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Witchful Thinking is a Wehnimer's Landing-based storyline run by GM Kenstrom. It started on June 29, 2019 and features the Landing's conflicts against its long-time enemy, the witch Raznel.

Spotlight NPCs

  • Casiphia - A companion of Thadston's, a new militia member, and once romantically involved with Disean.
  • Chrysamber Epoch - A Chronomage. No association with the Landing, but summoned by Pylasar for aid against the witch Raznel.
  • Disean - Thadston's son and a former member of the Blameless, under control of Raznel.
  • Pylasar - Landing Councilman, former Grand Magister at the Hall of Mages, and seemingly able to travel through time. Having unknowingly aided Raznel to become what she is, he now regards her as an enemy.
  • Raznel - The witch herself, formerly known as Naimorai Kestrel before an incident with the Landing trapped her centuries in the past. With knowledge of the future, she might have manipulated history to her own ends.
  • Thadston Andrews - Landing Councilman and one marshal of the militia, pursuing the witch on a mission of revenge and the rescue of his son Disean.
  • Thrayzar - The other marshal of the militia, a trained killer who was cursed into the body of an orc after an attempted mission to assassinate Raznel decades ago. He seeks to end her for good.

Supporting NPCs

[At any point some of these characters might step up more and be moved into Spotlight NPCs.]

  • Alendrial DeArchon - Landing Councilwoman with past ties to the Brotherhood of Rooks. Wife of the merchant Stephos DeArchon.
  • Cayde - A trader dealing in bleakstone, a new material discovered at the Bleaklands.
  • Larsya Caulfield - A mischievous, pirate-loving little girl and daughter of the Baron of Bourth. Jastevian visions of the future of a destroyed Landing reveal her older self as a survivor.
  • Mother - The current leader of the Rooks, who says that the violent ways of past leaders Rysus and Drangell are over.
  • Octaven - Grand Magister of the Hall of Mages. A mysterious figure, but ostensibly offering aid against Raznel.
  • Quinshon - A Tehir nicknamed the Dissembler, formerly from the Hall of Mages. He's the blood father of Naimorai, though she hadn't known it until shortly before she was trapped in the past. His current motives and whereabouts are unknown, though he's been briefly spotted in the Bleaklands.
  • Rone? - A masked figure with magical gauntlets created by the deceased Alchemist, Praxopius, who drew the name inspiration from town founder Rone Wehnimer. Two similar figures had been unleashed upon the Landing under Praxopius' control in the past, but the third mysteriously appeared well after his death.
  • Walkar Wellington - The former mayor of Wehnimer's Landing, Walkar presumably died in 5114. He, or someone bearing his likeness, returned to attempt to rescue adventurer Kiske - who Walkar claims to be his wife - from the witch.

The Paragons

Tie-Ins to Past NPCs

  • Chaston Griffin - Now deceased, but led the Blameless in a crusade in 5116. Raznel manipulated him into activating a blood marble obelisk that destroyed Talador, turning it into the current Bleaklands. Slain by Landing defenders.
  • Praxopius - The now-deceased Alchemist who created the Rone vigilantes and automated pylons. Slain by poisoning himself to go out in one last battle against the krolvin.
  • Saraphene - Thadston's deceased ex-wife, with whom he had Disean. Slain by Raznel.


[Note: These are highly abbreviated summaries of events largely intended as refreshers or teasers. For more details and (in most cases) full logs, please click each one.]

6/29/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-06-29_-_Once_More_Unto_the_Bleak|Once More Unto the Bleak]]

Marshal Thadston leads an observation mission into the Bleaklands, where things turn deadly. The number of oily black trees and ripples into the shadow realm have increased, and [[::Turamzzyrian Empire|Imperial]] soldiers and scholars are found at one of the Tears of Koar in a temporal anomaly. Adventurers collect dozens of bleakstones, but see a glimpse of the past Raznel in 5116--and she too sees them, warning them not to return or she'll kill Thadston's son Disean, who she has under her control. The group withdraws for the time, but Thadston swears he'll come back.

