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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Elanthian Vogue: Summer 5122 (Part III)

Author: The Looking Glass


Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree

Editor's Thoughts

From Rolton Race Day through to the end of season Regatta, this third and final part of the Elanthian Vogue summer series continues to bring you the latest news with more social features and contributions from some of Elanthia's fashion and lifestyle icons.

We all know that money cannot buy happiness, but it sometimes buys things that you can be proud of, and footwear is no different. There's nothing wrong with being proud of the stylish shoes that complete your look, especially if they've been crafted by a prestigious cordwainer. Wearing their high-quality and desirable styles might give you a boost to your self-confidence, especially if you wear them to court or to the season's social gatherings where they will be noticed by those with an eye for trends.

Our last two editions featured hats and gloves and the important role they play in an outfit. This time around, the team took another look at shoes and invited some of Elanthia's finest master cobblers to share their interpretations of this season's trends. We will be featuring their footwear at this year's Fashion Showcase with the intention of auctioning them so everyone will have a chance to show their appreciation and own something unique!

Shortly after Revelia Carnivale, the season draws to a close with the aforementioned Vogue Regatta. We are excited to sponsor this inaugural event and look forward to seeing everyone there, perhaps showing off some new footwear as well as their boats. If you're looking for some hints or tips on what to wear, don't worry, we have that covered too.

Last but by no means least, check out the latest exposé, courtesy of the Tiaraed Tattlers and, as always, don't forget to send us your comments on any of the articles in this month's publication or suggestions for future editions!


Carnivale Celebrations

Koaratos sees the return of Revelia Carnivale and there is an air of anticipation about who will be selected to be one of this year's Nine Muses of Revelia!

Revelia Carnivale is a thrilling celebration of Elanthian Arts in honor of the artist Arkati twins Cholen and Jastev and Cholen's servant, Tilamaire. The fun begins on Leyan, the 13th day of Koaratos at 9pm with a parade to reacquaint Elanthia with the creative world of Revelia. As with any typical carnival, this includes a public procession of musicians, lavishly attired dancers and colorful masquerades, all transported on decorated floats. The festivities culminate with the annual Topsy-Turvy Masque on the evening of Restday, the 17th where party-goers are encouraged to emulate Cholen's penchant for cross-gender pranks.

For many, Carnivale season is anything but relaxing; especially for those hosting the events. Participants are encouraged to join in with all the feasting and revelry with costuming being one of the most critical aspects. It not only sets the stage, but provides a foundation for the festival’s success, helping to create the illusion, magic, and drama expected for the season.

Revelia Carnivale largely draws on the depictions of the nine muses representing the three Arkati but it has also been influenced by many of the known cultures around the world with contributions such as the Shi'hadara, or erithi theatre mask, body modifications or tattoos (albeit temporary in colored paint) as done in the homeland of the Tehir, or the highly ornamental wing decorations adopted by the Aelotoi. These are just a few examples!

Each group contribute significantly to the repertoire of carnival dress, while at the same time borrowing elements from one another. For instance, even though the emphasis on feathers in some masquerades has elven precedents, influences from imperial costumes are apparent as well with elaborate headdresses, along with the addition of rare but beautiful gems from around the world such as the saewehna and agates.

Costumes often combine assorted materials - fabrics, beads, feathers, ribbons, shells with accompanying clamour from horns, noisemakers, sparklers and confetti; all aimed at creating a dazzling spectacle. The key is not to limit yourself – be creative, be flamboyant, be whatever you wish to be. The festivities will last five days with many opportunities for you to enjoy and explore the life of carnival – whether that’s through performance or fashion – or both!

The Importance of Shoes

Understanding the importance of shoes in fashion is crucial if you are looking to stand apart from others. Just having a good sense of style is not enough, you need to focus on your footwear and make an impression that will last.

When we say that fashion holds an important place in society, do you only consider clothing to be a part of that? When we, at Elanthian Vogue, say fashion, we automatically include shoes in that field. No matter how many silvers you spend on the latest fancy gown or longcoat, you won't make a good impression unless you have a good pair of shoes to match your new look.

Even if you not wearing clothes that are on trend, a good pair of shoes will elevate your look in a few seconds. They will quickly shift the focus from your gown to your feet and make you the focus of attention.

Shoes tend to be the first thing anyone will notice. It is natural to judge someone based on their sense of styling with their footwear. Not only do they provide practical protection for your feet – have you tried walking barefooted through a swamp – but they make a statement about you. Trust me, some people notice these things. They are a form of art and can help to express your style. You can easily experiment with different looks simply by changing your footwear.

The Elanthian Vogue EXTRA published in Eoantos last year highlighted the delights of Elanthia after Dark through the artisan skill of cobbling with collections presented by five cordwainers of renown. It is our pleasure to feature another five collections, all of which will be showcased during Revelia Carnivale and available for purchase. Three of the master cobblers will be familiar to readers but we are excited to feature two new contributors!

