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Creature Level Skin Skin Noun Group
Black-winged daggerbeak 1 daggerbeak wing wing avian
Black rolton 1 rolton ear ear rolton
Carrion worm 1 worm skin skin worm
Fanged rodent 1 rodent fang fang rodent
Fire ant 1 fire ant pincer pincer ant
Giant ant 1 ant pincer pincer ant
Giant rat 1 rat pelt pelt rodent
Kobold 1 kobold skin skin kobold
Lesser ghoul 1 ghoul nail nail ghoul
Mountain rolton 1 rolton eye eye rolton
Rolton 1 rolton pelt pelt rolton
Skeleton 1 skeleton bone bone skeleton
Spotted gnarp 1 spotted gnarp horn horn gnarp
Young grass snake 1 snake skin skin snake
Zombie rolton 1 rotting rolton pelt pelt rolton
Big ugly kobold 2 kobold skin skin kobold
Brown gak 2 brown gak hide hide gak
Cave gnome 2 gnome scalp scalp gnome
Fanged goblin 2 goblin fang fang goblin
Goblin 2 goblin skin skin goblin
Pale crab 2 pale crab pincer pincer crab
Rabid squirrel 2 squirrel tail tail squirrel
Spotted gak 2 gak hide hide gak
Bresnahanini rolton 3 rolton horn horn rolton
Cave nipper 3 cave nipper skin skin nipper
Fire salamander 3 salamander skin skin salamander
Greater ghoul 3 ghoul scraping scraping ghoul
Greater ice spider 3 spider leg leg spider
Hobgoblin 3 hobgoblin scalp scalp hobgoblin
Ice skeleton 3 skeleton skull skull skeleton
Kobold shepherd 3 kobold ear ear kobold
Mountain snowcat 3 snowcat pelt pelt feline
Relnak 3 relnak sail sail relnak
Spotted velnalin 3 velnalin horn horn deer
Striped gak 3 gak pelt pelt gak
Striped relnak 3 striped relnak sail sail relnak
Velnalin 3 velnalin hide hide deer
Black urgh 4 black urgh hide hide urgh
Cobra 4 cobra skin skin snake
Fanged viper 4 viper skin skin snake
Mongrel kobold 4 mangy kobold scalp scalp kobold
Ridge orc 4 orc ear ear orc
Spotted leaper 4 spotted leaper pelt pelt leaper
Urgh 4 urgh hide hide urgh
Water moccasin 4 water moccasin skin skin snake
Whiptail 4 whiptail stinger stinger whiptail
Bobcat 5 bobcat claw claw feline
Coyote 5 coyote tail tail canine
Mist wraith 5 mist wraith eye eye wraith
Mongrel hobgoblin 5 mongrel hobgoblin snout snout hobgoblin
Night golem 5 night golem finger finger golem
Cockatrice 6 cockatrice feather feather cockatrice
Leaper 6 leaper hide hide leaper
Lesser mummy 6 mummy's shroud shroud mummy
Lesser orc 6 orc hide hide orc
Monkey 6 monkey paw paw monkey
Snowy cockatrice 6 snowy cockatrice tailfeather tailfeather cockatrice
Spotted lynx 6 lynx pelt pelt feline
Blood eagle 7 blood red eagle feather feather avian
Greater kappa 7 kappa fin fin kappa
Hobgoblin shaman 7 hobgoblin shaman ear ear hobgoblin
Lesser burrow orc 7 orc claw claw orc
Lesser red orc 7 red orc scalp scalp orc
Shelfae soldier 7 shelfae scale scale shelfae
Albino tomb spider 8 multi-faceted tomb spider eye eye spider
Bone golem 8 golem bone bone golem
Crystal crab 8 faceted crystal crab shell shell crab
Greater burrow orc 8 orc claw claw orc
Greater orc 8 orc scalp scalp orc
Greater spider 8 spider leg leg spider
Thrak 8 thrak hide hide thrak
Brown spinner 9 brown spinner leg leg spider
Crocodile 9 crocodile snout snout crocodile
Death dirge 9 dirge skin skin dirge
Manticore 9 manticore tail tail manticore
Snow spectre 9 spectre nail nail spectre
Giant marmot 10 marmot pelt pelt marmot
Great boar 10 boar tusk tusk boar
Rabid guard dog 10 rotted canine canine canine
Werebear 10 werebear paw paw bear
Neartofar orc 11 orc knuckle knuckle orc
Shelfae chieftain 11 shelfae crest crest shelfae
Dark orc 12 orc ear ear orc
Great stag 13 antlers antlers deer
Plumed cockatrice 13 cockatrice plume plume cockatrice
Tawny brindlecat 13 tawny brindlecat hide hide feline
Black boar 14 black boar hide hide boar
Brown boar 14 brown boar skin skin boar
Forest troll 14 troll hide hide troll
Giant weasel 14 weasel pelt pelt weasel
Great brown bear 14 brown bear skin skin bear
Grey orc 14 orc beard beard orc
Silverback orc 15 silverback orc knuckle knuckle orc
Spectre 14 spectre skin skin spectre
Swamp troll 14 swamp troll scalp scalp troll
Arctic puma 15 white puma hide hide feline
