Witchful Thinking - 5119-11-10 - Remaining Raznel Ruminations (log)

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Eoantos 10-11, 5119

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier



With this being a highly player-driven night of speculation, I included just about everything that was said in the log in the summary as long as Thadston even remotely reacted to it. I'm sure that most people only read one or the other out of the summary or log anyway, but if you're someone who normally reads both, I can't honestly suggest it this time--go with either the log for completeness or the summary for clarification on a few of the details that were only implied in the conversation. :D

Bullet Points

  • Thadston comes to the mayor's office to inquire what happened the night before with Raznel at the outpost and to ask Magister Raelee how Thrayzar escaped when he was deemed to be secure. She says Raznel unravelled its seals and released him and recommends not putting Disean in the second coffin since they were designed by Raznel herself. Thadston says he'll ship Disean away, then, having few options. Ysharra raises the possibility that putting him in a coffin could be what the witch wants, but Thadston doesn't see how.
  • Raelee explains that Raznel took Captain Shinann's blood and manipulated the portal to the Bleaklands, but she hasn't been able to figure out to what end yet. However, Raznel indicated it would be ready soon.
  • Thadston says he expects Disean back soon, possibly in the next night or two, and Mayor Lylia notes that she hopes the outpost's personnel are aware of the witch's illusory magic; Thadston says he's instructed Breshon.
  • Since Disean had loved Casiphia or at least something resembling love, she and Thadston have agreed to take things as far as need be to enrage him. He asks if anyone has further reasons why he shouldn't put him in a coffin, but Leafiara instead offers that since he's already under the witch's control, even a minor inconvenience to her is better than nothing.
  • Thadston says he's asked Breshon to scout the wilds for Thrayzar, then asks Lylia, Shinann, and Captain Stormyrain about warning the locals against hunting red orcs. However, Lazaryth says that some would do the opposite just to spite the mayor and Shinann agrees that it could backfire as the townspeople from a few nights earlier didn't seem fond of Lylia nor her (Shinann). Thadston says he'll leave it up to the captains, then, and have Breshon send updates to them in case he has to lock himself in the coffin with Disean.
  • Ysharra and Stormy update Thadston on the blight and the vision of the future, respectively, speaking to them. Thadston says he believes in talking trees a little more than visions, saying that if he killed Stormy right now, her vision of the future wouldn't happen. She says her favor with the Gods would have her alive again, but he says no one has favor with the Gods.
  • Sir Cryheart proposes trapping Brumas with a false notice, but Thadston says it's not the roaming one they need to find--it's the cocoon beneath the ruins of Doggoroth Keep, in the Bleaklands. He also says Grand Magister Octaven has offered to bring more pylons and golems to strike at the Bleaklands.
  • Thadston asks about any theories on the final paragon, and the discussion gets complicated...
    • Leafi says there are too many possibilities, but notes that in Stormy's vision she was told to find the final paragon--possibly implying it's someone she wouldn't otherwise have been looking for, and so ruling out those in the room who Raznel's targeted. Thadston says he doesn't think it can be anyone standing there, as it doesn't seem like paragons just walk around, but she says maybe one of the witch's supporters wouldn't need to be put into delusions like the unwilling paragons. However, he says the process isn't easy nor painless from what Peter explained.
    • Ysharra and Lylia raise the possibility that it's Disean, but Thadston denies it to move on to another theory. Stormy and Lylia say all possibilities have to be considererd. Ysharra acknowledges that Thadston should keep his hope, as it might not be lost.
    • Cryheart asks if it could be the statue, but Thadston says the paragon must have blood.
    • Leafi says Disean seems unlikely because he's out in the open, whereas Raznel should be using the advantage of secrecy since Pylasar's memories won't be able to findd the last one. Ysharra thinks otherwise, saying Raznel will be eager to show off the paragon as she seems to want to humiliate and make everyone suffer. Raelee is more in line with Leafi, saying if she (Raelee) were making paragons she'd select some nearly-invisible commoner who could die with no one noticing.
    • Thadston entertains both possibilities, asking who could make us suffer or, on the other hand, who's gone missing. He asks if she wouldn't want something more compelling since no paragon so far has been a mere commoner.
    • Ysharra notes that Raznel's used people assumed to be dead, often conveniently so.
    • Leafi says the ideal paragon would be someone relatively unknown, capable in battle, and someone the Landing might hesitate to kill, but she expects all three criteria would be tough and it might only be two.
    • Sir Balantine notes Walkar as fitting Leafi's first two criteria (I assume he means Walkar would be unknown in the sense of the world at large) and Ysharra's of someone assumed dead. Thadston seems to consider digging up Walkar's grave to check and asks Stormy if they can.
    • Returning to the previous question, Thadston asks who's missing.
      • Zosopage and Stormy note Rodnay hasn't been heard from in a while, though Leafi questions if Raznel could get to him and overpower him in Melgorehn's Reach.
      • Leafi, Shinann, and Stormy bring up Abygail Walkar, missing since the start of the year.
      • Ysharra and Cryheart note Rysus, who died in an unusual way.
      • Leafi brings up the possibility of Dennet, Cyph, or Reannah Kestrel, all thought to be dead; Zoso says Dennet was crushed, but she says the witch has worked with destroyed bodies before. Ysharra and Lylia add, respectively, that we never found out what Dennet was up to in the Bleaklands and that it might amuse Raznel to use him that way.
      • Shinann says that maybe the paragon is someone Grishom Stone doesn't want around, if he wants Raznel dead. (Implied by his appearances in two of Stormy's visions seeming to offer aid.)
      • Ysharra brings up Stephos DeArchon; Dame Evia brings up Glethad; Avalera brings up Mayor Stennis; Ysharra brings up Praxopius; Leafi brings up Cayde, though she suspects it's an alias or acronym.
      • Thadston says most wouldn't blink to end most of the missing people named, so he wonders if Raznel is prioritizing strength, emotion, or secrecy in the paragon.
      • Stormy brings up Teuriz, but Magister Bekke, who had returned earlier in the evening, says she can attempt to contact him. Thadston doesn't think he's missing, but that he just comes or doesn't when he's asked. Bekke says she'll try to at least seek an answer about his well-being.
      • Leafi brings up the new Rone, who's powerful and missing, but Thadston says they've had a few minor reports.
      • Meureii mentions Falzcrow and Leafi says they'd need to check with River's Rest, where he departed to.
      • Cryheart brings up Stiletto.
    • Thadston says he wouldn't hesitate to cut down Stiletto or anyone else mentioned--though Stormy counters with Disean. Thadston says he'd do it and not to confuse his duty as a father for a weakness in battle, reasoning that if Disean's a paragon then he's dead already.
    • Thadston raises the question of how to determine who's the paragon and if someone once dead can become one; Leafi and Lazaryth say Pylasar would know more, but Ysharra says that if she's making them without him now, we can't even guess at the process. Thadston agrees, saying Pylasar's aid was mainly in the travel aspect, but Lylia says the new paragon might still have something in common with the older ones.
    • Reasoning from the idea that the paragon was made this year and potentially while Raznel was aware that we were hunting her or the paragons, Thadston acknowledges the possibility that she'll either go for someone who's compelling for some not to hurt or, at least, can project something compelling for some not to hurt.
    • Lazaryth and Bekke mention children or orphans. Thadston says he'd rip out Kai's heart if he had to, never mind an orphan, but says maybe the witch is more concerned about others than him. Nonetheless, since children only recently vanished, he doesn't think it's them.
    • The last several possibilities raised are Winston from Alasatia, Breshon and Renpaw from Sir Goldstr, Cryheart from Evia, and Evia from Leafi.
  • Thadston goes to rest and advises everyone prepare for Disean and Harland, then says he'll see about getting further information from Peter since nothing matters if the possibility and identity of the new paragon aren't confirmed. He also says he'll keep everyone posted on the timeline of Octaven's golems and pylons, but he expects to be striking the Bleaklands within weeks.