Ordim Nomears

Cobbling, to me, is the best way to show off the fabulous toes and their hair fashion for all! Too much footwear covers the toes and hides them from the world, this needs to be addressed and I have taken it upon myself to ensure that more toes are seen! I was very surprised when you said that the theme would be hair shoes! It was very hard to put together stylish sandals made from hair, but I think I was able to do it justice! The hair works well to amplify perfect toe hair!

shark skin sandals laced with plaited nymph hair
charming cobalt blue chainsil sandals beaded with tortoise shell disks
splendid goat hair slippers trimmed with lion hair
distinguished narwhal hide sandals trimmed with matted bear fur
bewitching yeti hide sandals trimmed with silvery tails

Laelithonel Asterfrost

Any sort of merriment held in the summertime is an inescapable pull on nostalgia, the threads of which sometimes hover on the edge of the senses. Creating a collection that pins this down, inviting the wearer to celebrate the illusory experience, was as difficult as keeping cotton candy on the tongue, but no less sweet to attempt.

Serenity Surreal
Delirium ~ moonlight silver lace chopines raised on jewel-encrusted heels
Dreamscape ~ black nightstone-beaded leather shoes set on sequined heels
Delight ~ opalescent frosted velvet shoes lofted on spiraled horn heels
Cotton Candy ~ lavender blue gossamer silk sandals lofted on bow-embellished heels
Petrichor ~ metallic floriated damask sandals raised on spiked kelyn heels

Akenna Laeraun-Ranshai

Vibrance ~ grenadine crepe silk pompes inset with smoke-hazed emeralds
Smoky nights and vibrant days come together in these delicate pompes.

Macaw ~ plum tapestry sabots trimmed with emerald green parrot feathers
Known for its brilliant plumage these sabots live up to the name.

Samba ~ royal blue branded leather spike-heeled boots with faceted gold toes
Made for dancing.

Motley ~ pearly gold textured silk poulaines beaded with violet duskjewels
Dazzling in colors of gold and violet you'll stand out.

Revelry ~ metallic blush silk-threaded brocade chopines with floriated gold heels
To dance the night away or simply lounge in decadence these chopines fit right in.


Just about everyone needs shoes, and if you need shoes, why not make your own? There's nothing like a custom, perfectly fitted shoe. Shoes need to fit right and look good which is the main reason I got into cobbling. Also, it's hard to beat the look on a customer's face when you whip out and hand them a pair of shoes that were made, customized, and maybe even blinged up specifically for that person.

This is the first collection of shoes that I've made and so I call it "Summer's First." The collection is named after the First Drake, Ka'lethas, and also the first constellation summer. Each pair is crafted with a touch of elven flair and is made for enjoying a perfect summer's day in style.

Twilight ~ gold-flecked sunset red flyrsilk shoes with brushed eahnor toes
Prism ~ rainbow glaes open-toed slippers studded with maernstrike diamonds
Sunshine ~ shimmering aqilorn ankle-tied sandals buckled with white vaalorn
Dusk ~ reddish dark mocha leather sandals buckled with tapered vaalin
Breeze ~ white punched leather moccasins studded with onyx-veined despanals

Corlyne Feynde

Our inspiration for Carnival are the visual flashes of color and metal glinting through the moonlit streets, drawing attention to the alluring physical form as one loses their inhibitions in a chaotic whirlwind of festivities.

House of Thorns has unveiled a collection that embodies the carefree spirit of Revelia Carnivale, pairings of luxury and indulgence that will enliven the senses and will whisk you away through the all your reveries...and well onto daybreak.

metallic flora-inked silk slippers beaded with virescent fireflies
lapis burnt velvet pompes inset with dichroic glass moths
cognac full-grain leather boots with tapered eahnor toes
nude shimmering aqilorn shoes inset with glaesine petals
dark olive velvety nubuck shoes studded with thorned onyx roses

Join us at the Fashion Showcase and Auction on the closing day of Revelia Carnivale, Restday, 17th day of Koaratos. We will hopefully have something to suit every fashionable taste.

Vogue Regatta

So, what is "regatta," I hear you ask. A regatta is an event in which boats race against each other. Many regattas are named after a specific type of boat competing but a regatta can also be named after the town where the racing takes place or the organisation behind the event. This year, The Looking Glass are sponsoring the first ever Vogue Regatta on Restday, the 31st day of Koaratos, at the conclusion of the Seafarer's Festival in Solhaven.

No matter the format, a regatta normally starts with a "procession" of the boats, not just those competing. The procession is where spectators get the chance to wander and admire all of the boats. Seeing all of the sailing vessels in port adds a certain drama to the event. All the boats will fly their signal flags during the Pier Procession, making it a very colorful spectacle.

The procession is followed by actual racing, where boats and teams compete in different classes. A class is where boats of the same design race against each other. The racing occurs during a sequence of events that may take a few hours, or sometimes all day.

A regatta can be organized as a championship, however, this inaugural event is being organised just for the thrill and excitement for people who love sailing, as a learning curve for those interested in their own Open Sea Adventures.

The next important question is what to wear!

