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Resist Nature (620)
Base Duration 1200s (group version)
Added Duration 60s (group version)
Span Refreshable (group version)
Stackable (self version)
Utility Magic - Skill Enhancement  
Subtype Enhancement 
Skill Enhancement Elemental Resistance 
Components NPC-made potion 
Availability group / wearable Imbue (614) item 
Ranger Base Spells
Natural Colors (601) Defensive
Resist Elements (602) Defensive
Wild Entropy (603) Attack
Nature's Bounty (604) Utility
Barkskin (605) Defensive
Phoen's Strength (606) Offensive
Sounds (607) Attack
Camouflage (608) Offensive
Sun Burst (609) Attack
Tangle Weed (610) Attack
Moonbeam (611) Attack
Breeze (612) Utility
Self Control (613) Defensive
Imbue (614) Utility
Call Swarm (615) Attack
Spike Thorn (616) Attack
Sneaking (617) Utility
Mobility (618) Defensive
Mass Calm (619) Attack
Resist Nature (620) Utility
Nature's Touch (625) Defensive
Animal Companion (630) Utility
Nature's Fury (635) Attack
Wall of Thorns (640) Defensive
Assume Aspect (650) Utility

Resist Nature allows the Ranger to cast a magical shield that provides resistance to a chosen element (heat, cold, steam, nature, or lightning) equal to 20% + 1% per 4 Blessings ranks (50% maximum at 120 ranks via enhancives/Ascension). The duration of this benefit is 1200 + 60s per Ranger spell rank, but the effect will quickly fade for any member who leaves the Ranger's group. The amount of resistance that can be absorbed by the shield before it fades from the group is equal to 100 + (Spiritual Mana Control skill / 2) DSW. Re-casting the spell will replenish this resistance pool.

The spell also allows a Ranger to infuse a prepared wearable magic item created by Imbue (614) with resistance to a chosen element (heat, cold, steam, nature, or lightning). This item confers the elemental resistance to its bearer. Each tier of Resist Nature bestows a 5% resistance to the element, with a maximum of 5 tiers (25%). The affected item will remain imbeddable/imbedded, and will no longer crumble when its charges are depleted. An item with no charges may also be re-imbedded with a different spell with the use of a grot t'kel potion. A character may only have one Resist Nature item active at a time.

Success Formula

Ranger Level + 2*WIS bonus + 2*INT bonus + .75*Survival Ranks + MIU ranks + 1.5*Ranger Spell ranks + Harness Power ranks + SMC ranks + SL:B Lore ranks + 20 if outside - Tier Modifier - Previous Resistances Modifier + d100 > 100

  • Tier Modifier is equal to 100 * the target tier of the attempt.
  • Previous Resistances Modifier is equal to 150 * the number of existing T5 resistances on the item.

Resistance provided from a Resist Nature magic item will fully stack with the group version of the spell, up to a maximum of 50%. Resistance provided from armor or cloaks will not stack with either version of Resist Nature – only the strongest resistance will apply. The chance for the item to negate damage will occur regardless if it is providing the highest resistance or not, with one exception -- Resist Nature magic items will not provide any benefits if their bearer is also wearing armor that has resistance granted by the old Resist Nature. It is advised to remove the legacy Resist Nature from your armor if you are also using a Resist Nature magic item.


Group version
  • INCANT 620 ELEMENT, where ELEMENT is the type of elemental damage you wish to protect against (heat/cold/steam/nature/lightning).

See the Process section below for more detailed usage when using Resist Nature to grant elemental resistance to an imbued item.

Mana Control Benefits

Each rank of training in Spiritual Mana Control contributes directly to the item cast success formula noted above. It also factors into the amount of resistance absorbed by the shield provided by the group spell version, the resolution of which uses skill/2 (not ranks).

Lore Benefits

Each rank of training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings contributes directly to the item cast success formula noted above, as well as increasing the resistance applied by the group spell version at a rate of 1% per 4 ranks.

Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 0 20 40 60 80 100 120
Total resistance applied
(group spell version)
20 25 30 35 40 45 50

Resistance and Mana Absorb Mechanics

First, a definition of Damage Severity Weighting (DSW): This is a term that describes how critical damage is dealt throughout GemStone. Simply put, it’s the critical ranking system drawn out to 5 points per crit rank (rank 0-9 mapping to ~0-50 DSW). The Combat Effectiveness Rating (CER) numbers in use with Weighting and Padding services are on the same scale.

When the player is struck by damage of the resistant type and the magic item is imbedded with a spell, it absorbs an amount of mana equal to the DSW resisted (i.e. up to 25% of the incoming DSW). Absorbed mana will convert to spell charges based on the cost of the imbedded spell, not to exceed the maximum mana capacity of the item.

Additionally, there is a percentage chance that the damage will be entirely negated, equal to the tier of the resistance (maximum base of 5%). The negation chance is further increased by any additional resistances that have been applied to the item equal to resistance tier / 2.

Sources of Elemental Damage

Resist Nature items will reduce damage inflicted by attacks of its element type. What follows is a short list of examples where damage can be mitigated by an appropriate Resist Nature item. This list is not intended to be comprehensive; you can generally expect a Resist Nature item to universally mitigate damage of its associated type regardless of source.

  • Offensive Ranger spells (Wild Entropy, Sun Burst, Moonbeam, Spike Thorn, Nature's Fury (all damage types))
  • Sandstorm
  • Fire/heat flares (from weapons/armor)
  • Fire-based bolt and ball spells (e.g. Minor Fire, Major Fire, Fire Spirit)
  • Other fire-based spells and effects (e.g Immolation, Weapon Fire, Earthen Fury, Dark Catalyst)
  • Fire-based creature attacks (e.g. Lava Golem hurl attacks, Fire Mage death throes)
  • Cold/ice flares (from weapons/armor)
  • cold- and ice-based bolt and ball spells (e.g. Major Cold, Minor Cold)
  • Other cold-based spells and effects (e.g. Major E-wave (ice), Earthen Fury (cold))
  • Environmental effects (Pinefar/Icemule Trace/Gossamer Valley/Hinterwilds)
  • Steam flares (from weapons/armor)
  • steam-based bolt spells (e.g. Minor Steam)
  • Steam-based environmental effects (e.g. Greymist area effect, damage from the columns in Luukos' Temple)
  • Lightning flares (from weapons/armor)
  • Lightning-based bolt and ball spells (e.g. Minor Shock, Major Shock)
  • Call Lightning


As the Ranger gains experience, they also earn Nature's Grace points at a 1:1 rate. A total of 50k Nature's Grace can be earned per week, banking up to an overall total of 200k. Nature's Grace points can be spent to attempt to apply resistance to an Imbued magic item, at a cost of 50k/75k/100k/125k/150k based on how many tiers of the spell are currently applied.

First, the Ranger must obtain a resistance potion, as outlined in the section on potions below. The Ranger may then CAST Resist Nature at the magic item to determine the number of potions needed, then POUR the potion on the item to prepare it. At this point they may CAST Resist Nature at the item for a difficulty check and finally CHANNEL the spell at the item to attempt to apply the resistance.

The number of doses of the potion required is equal to the tier of the current attempt. If successful, the item then gains a permanent 5% resistance to the chosen element, with a maximum of 25% resistance after 5 successful tiers. A failure will result in a loss of 10% of the points of Nature’s Grace required for the attempt.

An item that has reached tier 5 resistance may have another resistance added, but the difficulty of the project will increase by a flat amount per previous resistance.

Using a larkspur potion on an item affected by Resist Nature will remove the most recent tier applied. If only multiple tier 5 resistances remain, the user will be able to choose which to degrade by TURNing the potion.


Potions specific to each resistance type can be made by dropping off forageable plants corresponding to the desired damage resistance at the local herbalist NPC found in weathered shacks throughout the world. Each dose of a resistance potion requires five of the same plant. The cost of brewing a potion is 50,000 silver per dose, and the potions do not expire.

