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The Mithrenek Clan is one of the Dwarven mountain clans. It is one of the oldest dwarven clans, and is renowned for mithril smithing.[1]

After the Great Emigration from Kalaza, the city of Mithgrek became the home to the remaining members of the Mithrenek Clan. An intricate statue of Rhorkee Hammerfyst Mithgrek, a hero of the war at Maelshyve, crushing the head of a banshee with a solid mithril war hammer marks the entrance to the city.

The Mithrenek Clan still maintain their role as the most talented mithril crafters of the dwarven clans, even after the emigration. Over years of specializing in this metal, they became equally skilled in crafting weapons, armor, jewelry and sculptures, all of mithril. Long after a Mithrenek dwarf is able to handle stronger weapons and armors than mithril, they still wear an item made of mithril, usually a heirloom passed down through the centuries, to show the honor of being a member of one of the first Clans.


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