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This category is intended to gather information about permitted fabrics, their properties, and their cultural relevance. Fabrics can be described by their composite materials or by their production method such as braided, crocheted, felted, knitted, stitched, tatted, or woven (plain, satin, twill).

Types of Fabric by Material
Fabric Material Specific Examples of Fabrics
Cotton Canvas
Fur and Feather Fur, Mink, Plumille
Jute Burlap
Leather Buckskin, Doeskin, Iron boar hide, Kidskin
Linen Cambric/Batiste, Chainsil
Ramie Ramie silk, Ramie linen
Silk Aqilorn, Bourde, Brocade, Brocatelle, Charmeuse, Chiffon, Dupioni, Elesine, Flyrsilk, Marbrinus, Organza, Spidersilk, Taffeta, Velvet, Watered
Wool and Hair Broadcloth, Cameline, Paeline
Uncategorized Cordetum

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