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Level 87
Family N'ecare family creatures
Body Type Biped
Classification(s) Corporeal undead
Area(s) Found The Rift
HP 300
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Falchion 386 AS
Mace 386 AS
Combat Maneuvers
Defense Attributes
? ASG (see other info)
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 230 - 330
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 308
Cleric Base 326
Empath Base 320
Paladin Base 277
Ranger Base
Sorcerer Base 342
Wizard Base
Minor Elemental
Major Elemental
Minor Spiritual 320 - 359
Major Spiritual 320
Minor Mental
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin None
Other Inky necrotic core
Radiant crimson mote of essence
Shadows suddenly converge, revealing the skulking form of a creature with horribly elongated extremities and twisted anatomy.  The n'ecare's movements are as fleet as a hare, rendering him difficult to see clearly, and his spidery fingers skitter constantly, as if the n'ecare was using them to taste the air around him.  From the dark pools of gloom beneath his cracked brows, the n'ecare's eyes glitter in fanatical mirth, made all the more terrible by the rotting maw of his grin.

Hunting strategies

On Plane 3 the n'ecare are mostly a threat for knocking you down with RT, followed by their AS boost or Vvrael warlock guiding force such as when casting Balefire (713). The aivren swatting maneuver can also force your stance down to neutral or even offensive with an RT lock, which all together can quickly become deadly. It is best to not hunt them with multiple creatures left standing for this reason. The aivren are flying monsters.

The most dangerous thing on the third plane is generally enormous rift crawlers following people back from Plane 4. The Vvrael warlocks are able to cast the itchy curse which is a disarm hazard. The warlocks can also dispel buffs, which can time badly with the AS spikes.

Other information

  • N'ecare can increase their attack strength by +105 (an "ice blue light").
A n'ecare swings a heavy flanged mace at you!
  AS: +366 vs DS: +476 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +99 = +18
   A clean miss.

A n'ecare glows with an ice blue light!
A n'ecare swings a heavy flanged mace at you!
  AS: +471 vs DS: +476 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +89 = +113
   ... and hits for 8 points of damage!
   Blow glances off your shoulder.
  • N'ecare can tackle. The RT is dangerous on Plane 5, vaespilon cast implosion.
  • N'ecare are extraplanar beings.
  • N'ecare on Plane 5 can hurl weapons.
  • You can be randomly rifted to the corresponding room on Plane 2. Creatures will occasionally end up on the "wrong" plane this way.
  • They wear either "some deep black reinforced leather" or "rusted chain mail", with +13 and -6 CvA respectively.
  • Your DS will fluctuate within an approximately 100 point range depending on environmental conditions.
  • There is a chance of disease being inflicted when they hit.

Behind the Scenes

"Necare" is the present infinitive of the Latin "neco" which means to kill. Caedera similarly derives from Latin (common for Vvrael quest related creatures) for killing or felling. In more figurative terms the n'ecare can kill indirectly by inflicting diseases, and thwart by their knockdowns.

You see a fairly typical n'ecare.
He has some minor cuts and bruises on his back.
He has a tattered black cloak (worn), a wickedly curved falchion, some rusted chain mail (worn), a spiked leather collar (worn), a studded leather scabbard (worn), a splintered wooden buckler, some rotting black leather gloves (worn) and some knee-high black boots (worn).


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