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Navigational templates are designed and here to aid in navigation between pages on a closely related topic. For example, professions, or all the subpages within a profession. Their general format is:

  • A table with a a colored title bar with a link to the main topic in the header
  • Some number of page categories, with the category in bold on the left, and pages separated by a pipe (|)

This table will be included in each page that it links to, thus giving a convenient way of navigating within the section. Specific table types should have consistent formats, both in color/visual presentation and content.


A standard template with links to all the professions.

Profession - edit
Squares: Rogue | Warrior | Monk
Semis: Bard | Paladin | Ranger
Pures: Cleric | Empath | Sorcerer | Wizard


Profession-specific templates should be modeled after the Wizard template, which is shown here:

Wizard Profession - edit
Spell Circles: Wizard Base Spells | Major Elemental Spells | Minor Elemental Spells
Professional Highlights: Bolt spells | Call Familiar | Enchanting | Charge Item
Popular Archetypes: Pure Mage | War Mage | Charging Mage | Enchanter

It will include accessible spell circles, profession-defining abilities, and training paths. If you feel other things should be added, discuss here.


Race-specific templates should be modeled after the Elf template, which is shown below:

Elf - edit
Great Houses:
Major Settlements:
The Founders:
Famous Elves:

The table will consist of three sections, cultures, cities and towns, and prominent members of that race. The cultures should be a list of cultures that are selectable in the Character Manager and link to pages on those specific cultures. The cities and towns listed will be those founded by or currently ruled by that race. Prominent members of the race should be chosen as those that embody that race's attributes - archetypal members if you will. Each section should be sorted in alphabetical order.