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Ephlox Moss is a herb used to treat major limb wounds. It is sold in herb shops located in or near Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest and Mist Harbor. It is sold in the form of a tincture in the Elven Nations.

Mechanical Benefit

Ephlox Moss heals major limb damage (fractured and bleeding, or severed), leaving a major limb scar (mangled or missing). It is easily bundled into large multiple bite bundles with a maximum of 50 bites.

Requires 35 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Summoning to be summoned via Herb Production (1118).

Other Remedies

A tincture of ephlox is currently available for sale in:

Alchemy Recipe

A tincture of ephlox
  1. Add water
  2. Add sea salt
  3. Add ground ephlox moss
  4. Simmer

Plant Information


Ephlox moss is olive green in color and spikey in texture.

Foraging Information

Ephlox moss can be found in the following climates: cold damp and cold dry. It can only be found in the following terrains: coniferous forest, deciduous forest, riparian.

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