Sigil of Minor Protection

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Guardians of Sunfist - edit
History of the Guardians of Sunfist
Guardians of Sunfist release
Superintendents' Histories
Tasks Hated Enemies
1. Recognition 2. Location
3. Contact 4. Resolve
5. Minor Bane 6. Bandages
7. Defense 8. Offense
9. Distraction 10. Minor Protection
11. Focus 12. Intimidation
13. Mending 14. Concentration
15. Major Bane 16. Determination
17. Health 18. Power
19. Major Protection 20. Escape

The Sigil of Minor Protection is the tenth sigil learned by Guardians of Sunfist members. This sigil will increase the user's defensive strength and grant temporary heavy damage padding for sixty seconds.


"Sigil of Minor Protection, memorize it well. Previously, you were taught how to attune yourself to your foes' weaknesses and exploit them. Now I shall teach you how to attune yourself to your own weaknesses and prevent them from being exploited. While under the influence of this sigil, you will be both harder to hit and harder to injure, gaining protection equivalent to wearing heavily damage padded armor. The cost to you is 10 points of stamina and 5 points of mana. Go now, and make good use of what I have taught you."

Detailed Benefits

  • Temporary heavy damage padding from all foes (not just hated ones).
  • +5 DS
  • 60 second duration
  • Stackable/Refreshable to 3 minutes.

Mana/Stamina Costs

Note about the task

The promotion to this rank requires travelling to the Guardians of Sunfist base in Zul Logoth, and completing a rather difficult task at that location. Expect to spend a significant amount of time and/or silver obtaining what you need to accomplish the task. Knowing the capabilities of various types of Grimswarm creatures may also be helpful.

Note: Thanks goes to Belnia for all the information provided by her research.