Thadston asks, "What the hell happened last night?"
Thadston says, "With the witch. In the Outpost."
Cryheart says, "She was entertaining the troops."
Leafiara offhandedly says, "Well, if blowing them up counts as 'entertaining,' anyway."
Speaking quietly to Thadston, Pukk says, "Ysharra started having an affair with a tree, the town tried to invade the undead and Cryheart took his time wandering about."
Ysharra says, "I'm not that sort of treehugger."
Ysharra says, "The tree wasn't talking."
Cryheart says, "Unless they bark at ye."
Leafiara says, "Strategically, I think it should be someone meeting at least two of three criteria: relatively unknown to give the witch secrecy, capable in battle to defend itself better when we go after the paragon, or someone who the Landing might hesitate to kill to buy the witch time."
Thadston asks, "Who would we hesitate to kill that we haven't yet?"
Thadston asks, "Dreaven?"

[3 seconds earlier...]



A Really Raelee Recap

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see an herbal remedy donation bin and some stone benches with some stuff on it.

Also here: Lord Chamorr, Chenni, Elbromo, Lord Farhammer, Lord Daedalux, Event Planner Leafiara, Lord Mjolek who is sitting, Blanvore who is sitting, Alkad who is sitting, Silvendar who is sitting, Alosaka who is sitting, Gochee, Humielie, Trallian, Lady Elaerys who is kneeling, Chaoswynd, Conquerer of Reim Othael, Dayzed, Wental, Sir Cryheart, Aleid, Marshal Meureii, Maags, Carefyre, Grand Lady Roelaren, Sile, Lady Rainedrop, Vratheon, Guarrin, Dylo, Vlur, Senfyre who is kneeling, Lady Shaelethe, Felarion, Becmonchu who is lying down

The sky is filled with a blanket of low clouds, pale and unmoving. Sounds seem muffled and the air feels thick and takes on a quiet stillness.

