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This Month's Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l
Contributions by: Whilla Widdershins

Editor's Thoughts

What does summer mean to you?

"Summer is the time to tuck the skirt-of-scarves into my chatelaine and climb the peaks of the Dragonspine, until the heat and humidity are memories." ~ Ysharra

To those of us living in the temperate climes of the Elven Nations, it means long lazy days in the sunshine and balmy evenings under the stars. Picnics and boat rides, ice cream and lemonade.

"Summer is the perfect time for wiggling your toes in the sand." ~ Xilona

A chance to hang up that heavy cloak for a while or kick off those boots and show off our sun dresses and sandals.

"Summer is the only time I regret wearing so much dark leather." ~ Gavrien

In this bumper edition, we look at what summer means to people across Elanthia and what the next few months have in store for those born under the summer constellations.

"Summer is when solar eclipses look the most spectacular." ~ Alisaire

We bring you an update of the latest trends seen at court ...

"Summer is time for airy fashions and all in court looking like bright jewels in the Mirror's garden." ~ Lord Clessar

... and what was unveiled at the Valley of Gold Fashion Presentation in a special supplement.

"Summer is the perfect time for mischief … like stealing ale at the Valley of Gold." ~ Squire Gasen

To the editorial team at Elanthian Vogue and board members of The Looking Glass fashion house, summer means frantic preparations for FashionCon 5119 and we go behind the scenes to see what that entails.

"Summer is the sun's challenge; of course, I accept!" ~ Alasatia

So, like Alasatia, we accept the challenge this season presents and dive right in with a glimpse at what our very own Editor-in-Chief is currently up to.

Editorial Team

Behind the Scenes

A day in the life of Rohese Bayvel-Timsh’l

The term "a dichotomy of leadership" comes to mind when one thinks of our Editor-in-Chief. Rohese is disciplined, but not rigid; humble but not passive; and most of all, she has the ability to care passionately about people but at the same time, lead and mentor them. All of these traits are invaluable when it comes to both publishing Elanthian Vogue and organizing Fashion Week or FashionCon.

Elanthian Vogue has grown considerably over the past 18 months to become a successful publication with a loyal and growing readership. This is largely due to the many wonderful Elanthians who have given of their time but, without Rohese's gentle guiding hand and encouragement, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I was fortunate enough to spend a day with her to learn more about what makes this lovely lady tick.

It was a somewhat sleepy start for me as Rohese is an earlier riser. She was a gracious host and offered me several cups of coffee to bring me up to speed with her plans for the day, all the while sipping on her own fragrant cup of tea. Her day usually starts before dawn when she enjoys a simple breakfast of fruit and light elven bread. This is all she will eat until the sun sets again because of her spiritual convictions and, as a devout follower of Lumnis, it is soon followed by a period of meditation; you cannot help but feel at peace in her presence.

Immaculately dressed from the outset, one wonders how much sleep she does actually get but there is no sign of weariness at all from her during the day. I asked her about her love of fashion and how she chooses what to wear; she simply laughed and quoted the Looking Glass motto at me.

"Fashion is art and you are the canvas."

It’s not long before we are seated around the table in the Boardroom of the Ailanthus Manor where we are joined by other officers and staff. My eye is drawn to the paintings hung on the surrounding walls and I am again reminded of the fashion house motto.

Similarly sized, each oil painting captures an image of cultural fashion through the ages.  Svelte elves in pale marbled silks sit beneath a willow tree, whilst a pair of human men stand proudly together, their swan-plumed helms nestled in the crooks of their arms.  The far picture depicts a group of silver-winged aelotoi wearing saephuas in a rainbow of colors and smiling widely at each other.  A small plaque has been affixed to the bottom of each frame and bears the same inscription.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Fashion is art and you are the canvas."