7/2/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-02_-_A_Problem_Pyles_Up|A Problem Pyles Up]]

Councilman Pylasar gets mentally lost in time, again, as he rambles on Raznel's past instructing at the Arcanum. Eventually he remembers when he is and requests help sorting out puzzle pieces of his memories that have been moved around. Leafiara and [[::Ysharra_Nagorn|Ysharra]] suggest the Ithzir hybrid Rodnay as an option.

7/6/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-06_-_Double_Orc_Nothing|Double Orc Nothing]]

Marshal Thrayzar volunteers himself for mental spelunking in advance of Pylasar, emphasizing the need for practice since the [[::Wehnimer's Landing|Landing]] might only have one chance to get the purple mage's memories correct. Rodnay brings the crowd to Melgorehn's Reach, where he's inside a cocoon and apologizes that he's too busy feeding to help, but says their efforts will work if done right--though he warns of difficult choices ahead. With a new plan needed, [[::Xorus_Kul'shin|Xorus]] proposes using elemental temporal magic instead of mentalism.

7/9/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-09_-_Repeat_Offenders|Repeat Offenders]]

Scarab and moulis infestations run amok, building to an assault by undead, magic-immune Blameless. Disean, over thoughts, reiterates that Raznel warned them and says it'll get worse if the Landing doesn't back down.

7/13/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-13_-_Statues_and_Suspects_and_Serpents|Statues and Suspects and Serpents]]

Escorted by black-armored soldiers, a man named Cayde seeks trade opportunities and kicks them off by delivering a bleakstone statue of Mayor Lylia outside Moot Hall, showing papers with the approval of Councilwoman Alendrial DeArchon to Captain Stormyrain. However, fishermen soon report pulling up rotting fish--capping off a week of no catches--and, as adventurers investigate, undead sea serpents, snakes, and vipers attack. Hapenlok tries to destroy the statue, but Raznel's control over him puts a stop to that.

7/16/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-16_-_Bear_Down,_Fire_in_the_Hole|Bear Down, Fire in the Hole]]

Thrayzar says he's ready to do the experiment on the 19th, so Xorus explains the details of harnessing the Reach's temporal flux while Magister [[::Raelee_Svala|Raelee]] adds some refinements to the plan. A scarab-covered goblin says Raznel isn't pleased that they keep planning despite warnings, acting as herald to an attack by pus-covered bears and animated Rook corpses setting off explosive orbs.

7/18/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-18_-_Not_Disean_Eye_to_Eye|Not Disean Eye to Eye]]

The future Stormyrain reaches back to the seer Balley with a cryptic message to "kill them all." Balley's night goes from strange to worse as Disean, now appearing like an animated corpse, kills her off and imbeds a scarab in her, just as Raznel had done to Mayor Lylia weeks earlier. Town defenders repel a surprise attack from the Blameless, but amidst the chaos, the [[::Brotherhood of Rooks|Rook]] leader Mother confronts a farmer who's been gouging his prices as his healthy crop didn't suffer a plague now affecting other farmers.

7/19/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-19_-_Unwind_the_Curtains|Unwind the Curtains]]

Thrayzar works with Xorus' experiment to delve into his mind, using the magic of the Reach. From working with Drangell in attacking Raznel to an incident with the Ivory Thorns, from hiding Mirayam from Grishom Stone with the help of Seomanthe and Greganth to planning with Mayor Walkar against Elithain Cross, from being abducted by Praxopius to the slaughter of his tribe, decades of memories come to life before adventurers' eyes--sometimes literally! Though Thrayzar seems shaken by the final memory, the possibility of a success with Pylasar is confirmed.

7/22/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-22_-_Good_Moaning_Militia|Good Moaning Militia]]

Zombies of Landing militia members rise and attack, largely converging on the barracks. While the Rooks guard Shanty Town, Marshal Thadston and Casiphia aid other town defenders in the north, both on the streets and later with long-range shots from above. The day is won, but Hapenlok reports seeing Thadston leave the ballista tower--and nobody else can find him.

