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Zhindel's Post was a settlement built by the Krenlumtrek Clan of Dwarves.

Zhindel's Post, located near to Whistler's Pass, was established by the "logging dwarves" of the Krenlumtrek Clan. It was often on the trail of those passing back and forth from the eastern and western sides of the continent. There were a few staple shops there, including a furrier and a gem shop.

A tunnel between Zhindel's Post and the city of Zul Logoth, with transportation provided by toll mine carts, provided access between Zul Logoth and the Elven Nations to the east.

Travel guide tidbit

The guide says, "Ah, and here we come up to Zhindel's Post. It's sometimes called "The Gateway to the DragonSpine," and is a lumberjacking center run by the Krenlumtrek dwarves. They're in a very strategic position, as they can trade with both other dwarves to the north and west, as well as the elves to the east. There are a few staple shops here, including a furrier and a gem shop. If you ever come back this way and have forgotten to bring coins for the mine ride, you can probably sell some spare stuff here to get silver. The cost of the trip into Zul Logoth costs 1000 silvers for most folks, though citizens of Zul Logoth get a discount."

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