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The Greetok Clan is one of the southern Dwarven clans.[1] They are known as expert gem-cutters and often work together with the Oltregek Clan gem miners.

The Khanshael

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After the Great Emigration from Kalaza, the Greetok and Oltregek dwarves settled in the southernmost reaches of the Dragonspine Mountains, close to Rhoska-Tor. It was during this time that the Dhe'nar Dark Elves had begun to rebuild their underground city of Sharath in the jungles south of Rhoska'Tor, capturing and enslaving many nearby races for labor. The Greetok clan leader was among the captives. The dwarves eventually impressed the Dhe'nar enough that they were given a measure of freedom. The Khanshael dark dwarves, as they would become known, built two cities of their own deep underneath the foundations of Sharath. Over centuries of exposure to the magical nodes in the area, the Khanshael developed physical traits similar to the dark elves.

The present-day Greetok Clan, based in the city of Greetok, maintains their independence from their dark dwarven cousins.


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