7/24/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-24_-_Saraphene_Siren_Song|Saraphene Siren Song]]

Blight strikes again and Marshal Thadston orders Casiphia to have new recruits investigate. Captains Stormyrain and Shinann report recent news, and Thadston seeks Raelee's help acquiring a glass coffin. The situation with the rotting fish sparks a fight at the docks, but before the militia or town guard can intervene, serpents attack. Throughout the battle, Raznel, using the voice of Thadston's wife Saraphene, tempts him to come join her; however, Casiphia gives Thadston a drink that puts him to sleep, saying it's a system they have in place.

7/26/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-26_-_Seeing_Time_and_Emotion|Seeing Time and Emotion]]

A journey through Pylasar's memories reveals his devotion to Rachel--and her manipulation of him. Though the Dissembler Quinshon attempts to block some of the most sensitive memories, adventurers battle physical manifestations of the blocks and, along the way, uncover secrets about Pylasar's wife and daughter, his time with the Arcanum and the Hall of Mages, Falvicar's father, the witch's dark studies, the history of the Talon of Toullaire, and the apparent source of Raznel's immortality: the paragon.

7/30/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-07-30_-_Deontology,_Pragmatism,_Survival,_Resolve|Deontology, Pragmatism, Survival, Resolve]]

With his memories temporarily recovered, the usually jovial-but-scattered Pylasar speaks instead with a lucid conviction about the necessity and ugliness of killing the paragons who he once helped create. He fields many questions about his past and lays out a plan invoking the help of the Chronomage Chrysamber Epoch, en route to the Landing by his request.

8/3/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-03_-_Fall_Together_Now,_Concert_of_Chaos|Fall Together Now, Concert of Chaos]]

A multi-pronged assault of undead and scarabs at the gates, docks, temple graveyard, and square scatters defenders all over town, sending adventurers, the militia, the Rooks, a masked figure with Rone gauntlets, and a raging Thrayzar into action. Though they eke out victory over the creatures in a difficult, protracted battle, civilian casualties mount and fissures open up around town, releasing madness-inducing mist.

8/6/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-06_-_Ready_or_Rot|Ready or Rot]]

Thadston reports on the rot worsening and infecting people, then briefly explains plans to get rid of the bleakstone statue, seek aid from Breshon's connections in Bourth, meet with Raelee, and a possible quarantine. Tempers flare as Captain Stormyrain and militia member Darcena challenge Thadston after he threatens to hang suspected Raznel followers from the ceiling of Moot Hall. At first he asserts authority, but later in the night apologizes for coming across rude before taking the captains and mayor aside for a meeting.

8/7/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-07_-_Chrys-tal_Unclear|Chrys-tal Unclear]]

Landing defenders repel a wide array of creatures sent by the witch, as even Pylasar aids in battle. Chrysamber arrives later that night, having received Pylasar's letter, and gives a short, vague briefing of her plans. After she leaves, Mayor Lylia relays a message following her conversation with Thadston, emphasizing the battle against the blight rather than one another, offering apologies for any incivility, and calling for unity in defense of the town.

8/13/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-13_-_Paragon_Placement_Pinpointed|Paragon Placement Pinpointed]]

Lyrna gives Pylasar a thoughtful present, Raelee brings word from Grand Magister Octaven that the Hall of Mages is sending members to study the blight, Pylasar reveals to Falvicar the truth of his father--and the night hasn't even begun. At Lake Eonak, Chrysamber probes Pylasar's mind to find the location of a paragon... also uncovering in the process that Raznel killed the siblings of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, ensuring her rise to the throne prior to the current Emperor [[::Aurmont_Chandrennin_Anodheles|Aurmont]].

8/14/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-14_-_Mishearing_Things|Mishearing Things]]

Breshon's convinced his father--the Baron of Bourth--to withhold the identity of Raznel's paragon from the Northern Sentinel, but in return, the Baron has challenging requests for the Order of the Silver Gryphon and the Landing as a whole. Bernadette agrees to get word to the Gryphons, but Breshon also offers a way out: perhaps he's accidentally miscommunicated.

8/18/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-18_-_Firewalkar|Firewalkar]]

Disean leads an assault of minotaurs and undead Blameless. Though the town defenders, militia, and Rooks fight them on all fronts, enemies manage to set fire to storehouses. However, the tide is turned by the approach of a man in a glowing crimson breastplate... Mayor Walkar reborn? No: it's an illusion used by Thadston. He strikes a decisive blow with his kroderine gauntlets, sending Disean into retreat--for now.

