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The following pertained to a 2012 storyline that led to the monk and UCS release, along with the Order of Voln update.


Posted 11 July by GM Marstreforn

In surprising news, the often speculated tranquility of the Erithi homeland, Atan Irith, has been disturbed by a series of violent conflicts, as reported by elven merchants in communication with their Erithi counterparts. Details are sparse. Unsubstantiated rumors note that the clashes are the result of a rivalry sparked between dais, other rumors state that it is religious in nature, and others report that the conflict is over the very soul of Erithi society.


Posted 12 July by GM Marstreforn

As more information has filtered through the channels of diplomacy and commerce, a better picture of the violence that has disrupted an otherwise peaceful nation has become more clear. Conflict had been brewing between a group of Erithi traditionalists within the Eloth Dai, and a younger group that calls itself the Volnath Dai.

The final ultimate act of violence came as the assassination of the founder of the Volnath Dai, an Erithi pilgrim who traveled from Elanthia to bring the teachings of Voln to Atan Irith just under eighty years ago. Since its inception, the membership of the Volnath Dai has grown significantly, but not without controversy among the conservative members of the Erithi nation. Undoubtedly, the assassination of the pilgrim was an act to bring a halt to the growth and existence of the Volnath Dai.

In other news, related or not, there has been an increase in dock traffic from Atan Irith.

Threat to the Order of Voln!

Posted 13 July by FIREPHOENIX

We were alerted to growls outside of the Gates several ours past nightfall. The Defense was formed there under myself gradually. With all the Krolvin attacks were somewhat surprised by the appearance of spectral shades and rotting ghouls initially, but the attack escalated almost immediately to shadowy apparitions when we saw Balantine fall. Much of our forces were around the North Gate, along the wall and towards the bridge to Voln. Much of the attack centered on this area.

The moans of the undead attempted to unnerve us, but when that wasn't enough a shadowy figure began appearing. He wielded powers we hadn't seen before. He was throwing balls of light forms at us that would open into starry voids. They caused dizziness, spinning, and shifted us temporarily to confuse and disorientate us throughout the area. Afterwards he'd vanish.

As these snipe attacks were occurring the undead continued to escalate. Shadowy steeds and warriors first appeared near the bridge followed by more apparitions, and the more powerful minions masked in inky black shadows. Servants, Masters, and Champions. All of which were powerful beings. The servants were particularly difficult due to their high defense against weaponry. Upon receiving reinforcements from town we were much more prepared for the waves of attacks we were facing.

The dizziness inducting starry void attacks continued and the figure would vanish before we could engage him. They were followed by orbs of course appearing of out of the air next to people and blasting them with a crushing force. They seemed to be projectiles as we couldn't see them before they materialized and sped towards us. We did confirm they were coming from the robed figure.

Droit was eventually able to vine him, but he sunk into the ground and vanished. Kerl was quick to engage him once upon him materializing, but it wasn't effective.

The shadowy figure exclaims, "We shall destroy your Order! The way of Voln will never taint my home again!"

He then proceded to use a jab attack style on Archales none of us had seen before. After this he tried to slip into hiding, but several of us managed to spot him doing so. He was revealed and Dhuul was able to hit him with a platinum energy blast. We thought he was killed, but he growled a death rattle, and his body turned into a pitch black puddle of ink and seeped into the ground.

We were able to get a better look at him then. He was an Erithian. Kerl then remarked of the problems the Voln chapter in the Erithian lands was having and that the founder of the Order there had been assassinated recently.

All of Voln is called to attention. Our Order is being threatened. Heed the call!

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree

I have more specifics and log details at my GSIV blog at: [1]

Elanthian News Network Report: I bout jumped outta my skin, again.

Posted 14 July by LUGUBRIOUS1

Hot off the presses: The Elanthian News Network (ENN) is proud to report:

After a debacle of attempting to attack the Krolvin Krentuk's ship in Darkstone Bay, several intrepid adventurers were recovering spirit, throwing on fresh spells, and all in all trying to forget the horrors of having been scalped, or worse. Reports began flying on the amunet. People came into the Voln Courtyard screaming. Fresh drool rags were provided at no cost to younger adventurers - The Undead (add as many exclamation points as needed and insert extremly ominous background music of choice here) had arrived.

