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Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of the Sunfist
Message #: 29
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 2/26/2008 8:30:26 PM
Subject: New Society Released!

A new society has been released: The Guardians of Sunfist!

The society's main mission is to destroy the Grimswarm and their monstrous mountain allies. The society's headquarters are in Zul Logoth, in the Marcasite Tunnel. All prospective candidates for admission must first be invited to join the order (by either a recruiter or an outpost superintendent) and then meet with the society's Grandmaster in Zul Logoth.

Once joined, you may then perform tasks for the society to gain advancement credit towards your next rank. You can also earn advancement credit by destroying warcamps or by killing enemy creatures. In addition to the headquarters in Zul Logoth, training outposts also exist in:

Wehnimer's Landing (Lower Dragonsclaw)
Icemule Trace (due south from outside the East Gate)
Solhaven (the Outlands)
River's Rest (Grassland Path)
Ta'Illistim (Sylvarraend, Foehn Var)
Ta'Vaalor (Fearling Pass)
Teras Isle (Basalt Flats)

The powers offered by the new society are powered by a mix of mana and stamina, though the exact nature of each will be left to be discovered by the first new members. All questions, bug reports, and other comments related to the new society or the warcamp system should be posted in the Organizations and Societies, Guardians of Sunfist section of the forums.


Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of the Sunfist
Message #: 30
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 2/26/2008 8:31:00 PM
Subject: Warcamp System Released!

As a part of the new society, the warcamp system has also been released. Warcamps are mobile hunting grounds that are normally hidden away from prying eyes. One of the new society's powers reveals and allows access to these special hunting grounds.

Creatures spawned in these special areas adjust their level and abilities to the character (or characters) who spawn them. If these warcamps are left alone, they will gradually build in population until they start spilling out into nearby hunting and travel areas. On the other hand, if enough of their population is killed in battle, the warcamp may be destroyed via the new RAZE command.

The PROFILE verb keeps track of the number of warcamps you have been given credit for destroying. In order to receive credit for a warcamp destruction, you must be physically present in the warcamp when it is razed and have killed at least five experience-granting creatures.

Extreme caution should be used when entering one of these warcamps, as their total creature populations can range in to the hundreds, if not kept in check!


Warcamp and Guardians of Sunfist Updates

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of the Sunfist
Message #: 1306
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 3/28/2008 12:57:04 AM
Subject: Warcamp/Society Updates

The following updates have been made to warcamp/society systems:

  • The ability to leave a warcamp simply by logging off and then back on immediately has been curtailed. Players who die all alone in a warcamp will be ejected by the Grimswarm via an alternate method.
  • Generation rates inside the warcamps have been slightly lower. They will continue to be monitored and adjusted, as necessary.
  • The regeneration rate of destroyed warcamps has been significantly lowered, particularly in Platinum.
  • Grimswarm population growth rates and maximum population sizes have been halved (Platinum only). Any warcamps currently above the new maximum population will remain at their current levels until they are culled down to the new maximum level.
  • The perception level of the Grimswarm guards has been lowered.
  • The frequency with which the Grimswarm cast Major Ewave has been lowered. In addition, only elementally aligned Grimswarm will be able to cast Major Ewave.
  • The overall abilities of the Grimswarm creatures have been readjusted somewhat, with the non-casting Grimswarm creatures in particular gaining a new ability and damage/stun resistance.
  • The use of mass effect spells in a warcamp now carries the chance of causing a bad magical interaction with the mystical shrouds that surround and permeate each Grimswarm warcamp. The chance of a bad interaction occuring is particularly high near the entrance of a warcamp, with the chance diminishing further into the warcamp. Repeated use of mass effect spells within a short time frame increases the chance of a bad interaction occurring. Particularly powerful mass effect spells (such as Mass Ewave, Nature's Fury, Song of Disruption, Implosion, and such) are particularly susceptible to causing bad interactions.

As noted above, generation rates have been adjusted to partially compensate for the new risk to mass spell usage, and will be closely monitored and further adjusted if need be.

  • The RT cost for using the Sigil of Location has been reduced from 8 seconds to 3 seconds. The sigil will now also note whether or not a warcamp is in the general vicinity.
  • The chalkboard of reported warcamp locations will now also display the room name that the warcamp has been spotted in.
  • A number of other bugs with warcamp/new society have been fixed, including the ability to use Ewave to locate warcamps, the ability to cause warcamp population reduction by simply leaving and coming back repeatedly, extremely high/low rescued NPC levels, the mix-up between heads and other items in the item retrieval tasks, and other minor issues.


Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of the Sunfist
Message #: 1556
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 3/29/2008 3:58:38 PM
Subject: Warcamp Update

The following changes have been made to the warcamp system:

  • The Spell Penetration maneuver has been temporarily disabled until it can be adjusted to be less deadly.
  • Warcamp creature generation rates have been lessened.
  • Ball spells have been removed from the mass effect spell limiter, as have the focused versions of Disruption, Implosion, and Maelstorm.
  • Spells cast by Grimswarm creatures no longer count towards the mass effect spell limiter.
  • Minor mass effect spells (such as Breeze, Call Wind, Mana Focus, Tremors, Quake, etc.) have had their contribution to the mass effect spell limit significantly lessened. Casting any mass effect spells whatsoever in the first two rooms of a warcamp remains a bad idea, however.