8/19/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-19_-_Storming_Out|Storming Out]]

Thadston gives a status update on the town and the battle against the witch, but a heated disagreement between him and Stormyrain escalates to the point of her apparent removal as a militia captain--whether by her resignation or the marshal's dismissal. Afterward, Thadston gives a briefing on the mission to kill the first paragon, now scheduled for just two nights later. He fields discussion from the gathered crowd as they raise numerous questions, challenges, and suggestions.

8/21/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-21_-_Instantiation_of_Imagination|Instantiation of Imagination]]

Pylasar leads an expedition into a time pocket created by the mind of the paragon Mynalari Andoheles, a false Tamzyrr where she reigns. Adventurers charge her keep and battle to the throne room through Mynalari's imagined servants, eventually confronting her with the reality of her twisted state. Though she comes to realize the truth, she begs for her life and a way to return to reality even if she must live in the shadows--but the knights Sir Bristenn, Sir Mynon, Sir Cryheart, and Dame Evia can only offer her peace as she fades out of existence.

8/31/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-08-31_-_Rook_and_Sea_For_Yourself|Rook and Sea For Yourself]]

With the blight worsening, desperate townspeople are stealing food to survive. Mother offers Mayor Lylia a deal: the Rooks can guard shops and speed up food imports in exchange for one vessel a month for a year being allowed in without inspections. The crowd debates the merits and faults of the deal and Mother vows to be ready in case of a favorable answer later.

9/1/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-01_-_Beyond_the_Veil|Beyond the Veil]]

Chrysamber delves into Pylasar's memories to find another paragon: a [[::Tehir|Tehiri]] man circa 4613. Other revelations abound with glimpses and tidbits about Rachel's degenerating health, the Arcanum, the forethought behind paragon selection, and the limits to Raznel's creating them.

9/5/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-05_-_Hall_Monitors|Hall Monitors]]

The Hall of Mages' scholars arrive, including Magister Cordarius. Though he's jovial and flirty, his work is deadly serious as he and Magister Raelee create magical barricades on the trail to Vornavis to test for those infected with the plague--and block their passage to the south. He promises aid and study as the Hall sets up over the coming days.

9/6/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-06_-_Interim_Discussions|Interim Discussions]]

Thadston's recovered enough to give brief status updates on the bleakstone statue, the witch's goblin scouts and possibly Stiletto, and the transition to a non-interim marshal after the conflict with the witch ends... assuming that the town lives through it.

9/7/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-07_-_Blood_Reign|Blood Reign]]

Adventurers brave desert dangers from wildlife to sandstorms to raiders in the Sea of Fire's Red Vale--or at least an illusory version of it--where the second paragon reigns: the Tehiri blood warrior Deshal. After recognizing an apparent familiarity with Stormyrain as a seer, Deshal hosts a tournament among warriors to challenge his reign and feed blood to the Vale. Roblar emerges triumphant and Deshal accepts his end, impaling himself ritualistically... and perhaps never fully understanding what the witch and Pylasar did to him.

9/10/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-10_-_Shadowing_the_Crowd|Shadowing the Crowd]]

The goblin Stiletto returns, under Raznel's control, and says to warn Thrayzar of consequences if the Landing continues meddling. Before leaving, he imbeds bleakstone scarabs into Captains Shinann and Stormyrain, cutting off their ability to use magic. Later that night, icy mists take Mayor Lylia, Xorus, and Magister Raelee away; when Lylia returns, she explains that the Hall of Mages was seeking insights on Raznel's mindset and the nature of bleakstone.

9/11/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-11_-_Hot_Takes|Hot Takes]]

Thrayzar starts to give updates on the next paragon mission and his role in it, but is quickly interrupted by a firebombing acting as a precursor to an invasion! Landing defenders scramble to recover from a rough start and slowly reclaim the town from trolls, ogres, giants, and more, but at the expense of heavy losses among adventurers, heavier losses among townspeople, and a brief abduction of Captain Shinann to unknown ends.

