Symbol of Holiness

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Order of Voln - edit
Voln, the Great Spirit
The History of the Order of Voln
Favor Undead
Voln armor
1. Recognition 2. Blessing
3. Thought 4. Diminishment
5. Courage 6. Protection
7. Submission 8. Kai's Strike
9. Holiness 10. Recall
11. Sleep 12. Transcendence
13. Mana 14. Sight
15. Retribution 16. Supremacy
17. Restoration 18. Need
19. Renewal 20. Disruption
21. Kai's Smite 22. Turning
23. Preservation 24. Dreams
25. Return 26. Seeking

Step 9

The Symbol of Holiness, governed by Lord Phoen, is obtained at the ninth step of the Order of Voln. This symbol functions as a fire-based attack against an Undead creature. Holiness uses the Standard success resolution system to detemine success or failure.

Note: Its former weapon/armor blessing functionality has been consolidated into the Symbol of Blessing.

Favor Cost

Favor cost is based on the member's level. See Table for specific examples.


Symbol of Holiness <undead target> (can be abbreviated eg. sym hol <target>)

Note: Must be targeted at a single undead.


sym of holiness werebear

A wave of power flows out of you and toward a werebear. Suddenly, the werebear bursts into flames and falls to the ground! The werebear rolls around desperately trying to extinguish the flames.
   ... 50 points of damage!
   Left arm incinerated. Unfortunate.
   The werebear snarls in agony, cradling
   its wounded left foreleg.

   The werebear is stunned!

Obtaining Symbol of Holiness


Talk to the ninth monk on the path to enlightenment for instructions. Upon obtaining the requisite favor and completing the assigned task, the monk will teach the member the Symbol of Holiness.

Favor Required to Obtain Symbol of Holiness

Formula: 800 + (( level2 × 15 ) ÷ 3 )
Ex. level 10 member: 800 + ((10 × 10 × 15) ÷ 3) = 1300 favor
Ex. level 20 member: 800 + ((20 × 20 × 15) ÷ 3) = 2800 favor

Monk's Teaching and Instruction Highlights

  • Phoen demonstrated how to harness the Sun's power and use it to cleanse the undead.

Wehnimer's Landing Task

  • First, purchase a votive from the cleric shop (Lich ID 1244)
  • Second, return to monk's location and light votive with lamp (Lich ID 18204)
  • Third, from the graveyard crypt: Go Arch, E, Type: 'Shadow bind my soul, S, Go Ramp, N, W, W, N, Go Corridor, NE, NE, Go Pile, D, D, E, N, N, Out, N, Go Grating, D, D, N, N, NE, Go Stair.
  • Fourth, while in the iceroom wave votive. (Lich ID 7229)
  • Return to the monk to receive your symbol.

Ta'Vaalor Task

  • First, purchase a votive from the cleric shop (Lich room 10372)
  • Second, return to monk's location and light votive with fire (Lich room 25965)
  • Third, from the Vermillion Gate: Go gate, ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, go path, n, nw, ne, n, n, n, n, n, n, climb steps, wave votive (Lich room 10685)
  • Return to the monk to receive your symbol. (Lich room 25965)
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