Council of Light

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Council of Light - edit
The Iron Wind
Tasks Mana & Spirit
1. Recognition 2. Signal
3. Warding 4. Striking
5. Clotting 6. Thought
7. Defending 8. Smiting
9. Staunching 10. Deflection
11. Hypnosis 12. Swords
13. Shields 14. Dissipation
15. Healing 16. Madness
17. Possession 18. Wracking
19. Darkness 20. Hopelessness

The Council of Light is a secret society within Elanthia that characters may join. It has two known chapters in Elanthia; one in Solhaven, the other in Ta'Vaalor. Prior to the existence of these two chapters, there was one chapter located in Wehnimer's Landing - it no longer exists. It was originally a front for a group of evil servants of the Unlife. In theory this would be a branch of The Iron Wind, but if so it was an inch deep. Following the end of the I.C.E. Age it has no well-established backstory.

"The Council of Light? Uncle CoL? Many whisperings are heard about this society, if in fact it is even a society at all. Accounts continuously arise from people who've encountered everything from overheard code words to tales of strange encounters with its members.

It's said to be a secret society, and little is known about this possible non-existent entity. Incautious adventurers who ask too many questions are said to be "taken care of" permanently. While obviously nonsense, it still should be stated that the reports of such events often arise.

Lately, in fact, rumors have abounded about strongarm tactics and open displays of aggression. Of course, these are all rumors. In fact, I shouldn't be spreading them. It's all ficticious. Of course there's no CoL. Forget what I just said. I was joking about the whole thing. Heh heh, erm...heh."

-- Lord Grindoll Hevucita

Joining the Council


(Lich ID: 4593)

  • The character must first seek out the Haggard Matron NPC in order to obtain an invite to the council. The character will receive this invite if he or she simply stands around the haggard matron long enough, as it is one of its randomized actions.
  • The character must go to Kraken Manor and solve the puzzle therein in order to gain access to the Manor.
  • The character must find the Grand Poohbah in the Manor. After the Poohbah gives the character a brief chat, the character must recite, "I will not betray the council."


(Lich ID: 23561)

  • The character must first seek out a ragged old blind man and stand around him for the invite just like the haggard matron.
  • The character must then enter the catacombs and find a niche, go inside, and solve the puzzle therein.
  • The character must then seek out the Poohbah and recite before him, "I will not betray the council." just as in Solhaven.

Note: The ragged old blind man is not at all careful about who he invites to join the Council. He will invite active Volners to join the Council if they remain in the same room with him for a few minutes.

Obtaining ranks

There are four NPCs that the character must interact with in order to gain ranks: The Master of Gifts, the Master of Service, the Inquisitor, and the Taskmaster.

The Master of Services

The Master of Services randomly assigns the character a skinning task. The character must obtain a certain amount of skins and OFFER them individually to the Master. The character need not skin the creatures himself.

A list of animal skins can be found here.

The Master of Gifts

The Master of Gifts tasks the character to bring certain items to him, which are usually able to be purchased from a nearby shop. To offer an item to the master, one must place it on the altar first and then use the OFFER verb.

The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor simply asks the character a question, which the character must ANSWER. The character need not answer immediately, but may research the subject before giving the answer. Failure to answer correctly will delay the character's acquisition of a new sign. The question will remain until the character finds the answer.

(Note: Do not ANSWER [SOLUTION] and add a period at the end, as you might for dialogue. The period will confuse the Inquisitor and he will think that the answer is wrong, even if it is correct.)

A list of CoL Inquisitor answers may be found here.

The Taskmaster

The taskmaster, after all the tasks are completed, will then give the character a new sign after a certain time period has elapsed. This time period increases should the character incorrectly answer a question by the inquisitor. The time counts down as soon as a new sign is obtained.

Note that this time is ingame time, so you can't log out and bypass it. You have to stay ingame to pass the time.


A character in the Council of Light may be demoted for one of two reasons.

  • The character is taking too long to gain his next rank, angering the Poohbah. He will receive a warning before this occurs.
  • The character breaks his oath of silence not to reveal any of the society's secrets, angering the dark assassin. This usually results in a demotion of five ranks and death.