Type Name Plant Location
Cold cerulean and frosty white potion frostflower Icemule Trace, Pinefar Trading Post
a brittle crystalline stalk Elemental Confluence
Heat vivid red-gold potion drakefern Kharam Dzu (Teras Isle)
a razor-edged oily flameleaf Elemental Confluence
Steam roiling misty grey potion mistweed River's Rest, Ta'Vaalor
a glistening engorged bulb Elemental Confluence
Nature drab green-gold potion murkweed Wehnimer's Landing, River's Rest, Ta'Illistim
a dense earthen root Elemental Confluence
Lightning shimmering blue-violet potion a length of deep purple shockroot Wehnimer's Landing (Upper Trollfang - Danjirland, northern slopes of Wentoph, The Hidden Plateau), Ta'Illistim (Griffin's Keen)
a spiky luminescent blossom Elemental Confluence

Luminescent indigo mushrooms, a rare and limited find when foraging, may also be turned in to the herbalist NPC, who will provide a single dose of a selected resistance potion in exchange.

Larkspur potions, used for removing a tier of Resist Nature from an item, are available from the herbalist NPC for the asking. No reagent or preparation is required.


The locations of the weathered shacks are as follows:

Town General Location Room ID Prime Lich Room # Platinum Lich Room # Shattered Lich Room #
Icemule Trace Icemule Trace, Forest u142003 2491
Kharam Dzu Teras Isle, River's Edge u142002 33260 13173
Kraken's Fall Rocky Shoals, Black Stone Beach u7127018 29204
River's Rest Shady Trail u142005 23529 11013
Solhaven Vornavis Cliffs, River Trail u142004 4618
Ta'Illistim Whistler's Pass, Forest u142006 54 18818
Ta'Vaalor Near the Cemetery u142007 25636
Wehnimer's Landing Lower Dragonsclaw, Wooded Hills u142001 426


Erek's 620 Difficulty Chart, wikified:

1st Resistance 2nd Resistance 3rd Resistance 4th Resistance 5th Resistance Grace Needed
T1: 5% 100 250 400 550 700 T1: 50,000
T2: 10% 200 350 500 650 800 T2: 75,000
T3: 15% 300 450 600 750 900 T3: 100,000
T4: 20% 400 550 700 850 1000 T4: 125,000
T5: 25% 500 650 800 950 1100 T5: 150,000

For 100% success cast:

1st Resistance 2nd Resistance 3rd Resistance 4th Resistance 5th Resistance Grace Needed
T1: 5% 200 350 500 650 800 T1: 50,000
T2: 10% 300 450 600 750 900 T2: 75,000
T3: 15% 400 550 700 850 1000 T3: 100,000
T4: 20% 500 650 800 950 1100 T4: 125,000
T5: 25% 600 750 900 1050 1200 T5: 150,000

NOTE: You must bring a resistance up entirely to T5 before adding a new resistance.

The chance to negate is equal to the current resistance Tier (1-5) that matches the damage type you are receiving, plus half of other Tiers present on your item.


Nature’s Grace may be SUFFUSEd at a rate of 1 point of energy per 1000 Nature's Grace. Each point of suffused energy used in a Resist Nature infusion attempt is equivalent to a +1 bonus.


The following post-name titles are available under the SKILL category:

  • Grace of Nature - Unlocked for Rangers who have successfully spent 50 full weeks' worth of resources on Resist Nature.
  • Arboreal Arcanist - Unlocked for Rangers who have successfully cast a fifth tier 5 resistance on a Resist Nature item.

Additional Information

Legacy Armor Resistance

Armor currently affected by temporary Resist Nature resistance will continue to function, but their charges will be depleted based on the amount of DSW resisted, rather than per instance. For example, if an incoming instance of fire damage with DSW 20 (rank 4 crit) strikes armor with 60% heat resistance, it will lose 20 * .60 = 12 Resistance Life while reducing the damage to DSW 8 (rank 1 crit).

Capacity Re-Calculation

An item made resistant by 620 may have its mana capacity re-calculated based on the Ranger’s current training by CHANNELing Imbue (614) at it. Only the Ranger who originally created the item is eligible for this renewal, and the item must be depleted of charges before undergoing the process. The cost of renewal is 25,000 Nature’s Grace.

Lich Casting

If using Lich, you can specify the element you wish to cast by setting the UserVar resist_element via the syntax: ;vars set resist_element=<ELEMENT>. Elements supported are Nature, Lightning, Steam, Fire, Heat, Ice, and Cold.