List of creatures that can cause item loss

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Many creatures in the game have mechanics that can cause loss of player-wielded weapons or shields and also items in inventory. This is a list of all such creatures and how they can cause such item loss.

In the event of an item being disarmed via some of these abilities, the Loresong on an item will only show the name of the owner if the item was registered prior to being dropped. Also, an item that is dropped due to creature mechanics should be subject to the use of the RECOVER verb or the recover system with the Adventurer's Guild.

Threat descriptions

  • Disarm: The Disarm Weapon maneuver, which knocks a player's weapon out of their hands.
  • Brace (1214), which includes a disarm ability.
  • Itchy curse: The "itch" variant of the Curse (715) spell, which forces a player to empty their hands and scratch themselves.
  • Weapon fire: The Weapon Fire (915) spell, which causes a player's weapon to flare and damage them. While this does not force the weapon to drop on its own, it tempts the player to do so in order to avoid death.
  • Lunge/grapple: A creature maneuver in which the creature lunges at and grapples with a player's hand, potentially injuring the hand and causing whatever item the hand is holding to drop.
  • Corpse loot: Ithzir-family creatures can loot items off your dead body. This includes worn items, held items, and containered items. However, they will not take double-bagged items (items in containers inside other containers).
  • Hisskra scales: The Hisskra family of creatures are covered in hard scales which can cause melee weapons to vibrate out of an attacker's hands upon impact.
  • Outright theft: The Gremlin and Gremlock family creatures will steal silvers, gems, magical items, herbs, and lockpicks off your worn inventory as well as from in open and closed containers, whether dead or alive. Remove and double-bag items of value to prevent thievery.

Levels 1-20

Levels 21-30

Levels 31-40

Levels 41-50

Levels 51-60

Levels 61-70

Levels 71-80

Levels 81-90

Levels 91-100

Levels 101+

Sortable Chart

Range Actual Creature Threat(s)
001-020 5 Nasty little gremlin Outright Theft
001-020 13 Deranged sentry Disarm
021-030 23 Arachne acolyte Disarm
021-030 28 Dobrem Lunge/grapple
021-030 30 Hisskra warrior Hisskra scales
031-040 33 Hisskra shaman Hisskra scales
031-040 33 Moor hound Lunge/grapple
031-040 34 Skeletal soldier Disarm
031-040 34 Hisskra chieftain Hisskra scales
031-040 34 Spectral warrior Disarm
031-040 36 Vesperti Itchy curse
031-040 36 Spectral lord Disarm
031-040 36 Arctic titan Weapon fire
031-040 39 Stone gargoyle Hard skin can shatter non-enchanted weapons
031-040 40 Spectral miner Itchy curse
041-050 41 Skeletal lord Disarm
041-050 42 Shan warrior Disarm
041-050 42 Phantasma Itchy curse
041-050 44 Gaunt spectral servant Itchy curse
041-050 48 Warrior shade Disarm
041-050 48 Waern Lunge/grapple
051-060 54 Tomb troll necromancer Itchy curse
051-060 55 Eidolon Itchy curse
071-080 76 Minotaur warrior Disarm
071-080 78 Dhu goleras Itchy curse
071-080 78 Seraceris Itchy curse
081-090 81 Csetairi Itchy curse
081-090 84 Gremlock Outright theft
081-090 84 Vvrael warlock Itchy curse
081-090 86 Festering taint Itchy curse
081-090 89 Ithzir scout Corpse loot
091-100 91 Ithzir initiate Corpse loot
091-100 92 Ithzir janissary Disarm, corpse loot
091-100 93 Vaespilon Itchy curse
091-100 93 Ithzir herald Corpse loot
091-100 96 Ithzir adept Weapon fire, corpse loot
091-100 97 Ithzir seer Corpse loot
091-100 98 Triton brawler Disarm via Brace
091-100 98 Triton combatant Disarm
091-100 98 Spectral triton defender Disarm
>100 102 Ithzir champion Disarm, Corpse loot