Cross Into Shadows - 2014-01-23 - Goodbye, Hello (log)

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Councilman Stephos DeArchon appeared briefly on the Hearthstone Manor porch last night, inquiring whether or not his wife, Alendrial DeArchon, had been let out of prison yet. Those gathered expressed their uncertainty, but assumed she was still locked up. Stephos was seething with anger over his wife's tryst with Rinhale Hurrst, and informed everyone that she could rot in her cell. Stephos later stormed off, after receiving a messenger's note that informed him Mayor Walkar Wellington intended to release Alendrial from jail.

A crowd congregated outside of Moot Hall, where Mayor Walkar announced he would release Alendrial, but was waiting for the Estorian knights to leave Wehnimer's Landing, with Rinhale's corpse in tow. The imperial knights made their way through the town, four of their captains carrying a long wooden crate with the inquisitor's body inside. Some townspeople hurled obscenities at the knights as they passed some even spitting on them. More than once, a few knights almost drew their blades, but no violence broke out.

The Estorian knights made their way to the north docks, and Mayor Walkar and a host of adventurers followed them, watching as they loaded the inquisitor's crate onto a ship. The imperial knights then stood before the boat, glaring at the crowd of defenders grouped before them. Walkar suggested everyone grab their weapons, and be ready, incase violence broke out. A minute later, cloaked members of the Brotherhood of Rooks appeared upon warehouse rooftops, bows and crossbows targeted on the Estorian knights. Many in the crowd shouted for the knights to board their ship and go home, and that no more conflict was necessary. Clearly outnumbered and overpowered, the knights boarded the ship and set sail, to return Lord Rinhale's body to Idolone. The hateful eyes of two dozen knights glared from the deck of the ship, as it disappeared into the cover of night.

Once scouts confirmed the ship had set out into deep waters, Mayor Walkar led the adventurers to the prison, where he released Alendrial and offered her some protection for a while, provided by the town militia. Walkar retired for the evening, and Alendrial was safely escorted by the heroes to the Hearthstone porch, where many questioned her about her motives for being with Rinhale, and if she recalled any details of his murderer. Later, Vleg, rumored to be an imperial fugitive, appeared among the crowd, conversing with those present.

The assembly at Hearthstone was interrupted when Kilron, the pawnshop owner arrived and was asking if anyone had recently seen Glethad, the museum curator. Kilron then revealed that someone, unknown to him, sold Rinhale's amulet in his pawnshop, whether on purpose on by accident. The black coral amulet was cracked, and was about to go up for resale in the backroom, when Kilron spotted it and recognized it. Many present offered him a hefty chunk of coin to buy it, but Kilron insisted the item be studied first, then he could talk prices.

The adventurers escorted Alendrial home, left Vleg at Hearthstone, and traveled with Kilron to the museum where they found Glethad. After a lot of talk, Glethad agreed to study the black amulet, and report back with anything he discovered. In addition, Magister Raelee and the mage Lady Aurla were asked to help the curator with his research. All three were last seen heading off to the museum's library.

When at long last, many thought the night was over, a grey cloaked figure was spotted leaping across rooftops in town. Guards spotted the figure and raised the alarm that an orc was in town. A red orc! Many defenders alerted others that the orc was Thrayzar, and their ally, and to avoid pursuit. Just then, screams filled the streets as a number of guards and townspeople stumbled about, acid melting away their skin. Witnesses claimed to have seen a slender, nude woman darting in and out of the shadows between buildings, her skin looking like flawless urnon. Later, the urnon golem Madelyne attacked a number of adventurers, boiling their skin with acid, or slashing at them with her razor-sharp claws. The urnon golem eventually escaped through a crimson portal near the North Gate, and Thrayzar arrived, wounded and quickly surrounded by town guards and defenders.

The red orc did not hide his anger over the deceptive slaughter of his clan, by the hands of many people standing next to him, but stated that he knew they were tricked by their enemy, and that Elithain Cross must be their focus for now. Before Thrayzar left, to continue his tracking of the golem, he asked Evialla to send Drangell a warning, that he would one day return and finish what the ivory baron started, leaving many wondering who he was referring too.


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