9/13/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-13_-_Tangled_Web_We_Weave|Tangled Web We Weave]]

Warships sail in flying Imperial flags, but it's a decoy twice over--they're loaded with undead krolvin and they're only one of several invading forces! Clashes rage in and around town for a long night of battle as the [[::Kingdom of Hendor|Hendoran]] outpost is ambushed by creatures from the shadows, Raznel captures Captain Stormyrain to reclaim the scarab and vows to return for Captain Shinann's not-yet-ready scarab soon, the undead Blameless return, spiders abduct townspeople and almost catch Leafiara if not for a timely save from the Rooks, and Disean drags Pukk away to feed maggots with his blood.

9/14/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-14_-_Tri-de-fecta|Tri-de-fecta]]

During the memory journey to discovering the locations of two paragons, adventurers uncover more about the paragons haunting Peter, Rachel's solution to rid him of his guilty conscience, the pair's ill-fated attempts to conceive, and Rachel's creation of patchwork beings as replacement children. During the process, blood marble scarabs previously imbedded in Bernadette and Chaoswynd crumble and their dust scatters over Lake Eonak, raising speculation about whether it affected the visions.

9/17/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-17_-_Desolation_and_Desecration|Desolation and Desecration]]

It's another tumultuous night in the Landing as the local wildlife's looking sickly, Balley's scarab pops out and crumbles to no obvious effect, Thrayzar reports on the lost trails of citizens taken by the spiders, and Pylasar wants to meet with Quinshon, of all people, even as everybody insists it's a bad idea. The craziness continues as Raznel captures Shinann, kills off militia members, and reclaims her scarab with a warning that she'll see what it's for soon. The night comes to a close as Darkstone Bay's waters turn blood red in a foreboding sign.

9/18/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-18_-_Finding_the_Blight_Price|Finding the Blight Price]]

Quinshon returns, having heard Pylasar's request: to revisit tough memories that the purple mage had once had him block, as Pylasar thinks it necessary in order to reveal the remaining paragons. The Black Shaman is willing to aid even against his own seed, saying that Raznel has discarded her purpose, but his help has a price--Quinshon must be given three vials of blood from Magister Cordarius, taken willingly or unwillingly. Magister Raelee requests time to try to sort it before the Landing charges off to bleed a mage under her command.

9/21/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-21_-_Worlds_Collide|Worlds Collide]]

Chrysamber's broken compass and Thrayzar's mysterious pains are only the beginning of a difficult night! Adventurers pursue the paragon Sentinel Jerram Happersett in the illusionary Southron Wastes--and the paragon Brumas Brightforge, dwarven hero, in the illusionary Talador as their worlds merge, leaving adventurers struggling through the war zones of two eras. Brumas manages to escapes through the portal into the current time, but there's no tracking him down. The group confronts Jerram, who claims he can "purify" dark elves to transform them into elves. Though Juspera hesitantly volunteers, Melikor, Mayor Lylia, Xorus, and Dergoatean are able to activate Jerram's sigils in time to see through his machinations and the group unites to put this paragon down the hard way.

9/24/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-24_-_Fall_Vicariously|Fall Vicariously]]

Thrayzar struggles with the curse that turned him into an orc, now having trouble retaining his clarity. Meanwhile, Pylasar's arranged a new deal with Quinshon that didn't involve Cordarius' blood, though he won't share details. The Black Shaman explores Pylasar's memories and reveals the details of how Peter and Rachel changed the course of Falvicar's life by taking his parents'.

9/25/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-25_-_A_Stone's_Throw_From_Destruction|A Stone's Throw From Destruction]]

Grishom Stone and the Future Stormyrain send a vision of the post-apocalyptic Landing back to the present Stormyrain, urging everyone to "Stop the Bleakworld." Before that can be fully taken in by those gathered, Brumas returns with an army of dwarven soldiers manifested from thin air, believing the Landing to be the home of the Orc King and the Hendoran outpost to be a captured Doggoroth Keep. Though others try to talk him out of his delusion, it inevitably comes to war. The Landing and Hendorans repel his forces--but not without Brumas' assurances that they'll regroup and return.

