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Railien ta'Illoshien Blightstruck was a Half-elf ranger, husband of Jaynah Blightstruck, and citizen of River's Rest.

Railien Blightstruck was born in the Barony of Highmount in the 47th century, the son of a Nalfein elf and an unwilling human mother. For many decades, Railien lived and associated with his mother's family, the Illoshien, before finally being driven away from his home as a social outcast. From that point, Railien dwelled in the woods and undertook the learning of knowledge that made a ranger.

At the outbreak of the Second Elven War, Railien signed up to follow Emperor Rallick Anodheles to war against the Nalfein elves. Railien was present and survived the defeat of the Imperial forces at the Battle of the Susserlin River. In the general retreat that followed, wounded, Railien managed to make it to Barrett's Gorge, where he met a follower of the Order of Voln.

Nursed back to health, Railien learned of the ways of Voln and joined the order. For the next several centuries, Railien fought for the Order, particularly in the campaigns against the Horned Cabal in the southern part of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Eventually, he was sent north to the outpost of Wehnimer's Landing, where he met Jaynah Ranhu. A courtship began, which lead to the town of River's Rest, where Railien quickly fell in love with the small community, as well as the Winterberry Ale.

In the course of his life in River's Rest, he proposed and married Jaynah, fought off numerous threats to the town, and joined the local CHE, Beacon Hall Archive. In the aftermath following the Krolvin Occupation, Railien pursued Sankir the Bloodfist in order to retrieve the stolen Staff of River's Rest. In the process, he joined the Fortuneers, who helped him achieve the goal of returning the town staff, which he later donated to the local museum.

Railien also became wrapped up in the Griffin Sword Wars in Solhaven, and aligned himself with The Resistance. During the wars, Railien took controversial actions and opinions against the Dark Alliance, including the sacking of a shrine to Mularos. These actions lead to his death on numerous occasions.

Other Notes

Despite being a half-elf, Railien always portrayed himself first and foremost as a human, to the surprise and confusion of some. As noticed in his appearance, he went so far as to cut the curved parts of his ears in an attempt to blend into the human population better. As a ranger, Railien also had the friendship of a bobcat, whom he good naturedly referred to as Furball.

Railien's Appearance

You see Railien Blightstruck the Fortuneer.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Highmount.
He appears to be in the prime of life and taller than average. He has warm yet weary appearing, piercing blue-grey eyes and tanned skin. He has very short, tousled light brown hair marked by a prominent cowlick that falls over his forehead. He has a clean-shaven face and mildly-scarred, rounded ears. He has two thin scars that cross over each other on his left cheek.
He has a long chain-shaped scar on his neck, a one-eared rabbit tattoo on his ankle, and a tattooed symbol of Voln on his wrist.
He has old battle scars on his left hand, and old battle scars on his left leg.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a Voln campaign pack, a slender blue feather quill tucked behind one ear, a broken dagger talisman, a ten-pointed Fortuneer badge, an antiquated forester's cloak, an antique military harness, an ivory Beacon Hall Archive pin, an elegant leather flute case, a brown leather hat, a small white shield amulet, some imperial campaign brigandine, a cracked leather bracer, some fingerless skinning gloves, a white vultite wedding band, a cracked brown leather map case fastened with a stork-shaped silver clasp, an embroidered dark red sash, a patched foraging bag, a worn low-slung haversack, some soft green leather pants, an old campaign thigh-sheath, and some polished campaign boots.