festival.
  • Spook Contest: get the most ghosts! Top five winners at the end of Ebon Gate receive special titles. It all starts with your Spook Pin at the Town Hall Spookorium.
  • Window Shop: See what is for sale and for how much before you decide to earn soul shards or not.
  • Recharge your Feyrot Mire Teleportation Carousel at the Incanter.
  • Events: Keep your eyes peeled on the NEWS and the TownCrier for events that will take place at Ebon Gate. ESP TUNE TownCrier. Quite a number of fun events will happen that are player-organized this month, too.
  • Explore: Evermore Hollow is full of themed wonders
  • Find unique Familiars, Companions, and (hopefully) Spirit Beasts at the venue.
  • Watch all the excitement, Roleplay with others, get into the spirit of the setting, Play the various free games people will host, Make new friends and memories to last a lifetime.


Do I have to wear a mask?

If you slip into Evermore Hollow, the domain of those who have passed on, those without titles of 'Witch' or 'Sorcerer' will be subject to a very strong disguising enchantment that will make you look like one of Naidem's usual denizens. Unless you wear a mask. So get your masks out.

Do I have to be online for the Raffles?

  • Yes. Read the ticket and the sign carefully for each raffle. Some may require you to be on the spot. Additionally, remember you can keep up with all the Raffle Info from *Rovvigen's Raffle Page at the GS TownCrier web site:

Do I have to be online for the Trove Drawings?

  • No. The Treasure Troves draw at the same time each night, and the winning item is placed in a special place in the room for the winner to claim for up to 24 hours. You do not have to be online when it draws.

Can I sell extra prize items I find from games?

If you cannot find a buyer for prizes via the usual methods, look for the Soul Shard Exchange in Gravelsdown Hall to sell some things back for a few soul shards. (And we do mean a few!)

Where is the …

  • Look for a great set of references and locations at the main Evermore Hollow wiki page.
  • Look for the List of Automated Services at the above page under Features, and a list of key locations on that same page.

Can I just buy some soul shards?

If you have more money than time, there is an old has-been adventurer at the entrance/exit to Naidem who will exchange your 25 count key that you purchase in the SimuCoin shop (unused, and only the 25 count one) for 7,500 soul shards and 5,000 exp.

You may find players also selling soul shards for other currencies.

What happened to the Treasure Trove?

This year, the Treasure Trove has been updated:

  • You buy a Trove Token for 100,000 silver
  • You need a merchant pass to get to the Trove
  • There will be 4 Troves this year! Really!
  • You do not need to be online at the time of the Trove drawing

What happened to the Eve of the Reunion?

In 2022, GS announced it would be the last year for the special invitation only event. We have not heard what may be replacing it.

Transport & Navigation

How do I get to Ebon Gate, where is it?

The festival grounds have a special teleporting command to get you there: QUEST TRANSPORT EBON

How do I get out of Ebon Gate?

Look for the violet-tinged cerulean tear at the northmost point of the Inner Ring of Evermore Hollow and go tear. You will be returned to wherever you were when you entered the Festival grounds.

If you are using Lich, you can ;go2 exit

Is there a map?

Yes, the map is here at the wiki at the top of the Shop Listings page and the Evermore Hollow Map. Do note that there are two individual images for the complete grounds.

Click on it once to see the page for it at the wiki, then click on THAT one again to get a larger version. Right Click to download it. If you use Lich, these maps are what you will see when you use Narost.


Where is the Schedule of Events?