9/27/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-27_-_O'er_the_Ramparts_He_Watched|O'er the Ramparts He Watched]]

Adventurers proceed to face the paragon Oronthal Jalcon, Falvicar's father, in a false reality of the Demonwall--but it's double trouble as, while they battle through fiends and soldiers mistaking them for skinwalking demons, Brumas summons his dwarven army to attack near the Landing! In the chaos, Disean assaults the Demonwall group and the defenders are unable to put him down for good, but Thadston tackles him over the side of a wall. The Landing adventurers destroy the wall's ramparts to draw Oronthal out to recognize his son and all that's become of him. He and Falvicar gain bittersweet closure and exchange their farewells, as Oronthal gifts his son his wedding band while Falvicar gifts his father a knife for one last Demonwall battle before he crumbles.

9/28/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-09-28_-_Stonewall_Svala|Stonewall Svala]]

Thadston demands to know from Raelee why he couldn't access the bane coffin at the outpost, as he'd captured Disean the night before but couldn't seal him away as Brumas stopped him. After an extended back and forth over terms and conditions, Raelee agrees to give him the coffin that very night--because Thadston now intends to put Thrayzar in it as the condition of his curse worsens. He also needs a second coffin delivered to use for Disean, along with scheduling to get Dennet Kestrel's writings on the Bleaklands from Raelee, as defeating Brumas just might require a trip there.

11/1/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-01_-_Keep_On_Trying|Keep On Trying]]

Octaven's falcon arrives, heralding intent to deliver Thadston's requested second coffin, but the proceedings are interrupted by undead griffins and the return of Brumas' forces! Hendoran knights join in the town defense, but under the witch's spell, Brumas can only see them as orcs. Berost and others try to talk him down, but he won't listen and solicits aid in assaulting the keep and closing the portal to the "endworld"--his conceptions of the Hendoran outpost and Bleaklands, respectively. However, Thadston meets him at the entrance with a devastating ambush from his kroderine gauntlets, sending Brumas into retreat and wounding himself.

11/2/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-02_-_Perturbing,_Puzzling_Paragon_Predicament|Perturbing, Puzzling Paragon Predicament]]

Chrysamber aids Pylasar in locating the last of the paragons who he helped create: Harland the Bastard. Despite interference from Raznel along the way, Thadston manages to resolve it quickly with an... unexpected solution. After confirming the next target, Thadston, Pylasar, and the gathered crowd grapple with the other pressing question of a mystery paragon Raznel made by herself--someone undoubtedly existing in the present day, and perhaps even walking among them.

11/5/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-05_-_Starve_a_Blight,_Feed_a_Fervor|Starve a Blight, Feed a Fervor]]

Magisters Raelee and Cordarius relay information about the bleakstone statue and the blight, with the latter proposing starving the blight with an anti-magic field over town--a contentious idea, to say the least! The controversy only intensifies in a different direction as a mob of townspeople claims to have witnessed Mayor Lylia abducting seven children, and no one in the crowd--least of all her or Captain Shinann, the main targets of their scorn--can quell their anger with reason or reminders that Raznel can change her appearance.

11/09/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-09_-_Dis-ceptive_Dis-truction|Dis-ceptive Dis-truction]]

A blighted tree speaks to Ysharra, telling her it is the Bleak and the End. However, before she and Magister Raelee can fully take in the implications, Disean's forces invade! Close calls and heavy casualties mount on both sides as adventurers aim to capture Disean, but amidst the excessively bloody battle, Raznel poses as Mayor Lylia to infiltrate the outpost. Raelee and Captain Shinann manage to find her inside and learn some interesting information... but Raznel promises more the next night.

11/10/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-10_-_Remaining_Raznel_Ruminations|Remaining Raznel Ruminations]]

Adventurers update Marshal Thadston on the previous night's proceedings and he in turn updates them on future plans with Thrayzar, Harland, and Brumas. However, the real question of the night is the prospect of the mystery paragon; Thadston asks for theories and the gathered crowd speculates for an hour on their worst nightmares--and works through the reasoning of why any of them just might come to life.

11/12/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-12_-_Binding_Agreements|Binding Agreements]]

Aiming to capture Disean, Marshal Thadston coordinates strategies with Breshon and even Mother, leading Disean and his undead to advance into a dual ambush of Rook firebombing and Bourthian guerrilla warfare! The battle rages past the opening salvo, but Thadston taunts Disean over disappointing everyone who's known him and has the Rooks bring him a chained Casiphia--his son's former love interest. Disean flies into a rage over the sight of Thadston slashing and poisoning her, but that too is an ambush as Casiphia uses Thadston's kroderine gauntlets to send Disean flying toward the bane coffin below! He begs and claims the coffin will kill him, but even Thadston turns away from the plea and adventurers and militia seal him up, hoping to end his part in the war.

11/14/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-14_-_Wellington_Walks_In_Town|Wellington Walks In Town]]

Landing militiamen bring forward a captive appearing to be none other than Walkar Wellington! He claims that he let everyone believe he was dead so the Landing could heal and move on, but he had to return since the witch took his wife Kiske and he needs aid finding her. Those gathered have doubts, though he's unsurprised, and Captain Stormyrain has him sent to the Brass Tower. The group digs up Walkar's grave to find an empty coffin, though what it means is anyone's guess... as is the fact that the apparently-living Walkar has no interest in seeing his bloodhound Winston, wanting to spare him the pain.

11/15/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-15_-_Day_of_Reckoning|Day of Reckoning]]

Adventurers travel to the world of Harland the Bastard, now calling himself the Patron as he runs a mountain sanctuary under the protection of Koar. He's seen odd things, including dreams of Chaston Griffin and a visit from two Grishom Stone lookalikes, but adventurers deliver the truth the hard way with some good old-fashioned violence against those he keeps safe. Though his death marks the last of the paragons Pylasar helped create, aside from the still-lingering Brumas, the purple mage wants to test a theory at some point regarding the possible additional one...

11/18/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-18_-_Laking_the_Final_Test|Laking the Final Test]]

Walkar wants to meet with everyone later in the week to discuss how to rescue Kiske, who he feels certain is in the Bleaklands--but meanwhile, more immediate matters await as Pylasar seeks Captain Stormyrain for a blood magic ritual to locate the final paragon. He zeroes in on the memory of [[::The_Rone_Resurgence_-_5118-10-05_and_5118-10-07_-_Two_Tales_of_Larsya#Light_of..._Hope.3F|when Larsya was cured]]--an event he'd partly observed, but not understood, as Peter centuries earlier. Raznel interferes to stop the ritual, but not before Pylasar determines where to find the final paragon and tells everyone to prepare for week's end. ...but who is it? Not even he knows.

11/20/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-20_-_Emergency_Maneuvers|Emergency Maneuvers]]

Marshal Thadston calls a strategy meeting and Walkar wants in, but Thadston's not having it and sends him away. The plans: Next one or two days, see Disean's transport off safely. Feastday, hunt the mystery paragon in an unknown location. Month's end, hunt Brumas and Raznel herself in a clash at the Bleaklands with aid from Octaven's golems and pylons, including some of Praxopius' enhanced pylons. And lastly, before month's end... evacuate Landing citizens underground in case Raznel strikes at the town with more Talador-leveling force while she's under attack in the final battle.

11/21/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-21_-_Foreign Aid|Foreign Aid]]

Stephos DeArchon proposes to aid with evacuating some citizens out to sea, leaving a number of people skeptical until he counterproposes that Mayor Lylia work with his wife Alendrial instead--to which she seems to agree. An Erithian ship also arrives to take Disean's coffin away with the oversight of Thadston, who afterward tells the crowd to be ready to murder the witch by month's end.

11/22/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-22_-_Walkabout|Walkabout]]

Walkar's out again, reminiscing on town and wondering if Kiske will want to return now that everyone knows about him anyway--and if there's still a place for him in the Landing in that case. Everyone voices their suspicions and skepticism, but he also gets a couple words of encouragement that he can rebuild if it's really him.

11/23/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-23_-_Meaning_of_a_Hero|Meaning of a Hero]]

Despite portal interference from Raznel, Pylasar sends adventurers into the world of the mystery paragon: a secluded forest leading to Thrayzar's outpost of years ago. But they're taken to the mayor's office... Mayor Walkar, to be precise! Wanting to be a hero and protect his sister Abygail and the Landing forever, Walkar bargains that he can live if Raznel is allowed to live. The crowd reminds him of the man he was and the illusion begins to unravel as adventurers are forced to fight through clones of Walkar and Thrayzar. ...but the actual paragon is neither of them--it's a patchwork abomination of Abygail and the goblin Stiletto, tormented over the Landing's failure to save them. They too plead that Walkar and Thrayzar will die if they're killed, but can live if they're allowed to live. Nonetheless, town defenders see them through to their demise, hoping to bring them peace in death.

11/25/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-25_-_A_One-Night_Planned|A One-Night Planned]]

Grand Magister Octaven's golems arrive and Thadston explains the militia's Landing evacuation plan over the next twenty-four hours--utilizing the resources of Stephos DeArchon via Alendrial, the resources of Mother and the Rooks, the militia with oversight of the captains, and the golems for manual labor. As for those who refuse to leave, the militia will sweep through homes looking for them to force them into ships set aside for them.

11/26/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-26_-_Last_Stand|Last Stand]]

With much of the Landing evacuated, Marshal Thadston makes his tough call and gives ten minutes for the those remaining to comply or be forced onto ships. However, militia members Maags, Puptilian, and Leafiara, along with Wolfloner, voice objections in defense of the citizens' choice to stay and defend their homes--and Mother and the Rooks come to say there will be no sweeps to remove people without meeting resistance. Thadston asks a gathered crowd of citizens what their choice is, and they take up shoddy weapons and pledge to defend the town. At last Thadston orders the militia to stand down and for Captains Stormyrain and Shinann to open up the barracks and equip the citizens with better arms.

11/29/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-29_-_An_Impossible,_Imposterous,_Preposterous_Proposition|An Impossible, Imposterous, Preposterous Proposition]]

Pylasar arrives with a suspicious lack of fanfare, warning that he's seen into the future and attacking the Bleaklands must be delayed until spring. ...but he's a fake! The real Pylasar zaps him before giving his own warning: end Raznel by tomorrow or it's too late. She'll become her own paragon, able to project herself throughout time and be tied to every being she's ever taken or controlled.

11/30/19 - [[::Witchful_Thinking_-_5119-11-30_-_Concluding_a_Deathwitch|Concluding a Deathwitch]]

Thadston leads the charge as adventurers brave through the sabotaged Bleaklands portal and into a realm filled with echoes of past areas like Davard's Taladorian camp, Chaston's cleansing camp, Drangell's hideout, and [[::Dennet Kestrel|Dennet]]'s plinite hollows. Adventurers battle through doppelgangers of past enemies while the Landing's townspeople and younger militia battle weaker doppelgangers of various Landing heroes!

The Bleaklands group buys time for Pylasar to locate Brumas while Raznel buys time with Saraphene doppelgangers and voices from Disean and Gracie. Nonetheless, Pylasar finds Brumas and the group digs him up and destroys his cocoon--but, in so doing, they create a path for hundreds of spores to float through the portal toward the Landing, along with a behemoth.

Landing defenders fire pylons toward the sky as the Hall of Mages' golems fire their own pylons on the denizens of the Bleaklands, clearing the way for adventurers to return. Raelee tries to close the portal and stop the flow of spores, but when she meets resistance, Thadston aids by using his kroderine gauntlets to close it from the other side, trapping himself in the Bleaklands.

Pylasar realizes where the final paragon is and gets everyone there to the outpost's rune chamber, but the cocoon there presents an image of Gracie. Adventurers see through it and destroy the cocoon over Pylasar's pleas--releasing not Gracie, but Raznel.

Fighting on two fronts, the town throws everything it has at the behemoth and the witch in a final clash. Adventurers endure her powerful magic and manage to land strikes through her barriers, and with her paragons gone, she can only revive herself so many times. She comes to an end at last, falling apart into crumbling and burning maggots, and even as she dies she taunts Pylasar over killing his wife and child.