Black leopard 15 black leopard paw paw feline
Humpbacked puma 15 puma paw paw feline
Large ogre 15 ogre tusk tusk ogre
Neartofar troll 15 greasy troll scalp scalp troll
Panther 15 panther pelt pelt feline
Puma 15 puma hide hide feline
Ridgeback boar 15 yellowed boar tusk tusk boar
Tomb wight 15 wight claw claw wight
Wraith 15 wraith talon talon wraith
Agresh bear 16 agresh bear claw claw bear
Banded rattlesnake 16 rattlesnake rattle rattle snake
Black bear 16 bear hide hide bear
Cave troll 16 troll skin skin troll
Fire rat 16 fire rat tail tail rodent
Ghoul master 16 ghoul finger finger ghoul
Hill troll 16 troll beard beard troll
Mongrel wolfhound 16 yellowed canine canine canine
Mountain ogre 16 ogre nose nose ogre
Mongrel troll 16 chipped troll tusk tusk troll
Phosphorescent worm 16 faintly glowing worm skin skin worm
Plains orc warrior 16 scraggly orc scalp scalp orc
Red bear 16 bear paw paw bear
Wind witch 16 crooked witch nose nose humanoid
Dark shambler 17 glistening black eye eye shambler
Forest ogre 17 ogre tusk tusk ogre
Giant veaba 17 veaba claw claw veaba
Mountain goat 17 goat hoof hoof goat
Mountain troll 17 troll toe toe troll
Plains ogre 17 ogre nose nose ogre
Plains orc scout 17 scraggly orc scalp scalp orc
Spiked cavern urchin 17 long fiery red spine spine urchin
Bighorn sheep 18 bighorn sheepskin sheepskin sheep
Cave lizard 18 stone-grey lizard tail tail lizard
Elder ghoul master 18 ghoul master claw claw ghoul
Fire cat 18 fire cat claw claw feline
Greenwing hornet 18 hornet stinger stinger hornet
Mountain lion 18 mountain lion skin skin feline
Plains lion 18 plains lion skin skin feline
Plains orc shaman 18 scraggly orc scalp scalp orc
Shelfae warlord 18 orange shelfae scale scalp shelfae
Thunder troll 18 troll scalp scalp troll
War troll 18 troll heart heart troll
Arch wight 20 wight skin skin wight
Ogre warrior 20 ogre tooth tooth ogre
Striped warcat 20 warcat whisker whisker feline
Wood wight 20 wight scalp scalp wight
Cave bear 21 bear claw claw bear
Plains orc chieftain 21 scraggly orc scalp scalp orc
Cougar 22 cougar tail tail feline
Crested basilisk 22 basilisk crest crest basilisk
Dark panther 22 panther pelt pelt feline
Warthog 22 warthog snout snout pig
Centaur 23 centaur hide hide centaur
Centaur ranger 23 centaur hide hide centaur
Crazed zombie 23 zombie scalp scalp zombie
Fenghai 23 fenghai fur fur fenghai
Zombie 23 zombie scalp scalp zombie
Arctic wolverine 24 wolverine tail tail wolverine
Giant albino scorpion 24 scorpion stinger stinger scorpion
Ice hound 24 ice hound ear ear canine
Night hound 24 night hound hide hide canine
Tree viper 24 tree viper fang fang snake
Wolverine 24 wolverine pelt pelt wolverine
Jungle troll 26 troll knuckle knuckle troll
Cyclops 27 cyclops eye eye cyclops
Snow leopard 27 leopard skin skin feline
Troll chieftain 27 troll fang fang troll
Dobrem 28 dobrem snout snout canine
Fire ogre 28 ogre tooth tooth ogre
Giant hawk-owl 28 tufted hawk-owl ear ear avian
Martial eagle 28 martial eagle talon talon avian
Arctic manticore 29 arctic manticore mane mane manticore
Ice troll 29 ice troll scalp scalp troll
Scaly burgee 29 scaly burgee shell shell burgee
Giant albino tomb spider 30 sheer white spider mandible mandible spider
Hisskra warrior 30 hisskra skin skin hisskra
Hunter troll 30 troll tongue tongue troll
Jungle troll chieftain 30 scrap of troll skin skin troll
Mammoth arachnid 30 mandible mandible spider
Tegursh sentry 30 tegursh claw claw tegursh
Ash hag 31 ash hag nose nose humanoid
Krynch 31 krynch shinbone shinbone krynch
Giant fog beetle 32 fog beetle carapace carapace beetle
Caribou 32 a pair of caribou antlers antlers deer
Hisskra shaman 33 hisskra tooth tooth hisskra
Moor hound 33 moor hound paw paw canine
Sand beetle 33 sand beetle pincer pincer beetle
Skeletal giant 33 skeletal giant bone bone giant
Three-toed tegu 33 tailspike tailspike tegu
Colossus vulture 34 ruff of vulture feathers feathers avian
Hisskra chieftain 34 hisskra crest crest hisskra
Lava troll 34 troll eye eye troll
Rock troll zombie 34 decaying troll eye eye troll