Sign Effects

Rank Name Effect Mana Cost Spirit Cost Cost Paid Duration
1 Sign of Recognition Allows the character to identify other members and their relative ranks. 0 0 N/A Immediate
2 Signal Use sign language to communicate with other society members in the room. 0 0 N/A Immediate
3 Sign of Warding +5 to DS. 1 0 Invoked 10 sec/level
4 Sign of Striking +5 to AS. 1 0 Invoked 10 sec/level
5 Sign of Clotting Stops all bleeding. 1 0 Invoked 10 sec/level
6 Sign of Thought Gives the same effect as rubbing a crystal amulet. 1 0 Invoked 10 min + 6 sec/level
7 Sign of Defending +10 to DS. 2 0 Invoked 10 sec/level
8 Sign of Smiting +10 to AS. 2 0 Invoked 10 sec/level
9 Sign of Staunching Stops all bleeding. 1 0 Invoked 20 sec/level
10 Sign of Deflection Adds +20 to Bolt DS. 3 0 Invoked 10 sec/level
11 Sign of Hypnosis Calms a random target with a hidden warding check. 0 1 Invoked Variable
12 Sign of Swords Adds +20 to AS. 0 1 Dissipates 10 sec/level
13 Sign of Shields Adds +20 to DS. 0 1 Dissipates 10 sec/level
14 Sign of Dissipation Adds +15 to TD. 0 1 Dissipates 10 sec/level
15 Sign of Healing Fully regenerates all hit points. 0 2 Invoked N/A
16 Sign of Madness +50 to AS, -50 to DS. 0 3 Dissipates 15 seconds
17 Sign of Possession Mass calms the room with a hidden warding check. 0 4 Invoked Variable
18 Sign of Wracking Fully regenerates all mana. 0 5 Invoked N/A
19 Sign of Darkness Teleports the user to a "safe point" or to the nearest Council chapter (whichever is closer). 0 6 Invoked N/A
20 Sign of Hopelessness Causes you to decay while dead.
(Previously allowed the character to commit suicide and receive a spirit death.)
0 0 N/A N/A

Note that the various durations listed here are for members who have mastered the Council; non-masters will find shorter durations which increase with rank. There also appears to be a slight randomization of a few seconds for the durations which are rank/level based (that is, signs will not always fall in the order they were invoked).

Society Titles

As a member of the Council of Light, characters have access to post-name titles related to the society.

  • Ranks 1-10(?): Initiate of Secrets
  • Ranks 11-19(?): Testament of Secrets
  • Master: Keeper of the Secret

Breaking the Oath

Should the character's oath to the council be broken, the character will be penalized.

Obvious Spirit Drain

If a character drains spirit resulting in their spirit being half or less of their total spirit (rounded down), the effect will be noticed by anyone present. If such spirit drain occurs and there are non-Council members present, the Council member will be stripped of his or her powers for a period of time determined by the Poohbah. If the character is hidden or invisible, this will prevent anyone present from observing the spirit drain. However, one must be cautious, because non-Council members who are present and hidden or invisible can still observe the spirit drain.

Examples of Obvious Spirit Drain

  • When Sign of Swords, Sign of Shields, or Sign of Dissipation wear off, for each case, the member must have half their total spirit (rounded up) plus two spirit in order not to have obvious spirit drain. Thus a character with 10 total spirit must have at least 7 spirit when one of these signs dissipates, so that they will go to no less than 6 spirit. If they go to 5 or less spirit, it will be obvious. Thus such a character who may expect to encounter a non-member should be wary of putting up these signs when their spirit is 6 or less, unless they are assured to regenerate more spirit before the sign wears off. For a character with 9 total spirit, they must have no less than 6 spirit, so that they do not go to 4 spirit.
  • Sign of Possession used by any member with total spirit 8 or less. For instance, initially at full spirit, using this sign will drop the character to 4 out of 8 spirit, which is less than or equal to the character's total spirit.
  • Sign of Wracking when used by any member without any enhancive item because their maximum spirit will be 10. However, a character with an aura stat enhancive item to push their total aura to 105 or greater could use Wracking without obvious spirit drain. For example, a character with 11 total spirit could drop to 6/11 spirit, which is not less than or equal to half that character's total.

Can You Safely Wrack Chart

1-5 max spirit - don't do it
6 max spirit - you have to remain above 3 so it's not possible as you wrack to 1
7 max spirit - you have to remain above 3 so it's not possible as you wrack to 2
8 max spirit - you have to remain above 4 so it's not possible as you wrack to 3
9 max spirit - you have to remain above 4 so it's not possible as you wrack to 4
10 max spirit - you have to remain above 5 so it's not possible as you wrack to 5
11 max spirit - you have to remain above 5 so you can safely wrack at 11 spirit
12 max spirit - you have to remain above 6 so you can safely wrack at 12 spirit
13 max spirit - you have to remain above 6 so you can safely wrack at 12 and 13 spirit

Sign of Darkness

Sign of Darkness will always reveal too much if it is used in the presence of non-Council members, even if the Council member is hidden or invisible. This is because the teleportation vortex is always visible and can be seen. Thus it is unrelated to spirit drain, because the spirit is drained after the teleportation effect (which by design transports the Council member to a vacant location).

Talking about the Council

Should the character speak about the Council or its secrets with non-Council members, the character is subject to be killed by the dark assassin, demotion, and in some cases, expulsion.

Leaving the Council

Approach the Grand Poohbah, and say, "I resign from the Society". You will then be cast out!
You will then be teleported to The Justicar's Temple, with two exits: A small door, and a shining portal. The door will lead to a battle with the image of yourself, the portal will leave the area, and you will remain within the society.
In the room with yourself, you must KNEEL and PRAY to release the society's grip on you.