Wehnimer's Landing Clerics' Shop

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Wehnimer's Landing Clerics' Shop is the cleric shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on Cheridin Avenue, just west of the Temple.

[Clerics' Shop, Salesroom]
The atmosphere in this shop is one of quiet contemplation. The walls are covered with somber murals depicting the gods and heroes of Elanthia in their ongoing struggles against the forces of the Undead. Racks along the walls hold gleaming weapons that seem almost to glow with an inner light of their own. The shop's proprietor, Brother Wuldreth, attends to business with serene determination. You also see a high counter with some stuff on it.


   1. a ritual dagger                 12. a golden Phoen circlet
   2. a holy kukri                    13. a golden Oleani pendant
   3. a commoner's staff              14. some silvery Kai bracers
   4. a monk's truncheon              15. a mein Eonak mask
   5. a high scimitar                 16. a candle votive
   6. a holy sapara                   17. a sash
   7. a white blade                   18. a ring
   8. a pure mace                     19. a medallion
   9. a holy morning star             20. a robe
  10. a holy Lumnis tiara             21. a white ora sapara
  11. a diamond Lorminstra necklace  

  Backroom Catalog
  22. a white ora mace                26. a pure potion
  23. a white ora blade               27. some white ora-studded boots (2x UCS Gear (sanctified and pocketed))
  24. a white ora dagger              28. some white ora-studded gauntlets (2x UCS Gear (sanctified and pocketed))
  25. an ebony Lorminstra staff

Colors available for some items:

  1. white                  8. cyan                 15. lavender
  2. grey                   9. green                16. golden
  3. black                 10. yellow               17. silvery
  4. dark                  11. brown                18. chrome
  5. red                   12. tan                  19. brass
  6. blue                  13. orange               20. crimson
  7. azure                 14. purple              

Other customization available for some items: (these are created by using MATERIAL as the customization command)

  1. Koar                   8. Imaera               15. Voaris
  2. Lumnis                 9. Charl                16. Tilamaire
  3. Ronan                 10. Jastev               17. Kuon
  4. Lorminstra            11. Cholen               18. Niima
  5. Phoen                 12. Tonis                19. Voln
  6. Oleani                13. Eonak                20. Jaston
  7. Kai                   14. Leya