Despite the predominance of elven influence in everything around Rohese’s endeavors, it is clear that she embraces all races and cultures. As a member of the Order of Lorekeepers, Chatelaine of both House Sylvanfair and Elanthian Elegance, her reach and influence extend across the Dragonspine Mountains and she speaks warmly of all her colleagues. Friendships are important to her and, when pressed about those relationships, she expresses a hope that the sentiments are returned.

"The best thing someone could say about me, is that I am kind."

The morning is taken up by her official duties, more specifically those that relate to the Looking Glass. Letters are written, messages are sent and ideas are discussed about themes for future editions of this publication. I notice that Rohese never takes notes but, instead, encourages others to develop their own ideas and present them to her in a format she can support and promote.

The conversation stays light-hearted yet productive as the more urgent topic of FashionCon is brought up. There seems to be a lot of excitement about this year’s event – just 3 weeks away - with several Great Houses and Meeting Hall Organizations expressing an interest in participating. The programme of events is filled with lectures, workshops and discussion groups, as well as social events and parties: something for everyone!

The theme for this year is the classic elements: those of earth, air, fire, and water. Designers, artisans, and seamstresses have been hard at work preparing gowns and accessories for display, as well as for sharing with delegates over the busy weekend. Once Rohese has given them all her nod of approval, she retires to the dressing room upstairs – with me still in tow – to enjoy a little peace and quiet, and some more tea. The view afforded from the balcony across the garden and meadow on Whistler's Pass certainly instills a sense of tranquility at the end of a busy day.

We discuss her thoughts on what the future holds, now that she has safely returned home but she divulges little and merely smiles enigmatically at me. I may have to insist on a second interview!

A Case of the Blues

"Summer is when.... I am gettin' so hot, I wanna take my clothes off." ~ Ysaeril (who may have been slightly intoxicated when she sang this to our reporter)

The last couple of months have been fairly devoid of an overarching theme for fashion followers to analyze, criticize, or emulate. It gave us – the Editorial Team - a case of the blues but all that is about to end! Summer is finally here and we have noticed some stand-out trends to take us through to the fall.

As part of the preparations for the recent Valley of Gold event, the Looking Glass held a short seminar on fashion and etiquette. Those in attendance were given an early insight into those trends and it is now time to share them with our readers.

"Summer is when I swap out my fur-lined boots for the sandals Gwenievia gave me that allows me to slap people in the face." ~ Darcena

Summer is a call to fresh, enchanting and softer tones after all those heavier, dark fabrics of winter and regardless of other dominant trends that emerge this season, it's clear that it will take on a blue nuance ... or grey, if you happen to be the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing.

"Summer is when I change my wardrobe from classic black to light, airy colors such as charcoal and extremely dark grey." ~ Lylia

A natural choice for true born Illistimi, blue has featured strongly in the court recently but not the bright cobalt or sapphire blue we are used to; more muted shades are prevalent with touches of silver and gold.

On the lighter side, the combination of powder blue with fashion basics is a good choice for any summer wardrobe and one that will likely see you through the warm weather.

You see High Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein the Herbmistress.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is moderately tall and has an hourglass figure.  She appears to be young and robust.  She has almond-shaped glacial blue eyes and lightly tanned skin.  She has long, glossy platinum hair tucked into a loose chignon adorned with a spray of buttery golden linden flowers.  She has a well-defined, oblong face, a classical nose and a plump-lipped generous mouth.  She has a delicate crimson symbol laid across the back of her neck, and arcing gently over her left ear.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a scoop-necked powder blue gown of gauzy sprigged cotton with a soft white lawn chemise underneath, some delicate gold hip-chains riding low on the hips, and some Vornavian silk open-toed slippers lofted on gold filigree heels.

Fashion basics include linen, cotton and cambric, which dress the figure without weighing it down and add a touch of effortless grace. Straight lines are always flattering and practical, and neutral backgrounds allow for flashier accessories and touches of glamour.