Tundra giant 34 tundra giant tooth tooth giant
Bog troll 35 troll ear ear troll
Moor eagle 35 talon talon avian
Shimmering fungus 35 fungal cap cap plant
Arctic titan 36 arctic titan toe toe titan
Fire giant 36 fire giant mane mane giant
Snow crone 36 crooked crone finger finger humanoid
Undertaker bat 36 bat wing wing bat
Writhing icy bush 36 blood-stained leaf leaf plantlife
Lesser moor wight 37 wight skull skull wight
Shadow mare 37 silver-tipped horseshoe horseshoe equine
Skeletal warhorse 37 skeletal warhorse jaw jaw equine
Tusked ursian 37 ursian tusk tusk ursian
Frost giant 38 giant toe toe giant
Grizzly bear 38 grizzly bear hide hide bear
Mud wasp 38 wasp stinger stinger wasp
Shadow steed 38 silvery tail tail equine
Vesperti 38 vesperti claw claw vesperti
Blackened decaying tumbleweed 39 desiccated stem stem plantlife
Greater bog troll 39 cracked troll jawbone jawbone troll
Greater moor wight 39 wight mane mane wight
Storm giant 39 giant skin skin giant
Kiramon worker 40 kiramon mandible mandible kiramon
Myklian 40 myklian scale scale myklian
Writhing frost-glazed vine 40 thorn-ridden appendage appendage plantlife
Lesser ice giant 41 giant scalp scalp giant
Roa'ter 41 roa'ter skin skin worm
Frozen corpse 42 frozen scalp scalp corpse
Siren lizard 42 multicolored siren lizard skin skin lizard
Dreadnought raptor 43 raptor feathers feathers avian
Night mare 43 silvery hoof hoof equine
Firethorn shoot 44 pulsating firethorn firethorn firethorn
Forest trali shaman 44 trali scalp scalp trali
Mastodonic leopard 44 spotted leopard pelt pelt feline
Polar bear 44 polar bear skin skin bear
Dark frosty plant 45 frosted branch branch plantlife
Lesser vruul 45 vruul skin skin vruul
Cinder wasp 46 shimmering wasp wing wing wasp
Forest trali 46 trali hide hide trali
Greater ice giant 46 giant scalp scalp giant
Kiramon defender 46 kiramon tongue tongue kiramon
Lesser faeroth 46 mottled faeroth crest crest faeroth
Rotting chimera 46 chimera stinger stinger chimera
Horned vor'taz 48 vor'taz horn horn vor'taz
Large thorned shrub 48 bleached thorn thorn plantlife
Necrotic snake 48 snake fang fang snake
Red-scaled thrak 48 thrak tail tail thrak
Waern 49 waern fur fur waern
Greater faeroth 50 faeroth fang fang faeroth
Shriveled icy creeper 50 shriveled cutting cutting plantlife
Seeker 52 seeker eye eye humanoid
Snow madrinol 52 madrinol skin skin madrinol
Tomb troll 52 troll thumb thumb troll
Wooly mammoth 52 mammoth tusk tusk mammoth
Sabre-tooth tiger 53 tiger incisor incisor feline
Tomb troll necromancer 54 troll eyeball eyeball troll
Nightmare steed 55 silver mane mane equine
Massive pyrothag 58 pyrothag hide hide pyrothag
Black forest viper 59 viper fang fang snake
Massive black boar 59 heavy grey tusk tusk boar
Winged viper 60 pale white feather feather avian
Stone mastiff 62 stone heart heart canine
Massive troll king 63 massive troll king hide hide troll
Direbear 64 direbear fang fang bear
Grifflet 64 soft grifflet pelt pelt griffin
Red tsark 66 tsark skin skin tsark
Monstrous direwolf 67 red eye eye wolf
Lesser griffin 69 ruffed tawny griffin pelt pelt griffin
Krag dweller 72 a brilliant purple opal opal Dweller
Storm griffin 73 soft blue griffin feather feather griffin
Lesser minotaur 74 minotaur hide hide minotaur
Minotaur warrior 76 minotaur horn horn minotaur
Minotaur magi 78 minotaur hoof hoof minotaur
Treekin warrior 80 blood-stained bark bark plantlife
Caedera 82 caedera skin skin worm
Treekin druid 83 mossy beard beard plantlife
Aivren 86 aivren gizzard gizzard aivren
Triton dissembler 96 curved gold-flecked claw claw triton
Triton radical 100 elongated triton spine spine triton
Glistening cerebralite 100 cerebralite tentacle tentacle cerebralite
War griffin 100 war griffin talon talon griffin
Triton magus 102 iridescent triton hide hide triton
Enormous rift crawler 103 jagged rift crawler tooth tooth crawler
Infernal Lich 110 scorched lich finger bone bone lich
Frostborne Lich 110 rimed lich finger bone bone lich

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