Ralgrenek Clan

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The Ralgrenek Clan is one of wandering clans of the Dwarves. They have an unparalleled knowledge of underground vegetation, and many of them work among other clans as farmers or healers.[1]

After the Great Emigration from Kalaza, the Ralgrenek Clan specialized in Imaera's domain, mastering the study of herbs and vegetation. Many of the Ralgrenek Clan discovered, for the first time amongst dwarves, the healing properties of the vast plant life in Elanthia, both in the lands above and in the caverns beneath the earth. To this day, the Ralgrenek Clan boasts the most skilled of the dwarven empaths. As these skills are somewhat uncommon amongst dwarves, the other clans always welcomed them, and the Ralgrenek Clan never found a need to build cities unto themselves. It was the Ralgrenek Clan who also contributed greatly to spreading the knowledge of the healing properties of the lichens, mosses, toadstools, and other herbal growths deep within the mountains.


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