"Summer is hiding in the newly grown foliage." ~ Paiselie

This also applies to men’s styling with blue and off-white ensembles being popular and include unstructured coats or jackets to pay homage to early elven fashion.

Powder blue also has well-known properties in chromotherapy: a fresh hue that calls to mind feelings of serenity and calmness. Properties we should not underrate, especially with all the society events and festivals planned over the next few months.

"Summer is bright, too bright but lovely." ~ Akenna

This nuance is also versatile with various degrees of intensity - powder blue creates an interesting balance with white, black, tan and all other pastel tones.

If pale blue doesn’t appeal, don’t worry. Another alternative that seems to be in vogue is gold – in any of its tone – from faint gold through amber and ginger hues to vibrant marigold. Wear it as a complete ensemble if you’re feeling bold or simply as accessory flashes to give a nod towards the trend.

Remember, just one or two key pieces in blue or gold should bring your current wardrobe right up to date, making you ready for summer 5119.

"Summer is my favorite season: no more cold, it's more dry and I can still light a fire." ~ Raelee

Off the Shelf: Moody Blues

"Summer is excellent for people watching and sketching, less so for the reliable consistency of one's paints." ~ Jossarian

Doing our own spot of people watching, we came across several good examples of summer fashion that epitomized the theme of "moody blues" and asked the wearers where they acquired the various items that caught our attention.

Starting with three "must-have" summer dresses: if you’re looking for something pretty in blue then look no further than Elaraeyn's Boutique in Wehnimer’s Landing where you can find a periwinkle silk gown back-latticed in ivory ribbons or perhaps, a fitted cornflower blue silk gown traced in pale gold from Flashfeet's Fine Fashions in Icemule Trace. Alternatively, why not try a sunlight gold panne velvet dress from Piaere's Boutique in Cysaegir.

Matching accessories include a series of honey beryl-studded gold bracelets and a choker of baroque pearls and aquamarine briolettes, both available from Caelyna's Boutique in Solhaven. Similarly, Marienna's Market in Kharam Dzu offers a honey amber wasp-carved band for that simple touch of summer whimsy.

"Summer is when the heat often turns my thoughts toward the Southron Wastes and within it, Sharath, my peoples Home." ~ Avaia

Summer heat usually means people ditch the boots for sandals. Knee-laced ecru linen sandals, side-laced amber leather sandals and calf-laced cobalt silk sandals are perfect for any outfit and can all be found in Marienna's Market.

"Summer is when the well-tended rolton have less wool, which means it is less obnoxious to eat them." ~ Darcena

For cooler evenings, loose stygian black leather trousers or sand-colored ramie linen breeches from Elaraeyn's Boutique might be more appropriate. Perhaps paired with an open-necked chamomile silk tunic or a slit-sleeved iris chainsil blouse from the Island Boutique in Mist Harbor, and a tan leather bodice edged in braided suede from Ta'Vaalor Women's Clothier. Throw on a ribbon-gathered larkspur blue wool capelet from Flashfeet's Fine Fashions for that finishing touch.

"(As a world traveler) summer is no different to me than any other season." ~ Arianiss

Summer Skies

"Summer is... wait it's summer? I thought it was ... oh dear, time got away from me again." ~ Aasterinian

Given the theme of this year’s FashionCon, it is only fitting that this season's horoscopes come from the Halfling tradition of fortune-telling that utilizes a case containing painted wooden slats and draws on the classical elements for their meaning.

Being a nomadic lot, the Mhoragians spend plenty of nights beneath the stars and their method of scrying is a reflection of the nature that they find as a daily part of their life. A basic question is asked of the case, which is tilted back and forth until a single slat falls free and can then be "read".

"Summer is the time you see Imaera's beautiful work." ~ Puptilian

It's not quite as simple as it sounds, however, because every aspect of the slat is significant and can be broken down several ways. The First is by symbol. Each symbol can have its own meaning and definitions that makes it unique. Animals, objects, and herbs all have varied means in different cultures. The Second is by color. Each slat has one of four colors: white for air, blue for water, red for fire, and green for earth. And lastly, the final way to find different meanings for the slats is by the type of wood used in the creation. Various cultures use wood for different things and the meanings can be different.