We will continue to monitor the warcamp system and make changes, as necessary.


Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 2007
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 4/10/2008 5:22:30 PM
Subject: Warcamp Updates

The following updates have been made to the warcamp system:

  • The mass effect spell limiter has been adjusted to provide more warning to players before a backlash effect is triggered. In order to trigger a backlash effect, a player must first cast a mass spell that causes the shroud to become unstable (if the shroud becomes unstable, it will now be messaged to the affected rooms). An unstable shroud does not backlash immediately. However, if mass effect spells continue to be cast in a room with an unstable shroud, there is a growing chance that backlash will occur. If no mass spells are cast in an unstable room for at least 30 seconds, the shroud will regain its stability (with messaging to the room).
  • The previously announced maximum population size of 250 and the lower warcamp population growth rates should now be working correctly in Platinum. Existing warcamps should reset to the new maximum automatically within the next hour or so.
  • The rate at which destroyed warcamps respawn has been slowed to around 24 hours per camp in Prime, and to around a week in Platinum.


Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 3276
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 8/1/2008 3:46:01 PM
Subject: Warcamp and Guardians of Sunfist Updates

The following updates have been made to the warcamp system:

  • The treasure mechanics of the warcamp system have been significantly revamped. Previously, the communal loot chest (in the supply huts) produced treasure more or less randomly. It has been changed to produce treasure scaled to the level and number of warcamp creatures killed in that warcamp by the person searching through it. Keys to this chest are now always randomly generated by the treasure system when looting the bodies of warcamp creatures.
  • The rate of warcamp creature population increase has been significantly slowed.
  • The rank 15 Guardians of Sunfist requirement to raze 15 warcamps has been reduced to 5 required razings.
  • The Guardians of Sunfist taskmasters will now handle experience awards in a fashion identical to Adventurer Guild taskmasters.
  • A ranked list of Guardians of Sunfist masters with the most prestige points is now on display in each society outpost.


Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerer Spells
Message #: 2397
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 11/3/2013 3:46:01 PM
Subject: Re: Evil Eye gets a Facelift

Yes, the mass version of Evil Eye was recently updated to disrupt the Grimswarm shroud, like all mass attack spells. It was an oversight from the original implementation.

GameMaster Estild

Treasure in the Supply Hut

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 3765
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 8/25/2008 12:45:39 AM
Subject: Re: Treasure in the supply hut

The Grimswarm creatures are not part of the main treasure system and their treasure is not affected by hunting pressure. The treasure variance you are experiencing is pretty much entirely a function of luck.


Warcamp Questions

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 5251
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 5/2/2009 1:44:02 PM
Subject: Re: A Load of Questions

>Is there a hard cap on the number of camps that can be in the game?

There are a finite number already existing, but that number could be increased, if need be.

>If so, numbers for Prime and Platinum?

I'm not logged in a the moment to go check the exact number, but its somewhere in the 60-80 range.

>If so, does LOCATION and/or REALM play a role where the camp will form, or is it random?

Warcamps have a home realm, but can wander into adjacent realms.

>How does warcamp treasure effect pressure? Is it on its own pressure system? Is it heavily based on race type and realm? Does a level 20 character effect pressure on someone level 100 in different warcamps?

Warcamps are on its own treasure system and don't affect the normal treasure system's hunting pressure.


Levels & Treasure

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 5728
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 9/3/2009 11:07:14 PM
Subject: Re: Warchief/Shaman and Loot

>Why is it that Warchiefs and Shamans are routinely level 110 and they never drop any trinkets or anything of value?

>That's 6 levels of uphunting for the supposed Treasure boost.

>Is their loot turned off? Why? If not, then something is clearly bugged.

Grimswarm treasure works on a completely different system (communal loot) than the normal treasure system.


Sigil Updates

Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 2035
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 4/11/2008 4:25:17 PM
Subject: Sigils Updates

The following Guardians of Sunfist sigils have been updated:

  • The Sigils of Focus/Minor Protection/Major Protection have been adjusted to allow multiple activations to stack the duration up to a maximum of 3 minutes (previously, multiple activations only refreshed the duration to 60 seconds).
  • When used within a warcamp, the Sigil of Escape's emergency mode has been adjusted to always attempt to teleport the player to the area outside of the warcamp instead of to a random room inside the warcamp.


Category: Organizations and Societies
Topic: The Guardians of Sunfist
Message #: 6038
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 3/30/2010 2:54:50 PM
Subject: Re: Sigil of Escape Question

>you will be able to call upon the power of this sigil even when stunned, webbed, bound, or suffering from roundtime.

>The real question is. Can you use Sigil of Escape if your muscles have popped?

Popped muscles are not included in the above list, no.