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The Gulroten Clan are one of the northern Dwarven clans, specializing in the study of atmospheric winds and the uses of veniom.[1] One of the famous clan members was Ghorsa Borthuum, discoverer of Teras Isle.

Atmospheric studies

After the Great Emigration from Kalaza, the Gulroten Clan settled in the far northern peaks of the Dragonspine Mountains, where the winters were unsuitable for mining. During the winter months, they abandoned their mine near Zul Golorot and lived in the small town of Bortrazo's Canyon. There they studied the fierce winds of the northeastern peaks and experimented with the unusual metal they had traded for with the elves. This metal, called veniom, was exceptionally malleable, and in the right hands it could be rolled into a thread and stitched into the leather of armor or mining packs to make the items lighter. Although the elves maintained control of most of the veniom finds in the northeast, occasionally the Gulroten find some of their own. Mostly, however, they traded with the elves of the north for the metal.

Invention of flying balloons

Zherarkal Gulroten became the first "flying dwarf" one winter day. According to tale, he had been working in Bortrazo's Canyon, smoothing out a great flat piece of veniom. This was the method used before rolling it up and selling it to the stitchers, who paid a great amount of silvers for the magic metal. As he picked up this sheet of veniom, a great wind blew from the North, and lifted Zherarkal off the ground and high above the city. He screamed to the dwarves below, who could do nothing but gawk at this dwarf who was easily fifty feet above their heads.

Not to be bested by some piece of metal, Zherarkal tugged and pulled at the sheet, causing him to dip and roll in the air currents. The other dwarves believed this was the intention, and started cheering for the frustrated flying dwarf. A few unintentional maneuvers later, the wind subsided and the weight of the dwarf was too much for the veniom. Zherarkal plummeted to the ground with a ker-plop. As the other dwarves ran over to make sure he was unharmed and to offer him ale, the dwarf sat there, dazed, with a silly grin upon his face. He quickly took to his new nickname of the Soaring Gulroten.

This strange incident became the keynote event for the creation of the great flying balloons, which are now the trademark of the Gulroten dwarves.

Discovery of Teras Isle

For more details on the history of Teras Isle, see Teras Isle, Ghorsa Borthuum, and Kharam Dzu.

Circa 4997, Ghorsa Borthuum of the Gulroten Clan gathered dwarves from many of the western clans and flew over the Great Western Sea in one of the largest air balloons built to date, in search of the lost riches of Kezmon Isle. While they never found Kezmon, they did end up landing on Teras, an uninhabited volcanic island with valuable gem deposits and ample supplies of the magical volcanic glass known as glaes.

The dwarves established the town of Kharam Dzu and formed the Borthuum Clan with Ghorsa as the first clan leader.[2]


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