  • Watch the FESTIVAL command in-game.
  • Live Games Schedule (Service Pass required)
    • 10/1 - 2 pm, The Costume Contest
    • 10/6 - 9 pm, Blind Luck, [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
    • 10/7 - 2 pm, Cryptic Chronicles, [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
    • 10/8 - 4 pm, Pyrestarters, [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
    • 10/9 - 9 pm, Spooky Ciphers, [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    • 10/10 - 9 pm, Haunted Spirits [Gallivant Manor, Kitchen] (8085062)
    • 10/11 - 9 pm, Wheel of Misfortune, [Under the Manor] (8085066)
  • GHOUL schedule and prize information listed in-game with FESTIVAL 6 (Service Pass required):
    • THURSDAY 10/12 - 9pm (Prime)
    • TUESDAY 10/17 - 3pm (Prime)
    • SATURDAY 10/21 - 1pm (Prime)
    • TUESDAY 10/24 - 9pm (Prime)
    • FRIDAY 10/27 - 9pm (Prime)
    • SUNDAY 10/29 - 8pm (Prime)
  • Some events (but not all) will be on the Main GemStone Calendar at:
  • Some events (but not all) get a mention on the Main Evermore Hollow wiki page
  • The TownCrier tries to keep all events updated on their Master GS Calendar at:
  • Rovvigen's Raffles Tracking Page is at:

What happens during each week of Ebon Gate?

The month is divided into parts. Note that events and merchants/raffles/trove could have different dates in Prime and in Platinum. This document is for Prime.

  • Sept 29: Grounds open. The storyline usually starts up around here sometime. Shops open at 9pm and stay open the entire month, once they open.
  • Sep 29-Oct 6: Storyline time, shopping, getting to know Evermore Hollow
  • Oct 1: Automated Game Activities begin and will be open until 11:59pm on Oct 31. SimuCoin Shop starts selling entries and the pass.
  • Oct 1: Ball and big storyline kick off. (tentative date)
  • Oct 1: Costume Contest at 2pm. SERVICE PASS REQUIRED
  • Oct 2-27: Each Treasure Trove draws once a day in the evening. There are 4 rooms at Gavelsdown Hall with a Trove in each one, plus a Trove in the Private Property Shop. SERVICE PASS REQUIRED for All Treasure Troves.
    • Three Troves will have Delayed Service Vouchers
    • One Trove will have unique prize items
    • Read over the List of Trove Prizes at Gavelsdown Hall
    • One Private Property Trove in The Roof Over will run for only 21 days. Purchase tokens at Gavelsdown Hall. Private Properties Trove List
  • Oct 6-11: Live Games Week. These are live, GM-Moderated games, as listed above. SERVICE PASS REQUIRED. A number of contestants will be selected, depending on the game. Read the game descriptions. NOTE: The Games of GHOUL (Bingo) have their own schedule and there will be game times that happen outside of Games Week. Watch the FESTIVAL command and the GemStone Calendar for info.
  • Oct 13-20: Merchant Week. SERVICE PASS REQUIRED to see merchants for alterations, unlocks, etc. Raffles take place this week, requiring a pass, too.
  • Oct 22-27: Last days for the storyline quest (whatever it may be)
  • Oct 27-29: Special Big Event - Probably the Storyline Finale
  • Oct 30-31: Last days of fest, no GM events, but all games and shops remain open
  • Oct 31: The Grounds close at 11:59pm and it is over until next October

When will each Merchant visit during Merchant Week?

(and where will they be?)

  • It is very rare to have pre-announced times for any merchants during Ebon Gate. Stay alert! Some will appear on a page at the main wiki page for the event.
  • Merchants nearly always work behind a door/curtain/alcove/etc entry. Some work in shops, some work in the Wrenscrest Rookery Building.

How will I know when there is a Live Game, or a Merchant?

  • Watch your announcement window in your front end, if you have one. Not every merchant or event uses the announcement window, so keep that in mind.
  • Keep an eye on your story window for the things that miss the Announcement Window.
  • The TownCrier's channels (ESP and on LNet) will announce most visits if you are not at Evermore Hollow (Festival in-game announcements are only seen in the Festival Grounds)
  • Your special Guidebook will list currently working merchants and raffles which have not drawn yet. The Guidebook works whether you are on the Festival Grounds or not
  • The Platform formerly known as Twitter abandoned their small niche clients, so neither GemStone nor the TownCrier will announce anything on it this year.


Tune to the TownCrier (both channels carry identical content, pick your favorite!) and watch for a rotating series of EG Tips mixed in with the current events and EG News from Miss Newsby:

  • ESP TUNE TownCrier
  • For Lich: ;tune TownCrier


Here's our bookmarks list, the pages to bookmark for reference during EG: