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An Arkati box is a gnomish contraption resembling a music box. When a figurine of the Arkati (available through the treasure system as a type of jewelry) is inserted, the box can be activated to play a small scene featuring the respective deity.

Off-the-shelf Arkati boxes are locked to one of three types, accepting only figurines for Liabo, Lornon, or Neutral/Lesser Spirits. Boxes may be further unlocked for fancier messaging and/or multiple pantheons. Raffled Tier 3 Arkati boxes offer special rewards when using a figurine for the deity that the user is converted to.


Example: a smooth oak case

SHOW: The lid of this oak case has been exquisitely painted, depicting dramatic colorful scenery from one corner to the other. Two of the four sides are adorned with large, rounded enamel moons, one faintly luminescent, while the other is tinted in hazy dark hues. A half-moon, painted in muted yellow tones, is depicted on a third side. In elegant script, the words "Lornon" and "Liabo" have been inked beneath each of the orbs, while no lettering exists beneath the half-moon. The Liabo moon is completely flush with the side of the case.

ANALYZE: This oak case (also known as an Arkati Box) can have either a short or a long description, but cannot support a show, as one already exists. It must also remain some kind of container that would have a lid/top. The case is currently at Tier 2 and has the following verbs available: PUSH, POKE, TOUCH, TURN, RUB, CLEAN, GAZE, OPEN, CLOSE, LOOK and PUT. Though the case may not be unlocked further, if you win a raffle version, you could opt to have your current case adjusted to the raffle tier. Your case is aligned to: Liabo. This was first released at Ebon Gate 2014 in Go Figure, owned by Bisha.


Tier 2 messaging:

Arkati Messaging
Charl A muscular male figurine rises up through a crashing surf of blue-green imflass inset with tiny jewels. The waves move slowly up and down as the stage turns, the churning metal ocean threatening to engulf the figurine. As he raises an emerald trident above his head, a loud crack emanates from within, and the stage sinks slowly back into the case.
Cholen Standing center stage is a young male miniature, expertly juggling a trio of brightly colored balls. The miniature's hair has been painted gold, and intricate patterns have been sewn onto his patchwork cape. A tiny wooden lute hangs over his shoulder. After a slow rotation, the platform lowers into the case, and the lid snaps closed.
Eonak Standing before a glowing iron forge, a brawny dwarven sculpture grips an enormous hammer raised above a golden anvil. A sheet of steel, painted bright crimson to resemble extreme heat, has been placed atop the anvil and awaits a molding blow from the hammer's strike. The stage rotates as it descends into the case, giving a full glimpse of the dwarf's impressive muscular build.
Imaera A sylvan woman sculpture appears, kneeling upon a bed of soil with arms raised upward, her hands cupping a single, half-open seed. Twining vines cover the stage, and as it rotates, a colorful array of foliage and blossoms falls lazily from her robe of flowers and leaves. A doe figurine emerges from the foliage just as the platform descends.
Ivas A curvaceous female sculpture emerges, lying languidly on the stage. Her arm is draped suggestively across a gown of vivid scarlet sequins. Wisps of gauzy green fabric shift and unfurl around the stage, the airy appendages twirling along with the platform's movement. After three rotations, the platform descends into the box and the lid snaps closed.
Jastev A pale-skinned male figure stands proudly before an artist's easel, the tip of his black brush pressed firmly against a colorful painting held within its wooden frame. His gaze is directed toward a crystal ball clutched tightly in his other hand, a look of tortured grief painted upon his ageless face. The stage descends into the case just before the lid snaps shut.
Kai Standing majestically atop a tall dais, a young male sculpture wields a massive felwood spear tipped with gleaming adamantine, towering over the confines of the case. As if in preparation for the next opponent, his empty fist is clenched tightly, and his well-defined, muscular frame is positioned in a battle-ready stance. A single rotation of the dais lowers the platform into the case.
Koar Situated in front of a magnificent mountainous backdrop is a carved throne covered in the finest pure white silk. A huge male effigy appears to be asleep on the seat, an extravagant gold crown perched regally atop his head. The backdrop begins to vibrate and shake, and one of the effigy's eyes blinks open just as the stage disappears into the case.
Lorminstra A dark-haired female sculpture, clad in a robe of white-on-black jacquard, ascends the stage. Her smooth robes drip over the edge, the garment trailing towards the tall ebon gate backdrop. Held in her extended hand, a metal ring full of gold keys begins to jangle, causing the platform to lower slowly into the case.
Marlu Hunched over a corpse replica is a grotesquely carved sculpture with glistening black skin and leathery wings, its barbed tentacles wrapped tightly around the corpse's body. Dangling from its neck, an onyx, six-tentacled star set inside a silver circle sways back and forth in an almost hypnotizing manner. With one final rotation of the stage, the lid snaps shut.
Oleani As the stage rises, a female statuette with exquisitely painted features stands with hands cupped at her waist. Perched at her side is a plush red heart with a budding flower emerging through the soft material. Two interlocked gold rings and a tiny swaddled infant carving are cradled delicately in her open hands. The stage turns a full rotation and lowers into the case.
Phoen A male sculpture is nestled amidst a circle of youthful-looking figurines, a serene expression painted upon his face. Set into the case lid's interior, a mirror reflects available ambient light and creates a soft glow upon the stage area. A costume of brilliant gold adorns the sculpture's form, and his golden hair, shining beneath the stage's glow, radiates across the platform as it rotates and descends into the box.
Ronan Tucked beneath a wool blanket, a carved onyx body lies asleep on a simple cot with a gaunt male sculpture dressed in black at the bedside. A silver-edged black steel sword hangs from his thick belt, and a mysterious smile has been expertly painted upon his lips. Hanging from the lid, clouds of raw cotton begin to sway back and forth, disappearing once the lid snaps shut.
Zelia A thick mist swirls along the platform, slowly dissipating to reveal an elaborate chariot pulled by grey stallion figures. A female statue with wild green eyes and wind-tossed silver hair stands before the carriage, one hand on the reins, and the other on her silver breastplate. The moons on the chest begin to flicker sporadically as the stage descends, and the lid snaps shut.

Tier 3 Notes

The very rare Tier 3 unlock is a raffle quality unlock for an Arkati Box and comes with a pretty amazing mechanical ability, a 2 hour stat increase of +1 to all stats. From the Analyze:

The case is currently at Tier 3 and has the following verbs available:
PRAY, PUSH, POKE, TOUCH, TURN, RUB, CLEAN, GAZE, OPEN, CLOSE, LOOK and PUT. The case is a RAFFLE VERSION. Using PRAY will permanently attune the case to you. Beneficial response to prayers will only happen if you are attuned to the same deity that you place inside the case.

To accomplish the boost:

  1. Find the Arkati statue, statuette, or figure that you are converted to. (symbols do not work) Check the gemshop consignment tables often!
  2. PRAY to align the box to you. This attunes the box to you and to your chosen the Arkati. It does not appear that it can be used by anyone else after you have done this, per the messaging:
    > pray case
    Using the ironwood case in this manner will cause it to become attuned to you. No others will be able to benefit from the case in the same way. IF YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU WANT TO DO THIS, TYPE THE COMMAND AGAIN within 15 seconds. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.
  3. Put the Arkati statue into the box. (The statue will be destroyed each time you use it in this manner.)
  4. Close the Box
  5. PRAY (box noun) to start the boost.

There is a cooldown to using the box for the stats increase.

Note: This doesn't work at a table - there's a special pray message that hijacks all other pray uses at a table, evidently!