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Below is a sortable list of named weapons. A separate list has been created for Bergraham weapons.

Description Type Name Information
(stiletto) dagger Death Strike (DC 2011)
enruned kelyn misericord dagger Death Stroke 3x heavy crit weight with zest, show and sheath. Five exists - each are numbered (random treasure 2011)
serrated golvern dagger dagger Earth 6x blessable with show (DC 2011)
lustrous tri-bladed main gauche with glowing black illthorn briars main gauche Malice 5x with tier 2 briar flares, show, loresong (part of duo) (Ebon Gate 2010)
razern and rainbow glaes knuckle-duster knuckle-duster Runaway Minecart 3x heavy crit weight with show (DC 2011)
suede-gloved crimson vultite troll-claw troll-claw Oakheart 5x with earth flares and show, sheath (DC 2011)
green kelyn fist-scythe fist-scythe Dissolution 5x immolator with show (DC 2011)
ornate twin-bladed katar inlaid with glowing black illthorn briars katar Spite 5x with tier 2 briar flares, show, loresong (part of duo) (Ebon Gate 2010)
glowing blood red spadroon broadsword Conflagration of Trolls 4x fire flares, Bane of Trolls elemental fire
slender golden zelnorn wakizashi short sword Wing Guard 2x/2x with show (Ebon Gate 2011)
bejeweled veil iron braquemar with a fiery crimson gem pommel short sword Heated Sting 5x fire flares, +2 Dex bonus, +2 Agi bonus, sheath (DC 2001)
short golvern agate-pommeled sword short sword Ribtickler 5x steam flares, zest
shining vultite short sword short sword Rhyme 4x with show
shining vultite short sword short sword Reason 4x with show
gold-hilted crimson vultite chereb short sword King Maker 5x fire flares with show (DC 2011)
matte black jagged-edged scimitar scimitar Legbiter 3x heavy crit weight and "sentient" (DC 2011)
lion-hilted golden vultite kaskara longsword King Slayer 5x plasma flares with show (DC 2011)
rhimar-edged mottled vultite sword longsword Dame's Delight 6x ice flares and enhancives, show (Paupers 20th Anniversary)
night black vultite morning star morning star Nightmare 5x with flares and show, sheath (DC 2011)
ancient blue steel skull-crusher ? Kingcrusher 5x (7x vs trolls), show (WL troll invasion 2011)
thick ruby-pommeled eonake broadsword with a grey sharkskin grip broadsword Spleencarver 5x with fire flares, sanctified, 4 lbs, "sentient"
fel-hafted dark kroderine waraxe handaxe Bane of Mages +22 with dispel flares, show (Spitfire 2011)
sharp bile green vultite handaxe handaxe Venom 5x with acid flares and show, sheath (DC 2011)
huge jet black steel waraxe handaxe Deathbringer 5x with acid flares and show (WL troll invasion 2011)
huge crimson steel waraxe handaxe Bloodbath 5x with lightning flares and show (WL troll invasion 2011)
immense rolaren waraxe handaxe Undoer ~ The Bane of Luukos 10x unlocked splitter with incredible crit weighting and undead bane (plasma flares)
flame-etched icy blue falchion falchion Ice and Fire 4x with switchable flares, show
jasper-pommeled eahnor falchion with a braided faenor basket hilt falchion Emboweler +23 with acid flares, "sentient" (DC 2011)
shimmering bright golden khopesh falchion Desolate 5x (7x vs trolls), show (WL troll invasion 2011)
slender vultite warblade falchion Grave's Edge 6x, superior forge, void flares, show, max lighten
silver-edged black rolaren warblade falchion Nightsong 6x with non-CS sleep flares, show (DC 2011)
bone-hilted black ora falchion falchion Burning with the Black Fire of the Soul 6x greater black ora with show
brightly blued rolaren falchion falchion Coldfire 7x plasma flares, max lightened 3lbs, sheath
drakar-edged golvern falchion falchion Flamespirit 7x with fire flares, zests, show, 1x/hour spec.attack (DC 2011)
icy blue falchion falchion Icebound 7x with cold flares, zests, show, 1x/hour spec.attack (pair to Flamespirit via Loresong)
silver hilted eahnor falchion falchion Horizon's Fire +38 with show, 4lbs
serrated black glaes warblade falchion Agony 10x with ice flares and show
thick-bladed vultite espadon bastard sword Sunburst 5x fire flares
? bastard sword Betrayer 7x with tier 3 briar flares (Ebon Gate 2010)
? bastard sword Troll-Slayer 10x blessable with show
elegant hand-and-a-half warsword bastard sword Shadowbane 5x, blessable flares (believed to be lightning & disruption)
pure golvern bastard axe bastard axe Toe-chopper 7x HCW with show. 5 lbs.
holy white ora katana katana Mistress of the Light 2x crit weighted, sanctified, show
narrow-bladed pale blue katana inked with religious sigils katana Mist +27 imflass, zest and show (DC 2011)
four-headed invar flail flail Eclipse +17, 4 lbs, zest and show
gleaming red beheading sword two-handed sword The Cleanser 5x (7x vs orcs), show (WL troll invasion 2011)
well-made mithril-hafted veil iron battle axe battle axe Eonak's Will
pure zorchar wave-bladed sword flamberge Charl's Wrath 6x, greater lightning flaring, show
smooth crimson drakar maul with a thick leather-wrapped haft maul Trollsmasher 5x fire flaring, Trollbane(elemental fire)
a massive black maul forged into a snarling wolf with doomstone eyes maul Draugluin 6x perfect-forged, greater elemental flares(fire)
a crimson-cored angular glaes maul inset with a faceted selanthan bloodjewel maul Battle Fury 3x heavy crit weight, 12 lbs, V'tull's Fury 1x/hour
glaes-studded modwir maul maul Tsunami 5x with ice flares and show, sheath (DC 2011)
ivy-etched green invar claidhmore claidhmore Bloom of Spring +2 with show
foggy grey mithril claidhmore claidhmore Liquid Courage 1x with show (drinking contest prize)
blackened mithril claidhmore claidhmore Lawbreaker 1x with show (Solstice Dreams)
burnished blue mithril claidhmore claidhmore Peacekeeper 1x with show (Solstice Dreams)
golvern-edged black ora claidhmore claidhmore Releaser 2x sanctified with show (Solstice Dreams)
translucent rainbow glaes claidhmore claidhmore Elfsmiter 3x with show (Solstice Dreams)
warlance dangling feathers from the tip lance The Monster Tickler 6x with show
perfect glyph-etched warlance with a riftstone-inset inscribed mithril haft lance Derelict's Pride 4x perfect crafted by Tollyfrock
translucent black glaes claidhmore claidhmore Nemesis Ca. 10 lbs (Ebon Gate 2006 raffle)
a garnet-veined ebon mesille bow bow Volcanic Fury 3x with show
a barbed white ora whip with a cross-like handle whip Holy Scourge 8x/10x with show. Undead bane, masterful crit weighting. Holy plasma flares, ensnare feature

DC 2011=Droughtman's Challenge, "sentient"=limited talking, sheath=custom/scripted sheath
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