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Picture Thyril.jpg
Level 2
Family thyril family creatures
Body Type Biped
Undead No
Areas Found Icemule Environs
Rambling Meadows
BCS <Not Known>
HP 51
Armor [?]
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Closed fist +42 AS
Scimitar +52 AS
Defense Attributes
Melee +11 to +16 DS
Ranged +1 DS
Bolt +1 DS
Unarmed +44 UDF
Bard Base +6 TD
Ranger Base +6 TD
Sorcerer Base <N/A> TD
Wizard Base <N/A> TD
Cleric Base <N/A> TD
Empath Base +6 TD
Paladin Base +6 TD
Major Elemental <N/A> TD
Minor Elemental +6 TD
Major Spiritual +6 TD
Minor Spiritual +6 TD
Major Mental <N/A> TD
Minor Mental +6 TD
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin No
Other Alchemy (common)

This soldier of the small mammal legions resembles an overgrown mole, except that it stands upright. Intelligence is apparent in its bulbous, yellow eyes, and its clawed feet give it exceptional agility in moist areas. The skin of the thyril is a muddy, mottled mass of light brown and dark brown hair, allowing it to blend in well with the decayed vegetation and soil in underground lairs and other dank locales.

Hunting strategies

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Other information

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