It began with ghouls, mere babies when compared to a vaespilon, but fearsome in their own right. One was even heard uttering "Eek!". With good reason. Portions of that ghoul were scattered from Voln to Icemule Trace and back before you could bat an eye.

Stronger undead arrived. Shadow warriors, and shadow wraiths. Several heros fell. Others helped them to their feet. Corpses began piling up upon the trail to voln. Not all of them were from undead, either. Could this be the end? Would the fearless band of heros fall victim to the shadow wraiths? Would I ever be able to keep these darned breeches from riding up in cracks they should not? Tune um. NO! Well mostly no, hopefully the whole question of the breeches ultimately ends up a 'yes'.

An extremely strong inky black shadow wraith arrived. It deflected magical attacks quite easily, but strangely enough fell easy prey to kicks and punches. Also it had no resistance to Symbol of Holiness. Several hundred hits later, it appeared to be weakening. Several hundred more hits, and it appeared to be on the proverbial ropes. Several hundred more hits (well you get the idea). EVENTUALLY it was dispatched. Personally I am surprised anyone at this point was even capable of lifting their foot high enough to perform a kick, let alone several.

Once everyone had cleaned ectoplasm from boots or hands, the group of heroes headed to the Voln courtyard and were met by the Voln champion, Vordilian.

Vordilian gave an account of various monasteries across Elanthia being attacked. Of particular note were two heinous attacks - upon Farsreach Outpost and Dweyton Monastery - both were entirely destroyed. Since none of the corpses was raised as undead, Sheruvian and Luukosian agents were ruled out as instigating the attacks.

At this time one hero brought word that a shadowy Erithian using strange magical orbs and hand to hand combat had been seen and was possibly known as "Vilthulko".

Further discussion occurred, and eventually it was revealed that an Erithian refugee would be arriving in the Ta'Vaalor Voln monastery tomorrow around sunset. When asked if he was going to make the trek, Vordilian said his duty was to the Landing Voln monastery, and he would remain there. He further went on to state that not all Voln outposts were as well defended as the landing, and that any who felt duty or honor bound to do so were welcome to trek to the monastery near Ta'Vaalor to aid them in welcoming the refugee, Benkueh.

Those arriving will hopefully help Benkeuh reach safety, as he appears to have important information regarding the attacks upon Voln outposts throughout Elanthia and why they are occurring.

Tune in tomorrow for more exciting developments as they are made u... Er as they occur! - ENN


The Lessons of Master Benkueh

Posted 14 July by GM Marstreforn

The Erithi monk, Master Benkueh, a refugee from the destruction of the only monastery dedicated to The Order of Voln in the erithi homeland of Atan Irith, arrived on Fearling Pass this evening. With aid from fellow members of The Order, as well as other helpful adventurers, he was able to make it safely to the monastery near Ta'Vaalor.

The Children of Ink attacked the monastery, assisted by a number of undead servants, using powerful magic and a unique fighting style that was shared only by Master Benkueh at first. The tide of battle seemed to be tipping in favor of The Children of Ink, but Master Benkueh was quick to share his knowledge of this new fighting style and then led a prayer to the Arkati of Liabo. As a result, the adventurers and members of The Order found themselves with new abilities as the Symbols learned on The Path to Enlightenment once again burned into their memories. Master Benkueh retired to the sanctuary of the monastery after the Children of Ink were forced into retreat. Upon visiting with the Grandmaster of the monastery, the knowledge of his training quickly spread to all of Elanthia.


The new Unarmed combat system is now available! Be careful with those jabs, punches, grappless, and kicks! You don't want to hurt your friends by accident! :)

New/updated symbols have been released and can be used by those in The Order of Voln. The SOCIETY verb should now reveal an updated list of Symbols for applicable characters!