We were fortunate enough to persuade the delightful Whilla Widdershins to pause from her busy schedule as a honey farmer, to cast her eye over the fortunes of those born under the summer constellations using the case she was gifted as a child. Some of you may remember her from the Trine of 5116. Here's what she had to say!

From Lumnea 16 – Lumnea 30, the 21 stars of the First Drake, Ka'lethas, wind their serpentine way through the middle of the summer sky. Those born under its influence tend to show traits of power, ferocity, mystery and magnetism. Tapping the case decisively, Whilla revealed a golden beech wood slat engraved with the image of a green bear. With a wide grin, she confirmed that the next few months will be a time of strength and unchallenged dominance for you. Go forth and shine!

Those born under the influence of Jastev's Crystal (Koaratos 1 - Koaratos 14) tend to be bright, creative or moodily somber, experiencing both joyous heights and terrible depressions. Three gentle taps on the case revealed a white magnolia wood slat engraved with the image of a white horse shoe. Whilla was eager to explain that you will be undergoing a transformation of negativity, with a period of restoration and good fortune in your future.

Those whose birth is influenced by the Huntress (Koaratos 15 - Koaratos 29) embody optimism and a love of freedom; being jovial, good humored and often philosophical but with a tendency to be irresponsible. With a single sharp tap, Whilla revealed a white aspen wood slat engraved with the image of a clouded red peak and warned that summer may be tricky for you because your lack of tact and restless nature will make dealings with other people uncomfortable. Try not to be provocative or you could face a period of unpredictability.

Those influenced by the Guardian (Koaratos 30 - Phoenatos 13) are the very soul of honor and duty. They are brave and trustworthy and give of themselves to benefit and protect others. Turning her case, Whilla allowed a dusky willow slat engraved with the image of a blue arch to clatter to the floor. She counsels that you avoid your tendency to be intractable this summer and attempt to be flexible to ensure emotional balance and adds – given its association to the element of water – perhaps you should avoid stormy seas.

The Sun God, visible from Phoenatos 14 - Phoenatos 27, is Phoen's constellation, the night time reminder of his sovereign reign over summer. The star burst is warmth and light, and those influenced by it are reverent and strong in their support of life, love, and happiness. A vigorous shake of Whilla's case caused a soft elm slat engraved with the image of a white wren to land in her palm. She cautions you to pay attention to detail, adding that greatness comes through humility. Given your tendency to be nurturing, but sometimes egotistical, Whilla reminds you that your eagerness and lack of forethought can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Those influenced by the Wagon (Phoenatos 28 - Imaerasta 11) tend to wander the world, rarely staying in one place for long. They can be open and encouraging, and love to meet new people and see new things but their wandering natures can make them poor choices for friends or mates. With a playful series of taps, Whilla revealed a light walnut slat engraved with the image of a green cow and cheerily announced that, with meticulous planning and the company of like-minded people, your summer will be marked by a period of abundance and prosperity.

"Summer is the season between spring and fall. Shouldn't you know this?" ~ Amalexia

FashionCon 5119

Only 3 weeks to go! FashionCon 5119, a 3-day conference to celebrate fashion, comes to Ta'Illistim on the Day of the Huntress, day 2 of Phoenatos! Expect a weekend filled with lectures, workshops and discussion groups, as well as the opportunity to socialise with fellow delegates at parties and other fun events.

If the prospect of mingling with fashionably like-minded people isn't enough, there is the added incentive of a delegate pack filled with fashionable goodies!

Valley of Gold Supplement

History was made recently in the Valley of Gold. Elanthians gathered from both sides of the Dragonspine to witness Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles and Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim sign a treaty that would declare mutual respect and friendship between the nations.

