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The Ragnak Clan is a recently-formed Dwarven clan specializing in general construction projects. Their main settlement is Kragnek Dzu.[1]


Formed circa 4950, the clan has been under the leadership of Kanzar Ragnak since its beginning. Kanzar's origin has never been revealed outside of dwarven society, but some suspect he might have been a member of the Borthuum Clan. Popular rumor states that Kanzar was expelled from the clan for differing views on the direction the Borthuum Clan was taking in the early settlement of Teras Isle.

Kanzar recruited the best tradesmen from the other clans. Carpenters, masons, metalworkers and other masters of their trades were hired for their excellence in their respective crafts. Many were outcasts like Kanzar.

Kanzar's stubbornness has held the clan together through several construction projects and the other clans have come to respect his ability to get a job done well and on time. This respect has been strong enough for even the Borthuum Clan to hire him for construction projects on Teras Isle. Kanzar has even purchased space in the new Kharam Dzu meeting hall for a headquarters for the clan's future projects.


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