Enormous mosquito

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Enormous mosquito
Level 22
Family family creatures
Body Type Insect
Area(s) Found Monsoon Jungle
HP 200
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Dive 216 AS
Special Offensive Abilities
Blood drain Neck attack maneuver
Defense Attributes
Double Leather (natural) ASG 8N
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 140
Ranged ?
Bolt ?
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base ?
Cleric Base ?
Empath Base ?
Paladin Base ?
Ranger Base ?
Sorcerer Base 70
Wizard Base ?
Minor Elemental 72
Major Elemental ?
Minor Spiritual 68
Major Spiritual ?
Minor Mental ?
Other Unique Abilities
Treasure Attributes
Coins No
Gems No
Magic Items No
Boxes No
Skin diaphanous mosquito wing
Other No
Supported in the back by a pair of middle and hind legs, the mosquito lightly rests its weight upon multi-jointed forelegs.  Feather-like antennae twitch back and forth from their perch around its palps, while its long proboscis exudes a needle-sharp quality that is clearly visible from any angle.  Compound eyes, black and seemingly lifeless, take over most of its head.  Shorter than its abdominal segments, its translucent, cross-veined wings are joined to its body at the hip.

Hunting Strategies

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Combat Messaging

Dive attack (uses the Nip natural weapon damage table).
An enormous mosquito suddenly dives at you!
  AS: +216 vs DS: +214 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +80 = +117
   ... and hits for 2 points of damage!
Blood Drain maneuver.
Rising high into the air, the enormous mosquito launches at you and attempts to lodge itself into your neck!
[SMR result: 161 (Open d100: 164)]
Wedging its proboscis into your neck, the enormous mosquito begins to slowly drain your blood.
   ... 5 points of damage!
   Minor strike to the neck.

An enormous mosquito is slowly draining your blood.
   ... 11 points of damage!
An enormous mosquito is slowly draining your blood.
   ... 14 points of damage!

While the mosquito is lodged in the target's neck it will drain a random amount of blood (5 to 20 hps) twice every ten seconds.

Other Information

Emitting a loud, annoying buzz, an enormous mosquito suddenly appears in the air.
Zipping back and forth, the enormous mosquito suddenly buzzes west.
Freezing in mid-air, the enormous mosquito suddenly ceases all movement and plunges lifeless to the ground.

Other Messaging

Wings moving in a rapid, buzzing staccato, the enormous mosquito glides on the air for several seconds.
Buzzing loudly, the enormous mosquito rises high into the air.
Buzzing loudly, the enormous mosquito performs several aerial acrobatics.

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