Set against the backdrop of celebration and pageantry, the Mistress Ianthra Nishaye Nalfein held a modest fashion showcase featuring outfits designed by the most forward-thinking elves and humans.

To mark the occasion, we are pleased to be able to share the outfits presented that afternoon along with excerpts of the commentary provided by Ianthra.

"Thank you all for joining us tonight for a short viewing of some of the most innovated fashion designs in the lands."

"Some of the plans sent to me were quite classic, some blending cultures, but all of them have something special to offer you in their perspective."

You see Skaene.
He appears to be a Human of the Tehir tribes.
He is shorter than average.  He has sickly yellow-green eyes and dusky skin.  He has shoulder length, thick dark brown hair tied back in a myriad of thin ropy strands.
His face is concealed by a fine dark linen veil.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a chevron-wrapped burgundy linen turban pinned by a hammered bronze feather, a very long crimson farszig scarf, a knee-length fitted coat of bronze and ivory damask, a dip-dyed saffron silk tunic split from hip to hem, some burgundy raw silk serwals, and a pair of short bronze-heeled mahogany leather boots.

"I was very taken with this submission due to the farszig scarf, which isn't a usual applicable necessary, but I felt it added personality to the overall look."

"The blend of fabrics was quite exotic, and I thank you, Skaene, for putting in the time to send me your vision."

You see Lady Malinya Astald'elen Vaalor.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is average height and has a trim figure.  She appears to be young and untried.  She has large, lavender-sheened dark lilac-hued eyes and fair skin.  She has long, sleek champagne-hued hair worn loose in a simple blonde curtain past her waist.  She has a straight nose and delicately curving, svelte pointed ears.  The pale blonde of her hair is echoed in her lashes and eyebrows, the former being long and curled and the latter arching strikingly.
She is in good shape.
She is holding an opal-slatted painted silk fan in her right hand.
She is wearing some platinum hoop earrings webbed with orchid silk, a many-layered robe of tonal pewter chiffon trailing dip-dyed amethyst sleeves, a pale orchid silk column gown draped from a platinum torc, and some ankle-tied pale smoke slippers.

"Elaejia was not able to be here at this time, but I noticed a trend with dip-dying sleeves that I simply had to have represented at this show."

"Hemlines as well."

"I also was taken with the delicacy of the earring design.”

"Our next model has so many pieces that I simply fell in love with, I couldn't believe it was sent in a single offering."

You see Phanna Green.
She appears to be a Human from Allace.
She is average height and has an hourglass figure.  She appears to be youthful.  She has shadowed dark jade green eyes and lightly tanned, almond-hued skin.  She has sleek, dark viridian ombre hair loosely covered by a pearl-beaded ivory flyrsilk scarf with wisps of hair escaping to frame her face.  The naturally dignified cast to her features manifests as the quintessence of refinement.  She has a burnished autumnal gold glaze brushed onto her manicured fingernails.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pearl-beaded sheer azure silk veil, an ornately beaded gorget of layered golden selshis scales, a front-split billowing cerulean damask kaftan adorned with gilded beads, an ahmdir blue dupioni wrapped bodice over an alabaster silk charmeuse blouse with draping sleeves, a layered ivory silken sash with trailing tasseled ends, some loose gold-sheened lavender chiffon pants, and some narrow pearl-beaded indigo damask slippers.

"Phanna is displaying multiple items that could be reworked in many other outfits, and with some simply modifications could be wore by males or females, or something in between."

"All of which are stately and perfect for formal occasions."

"The gorget made an outstanding statement piece in this look."

“I felt our next model really embodied the elven male perspective for the times."

