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The Krenlumtrek Clan is one of the Dwarven clans that settled above-ground. They specialize in the lumber trade.[1]

Zhindel's Post, the Gateway to the Dragonspine

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Zhindel's Post, on the east side of the DragonSpine, is the town of dwarven lumberjacks of the Krenlumtrek Clan. Zhindel's Post is often called "The Gateway to the DragonSpine" by the many elves who dare not travel underground. The Krenlumtrek dwarves trade frequently with the mining dwarves to the west, as well with some of the elven travelers passing through the renowned Whistler's Pass. These dwarves also make a living by creating and repairing wooden hafts and hilts, and attaching them to metal weaponry.

A joke among the Krenlumtrek is that only a dwarf could make silvers from the fact that elves had soft hands.


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