High Seas and High Fashion

An Exploration of Nautical Couture by Lady Uniana Anduin Nalfein

If the purpose of fashion is at times to be seen, one might question the place of fashion aboard a commercial vessel where the majority of the eyes are surly crew members in salt-stained rags. However, as the popularity of privateering and sailing as social affairs continues to escalate, the presentation of thoughtful and made-to-measure garments becomes a more important consideration.

The first consideration for garments should be the material. While one may consider a small accent piece in velvet or silk for a special occasion or ceremony aboard a ship they are hardly ideal for actual long-term voyages. Let us first start off with the suggested broadcloth which is a wide-woven fabric that keeps a stiff shape making it suitable for even the most structured jackets or tunics. The hearty material does well against sun exposure and moisture, though it is not ideal for warmth. It also is capable of taking a cut without fraying in case you encounter roughness beyond the seas. Next up is oilcloth or waxed cotton, the extreme weather-resistant cloth makes it great for mantles and cloaks. The glossy surface also makes them pop when crafted in vibrant shades and you can expect to utilize larger clasps or fetters to secure them, making a bold statement.

On the topic of accessories, the sea is bountiful! The use of shells and pearls seems quite obvious but what about collections of coral which often retain their intense hue even when dried? Fragile fish scales also take on another life as the paper-thin chips can be layered to hang off a stunning metallic chain. For the more pragmatic fashion-savvy sailor, wear your tools! Have your sextant crafted from sanguine eahnor and use it to twist up your hair. Utilize an alexandrite astrolabe on a length of polished vaalin. Also, leave the superior fancy jewels at home. Not only are they an attractor for unsavory pirates but in the unfortunate event of a water evacuation no one wants to be the idiot that lost a priceless diamond earring in the ocean.

The last topic in this condensed review is on the subject of footwear. Tall boots in sturdy leather and suede are a must as you move from deck to deck. They also serve as a canvas for all manner of boutique laces, trim and buttons. An appropriate set of sandals is never out of place either provided their soles are textured enough to avoid slipping on wet surfaces. Keep in mind that any open lacing is a hazard when scaling the ship when it comes to the cleats. And to the question of heel or not to heel? If you have your sea legs, you have your sea feet! Rise up and loft yourself as you sail towards adventure and conquest

The final note is that the goal is couture, not costume. If you feel you are veering too far into the realm of pirates and wenches set course for something more minimal that could hold up on the canaled streets of Ta'Loenthra as easily as on the bow of a galleon.

Hot Property

From time-to-time, Elanthian Vogue focuses on a particular boutique to promote its merchandise or services. In this edition, it seems only proper that we would draw your attention to The Threadbare Admiral. A well-appointed boutique in Kraken's Fall, its proprietor, Herringstone, is proud to provide for all your fashionable needs at sea.

One stop at the small shop on Cranial Crawl, will have you dressed head-to-toe in suitable nautical attire, which is just perfect for a regatta. From the plumed black velvet tricorne, to a simply grey tweed frock coat, and some fine black velvet breeches. A frilly lace cravat adds the perfect flourish. Such an outfit requires an exceptional pair of boots or shoes so perhaps reach out to one of the talented cordwainers featured in this edition.


Season in Full Swing by Two Tiaraed Tattlers

It has been a whirlwind of activity this spring season and we've been remiss in sharing some of the more interesting observations with you. Let us rectify that promptly as we take a look at some of the more notable occurrences.

The season, as you should recall, kicked off with the Rolton Race Day in Ta'Illistim and nothing says uppercrust like a diverse set of nobility dressed in layers of finery chasing delirious roltons all over the prestigious grounds of Veythorne Manor. We have often speculated to ourselves why Lord Veythorne has become a recluse from public life and are unsurprised that his curtain remained drawn during such droll entertainment.

The following week there was another stink in Ta'Illistim and it didn't come from the darling toy roltons but rather the eschewing of the traditional position of handmaiden to the Argent Mirror. Her Reflection announced that she would be hosting an Imperial for the duration of a year and elevate her as a handmaiden, despite also being recently wed. The tension after the announcement was plainly visible but not as visible as the shockingly plain attire donned by the human lady upon her arrival east. We wish the Lady Kasendra Malwind every bit of luck as she serves alongside the Argent Mirror; she will certainly need it along with prompt direction to a new seamstress.

Speaking of the West, the Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit was a smashing success proving once more that appreciation in art is a common thread that can unite us all. Our hearty appreciation to all the presenters who attempted to bring culture and beauty to this foggy and grim corner of Elanthia as well as to the most deserving winners! In another time-honored tradition the small town of River's Rest hosted Goat Days with all things honoring the underappreciated charmer of every farm. (Note to the reader: we did have to research a bit about goats for this one, did you know goats are very good climbers and often have to be trained not to climb out of their fence pens?!) One of the highlights of the weekend was the goat fashion show and we think it may spur a new fashion for furry-faced males this season. Put some beads in that beard!

Our last observation is about the sheer number of Weddings that are taking place (as it is definitely the time for nuptials). Let us remind our dear readers that unless you are attending a clan hunt with Kindred or a stag party that actually involves chasing stags it is never appropriate to wear hunting attire to a wedding. If you gift the couple nothing else, put a little effort into your outfit. They spent a lot of silvers on their special day.