You see Aendir Silithyr the Necromancer.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and has a lean, rangy build.  He appears to be in the bloom of youth.  He has keen, silver-edged coal black eyes and fair skin.  He has neck length, fine glaes-sheened hair briskly combed back from the temples with a bone white tuft at his part.  He has a long face, a classical nose and angular pointed ears.  He has finely sculpted and refined features, save for the jagged scar that runs from the bottom of his right ear to the base of his neck.
He has a silhouette of two counter-set ebon crows inked boldly on the back of his right hand.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a ruffled plum leather cravat, a dart-waisted pewter brocade justacorps with embroidered frog closures, a silver lily boutonniere cradled by thin blade-like leaves, a silk-backed grey jacquard waistcoat over a wing-collared lilac satin shirt, an amethyst band choked by silvered wires, some grey-on-mauve striped suede trousers, and some ash-hued leather shoes with fused bone buckles.

"Aendir's designs represented a blend of fabrics, which was appealing for this event, and I had the jacquard imported from Cysaegir for this occasion."

"A real man can wear a bold color palette with no regrets."

You see Lady Misun Grace the Gentlewoman.
She appears to be a Human from Vornavis.
She is taller than average and has a lithesome, nimble build.  She appears to be in the spring of life.  She has gold-speckled dark umber eyes and rose-tinged creamy ivory skin.  She has short, gold-tinted auburn hair worn in a sheared pixie style.  She has a heart-shaped face, a small nose and naturally rose-tinted lips.  A series of precisely rendered circles is visible on her nape, the skin pale and slightly raised.  She has copper-glazed burgundy lacquer brushed onto her faintly squared fingernails.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a wispy swan feather hair-ornament caught with a dragonfire emerald, a scalloped leather corset edged with a neat row of copper buckles over a sleeveless terracotta satin gown backed with delicately narrow cartridge pleating, some gilt-cuffed mourverde red suede robes, a hammered bronze shell-intaglio cuff, and a pair of round-toed sorrel falding scarpines.

"I was obviously inspired by Vornavis, and last winter while I was there I drew a few sketches and came up with what would be the framework for this design."

"The satin I did acquire from Aldora, interestingly enough."

"The red was inspired from all the human wines I've sampled, and while I obviously prefer the nostalgia of my own regions, I must admit, they do know their way around wine."

“This is an elven look at human clothing, so, if you will, it's a bit like looking through a faceted crystal glass."

You see High Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein the Botanist.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is moderately tall and has an hourglass figure.  She appears to be young and robust.  She has almond-shaped glacial blue eyes and sun-kissed, unblemished skin.  She has long, glossy platinum hair cut to hang down her back in a steeply sloped V-shape.  She has a well-defined, oblong face, a classical nose and a plump-lipped generous mouth.  She has a delicate crimson symbol laid across the back of her neck, and arcing gently over her left ear.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a blackened vaalin geldaralad suspending an onyx rose, a peak-shouldered onyx silk velvet gown featuring side panels of cutworked roses with a cotehardie of lustrous jade taffeta darkening into a pooling skirt underneath, an ebony-bladed jade lace fan, and some ebon brocade slippers with subtly pointed toes.

"Avawren is displaying a more classic look on elven attire, but I felt her plans were sent with careful thought and a critical eye."

"I liked the dark color of the vaalin used for this geldaralad."

"I feel like this works for any kind of court attendance, or special occasion that you might need to be present at. It's definitely not for baking cookies, unless you're very brave."

You see Sensou Guntai the Defender.
He appears to be a Human from Aldora.
He is shorter than average.  He appears to be middle-aged.  He has blue eyes and fair skin.  He has short, straight sandy blonde hair.  He has an unshaven face and a broad chest.
He has a soaring white dragon tattoo on his arm, and a crimson and silver fist tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an iron grey and chestnut tweed longcoat cut with sharply angled pockets, a tailored pearl white cambric shirt with a crisply folded collar, a heavily plaited raw silk and yierka-hide belt, some gold-woven dark baldachin trousers, and a pair of calf-high ornately tooled leather boots with downturned cuffs.

"Sensou is wearing another one of my creations this evening. I am the designer, but he is the walking canvas!"

"I was very much thinking outside of a specific theme for this look. This is a bit of a stone soup of human ideas, mixed into a solitary human ensemble."

"I find it refreshing to step outside of your own culture now and then and throw in a piece that resonates somewhere else entirely."

"In this case, I thought the yierka-hide belt represented the Tehir quite nicely, but the rest stays true to a typical Empire viewpoint."

You see High Lady Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l Illistim the Patron of the Displaced.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is taller than average with a slender willowy form.  She appears to be of a tender age.  She has silver-lashed misty grey eyes and preternaturally pale skin.  She has lustrous, cool silver hair coiled smoothly behind a silver filigreed coronet dripping with pearls and sapphires across her brow.  She has naturally glossy, rose-pink tinted lips.  Her composed expression has a sense of scholarly authority despite her youthful, fey-like appearance.
She has a cascade of tiny silver stars tattooed over her right eyebrow that fades into her hairline, and an inking of a faint star constellation on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a waist-length peacock feather pendant, a plush cream fur stole draped between a pair of silver armcoils, a pair of elbow-length coppery silk gloves, a long-lined silk gown in subtly shifting shades of cerulean and ivory, and some silk-vamped slippers.

"As ever, Lady Rohese is both timeless and progressive at the same time."

"Magical, if you will."

"She is capable of conveying so much with only a few pieces."

You see Mistress Ianthra Nishaye Nalfein the Emissary of Ta'Nalfein.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is average height.  She appears to be in the spring of life.  She has smoke-laced brilliant thistle blue eyes and fair-complected skin.  She has flowing, sharp-waved cornsilk blonde hair styled around her pointed ears in a waterfall plait that drips perfectly coiled ringlets.  She has plain, yet refined features that further emphasize the intense color of her eyes.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a set of threadlike gilded strands caught with darkened glaes tea roses, a tailored honey golden wild silk cloak, a low-necked foxfire green charmeuse gown tiered in netted shadowglass beadwork, a sunset gold blazestar signet ring, a cinched ebon cordovan reticule, and some malachite-hued damask chopines lifted by arcing wyrwood bridges.
You see King Qalinor the Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has dark-rimmed green eyes and fair skin.  He has very short, amber hair.  He has a classical nose and narrow pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a simple electrum circlet, a dark crimson jacket with a golden wyvern embroidered on the left breast, a dark gold wool capelet, an eahnor wyvern badge, a crisp golden silk shirt with crimson blazestar cufflinks, a gold-bound crimson silk scabbard decorated with a ferocious eahnor wyvern, a pair of dark crimson slacks with a gold stripe down each leg, and a pair of dark leather boots cuffed at the knee.
You see Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim, her Illumination.
She is an Elf.  She has large, faintly tilted grey eyes and luminous, though pale, skin.  She has long, glossy auburn hair in a riot of curls that tumble about a sapphire-inset silver coronet.  The planes of her cheekbones and the tips of her ears are both sharply slanted, giving her an angular quality.
She is wearing a silver-framed sapphire feather lavaliere, a flowing cloth-of-vaalin gown adorned with a pattern of alabaster and silver roses, a thick aureate thumb signet, and some vaalin-beaded alabaster silk slippers.
You see Lady Orelwen Greyvael the Handmaiden to the Argent Mirror.
She appears to be an Illistim Elf.
She is moderately tall and has a balletic figure.  She appears to be very young.  She has strikingly bright amaranthine eyes and radiant gardenia-white skin.  She has waist-length, thick argent white hair swept into an elegant roll atop her head.  She has a slender face, a petite button nose and a small beauty mark just above her petal-shaped lips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a thick mirror-finish platinum choker, a lustrous argent silk exaggerated drop gown pooling into skirts of intricately layered chiffon, a simple white satin reticule, and some prismatic silver crystal slippers lined with plush grifflet down.