Thadston: "Eve."

Cryheart: "Good eve Lord Thadston."

Leafiara: "Evenin'!"

Ysharra: "Hello, Marshall."

Cryheart says, "Thadston on the amulet."

Guarrin: "Sorry, please come back later, I was just saying hello to Ysharra."

Ysharra: "I'm very special."

Leafiara: "Just the person Raelee wanted to get a message to."

Goldstr: "Evenin to ye Sir Andrews."

Maags says, "He is a little bit late."

Thadston: "I'll be to the Mayor's office soon and out of this damnable snow."

Maags exclaims, "A day late!"

Lylia: "Excellent. I shall make sure the tea is hot."

Cryheart says, "Headed to mayor's office."

Roelaren says, "And it starts."


[Moot Hall, Mayor Lylia's Office]

From a dais, the maoral desk and an ivory and velvet curule seat loom over two carved wooden chairs. Tapestry rugs cover the hardwood floor, their patterns complementing the arched windows flanking the desk. A stag's head stares at a panoramic fresco mounted opposite it. In a corner near the bar, a scarred witchwood perch rises to the high ceiling, while several feet away, a black iron stove rests against the west wall and is topped with a silver kettle. You also see a spotted great horned owl that is flying around, the Aleid disk, a white-tailed broom hare, a small maoral sideboard with some stuff on it, a maoral bookcase and a varnished modwir door.

Also here: Guarrin, Bernadette, Elbromo, Maags, Event Planner Leafiara, Sir Cryheart, Stormyrain, Chaoswynd, Aleid, Vratheon, Dylo, Vlur, Marshal Meureii, Magister Raelee, Mayor Lylia who is sitting

Speaking amusedly to Cryheart, Leafiara notes, "Apparently not many people join you if there's no Pukk."

Lylia says, "Welcome."

Speaking deeply to Leafiara, Guarrin says, "He's in dire need of a proper herald."

Lord Thadston just limped through a varnished modwir door.

Thadston grumbles.

Cryheart says, "Evening."

Speaking heartily to Thadston, Chamorr says, "Hey there Thad."

Thadston pours himself a glass of amber iced tea.

Speaking to Thadston, Goldstr says, "Sir Andrews."

Melikor says, "Good evening."

Thadston asks, "What the hell happened last night?"

Cryheart says, "Exactly that...Lornon."

Lylia says, "Your son paid a visit. It was not a social call."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "We were killed a few times."

Speaking to Thadston, Leafiara says, "You were there for just about all of it."

Bernadette softly says, "Aye wot happened."

Thadston says, "With the witch. In the Outpost."

Leafiara says, "Ah."

Ysharra says, "She assumed Lylia's likeness to gain entry."

Cryheart says, "She was entertaining the troops."

Speaking quietly to Thadston, Pukk says, "Ysharra started having an affair with a tree, the town tried to invade the undead and Cryheart took his time wandering about."

Cryheart says, "And being her usual annoyance."

Leafiara offhandedly says, "Well, if blowing them up counts as 'entertaining,' anyway."

Cryheart says, "Exactly."

Ysharra says, "I'm not that sort of treehugger."

Cryheart nods to Leafiara.

Thadston asks, "...what happened with the witch inside the outpost?"

Cryheart says, "Chamorr should hae been there to give her a nice warm bearhug."

Lylia says, "That is a question for those who were there."

Speaking plainly to Thadston, Meureii says, "She did what she wanted."

Evia says, "Heck if I know."

Cryheart says, "She allowed Thrayzar to escape."

Speaking quietly to Thadston, Pukk says, "Her evil laugh scared everybody to dead."

Leafiara offers, "The captain and the Magister would best be able to explain that."

Lylia adds, "I shall let them address that."

Thadston asks, "...and how did Thrayzar escape?"

Thadston asks, "When he was deemed SECURE in the OUTPOST?"

Aleid confusedly asks, "Who did what?"

Speaking to Evia, Ysharra says, "Same. That was my takeaway from most of last night."

Thadston peers quizzically at Raelee.

Shinann says, "She completed the curse on him."

Speaking to Evia, Ysharra says, "...I have no idea. None."

Cryheart says, "I do believe she made that happen."

Speaking to Thadston, Meureii repeats, "She did. What she wanted.."

Shinann says, "And now he is out in the wilds."

Shinann says, "Full orc."

Cryheart says, "He ran out like a scared cat."

Shinann says, "Not safe."

Speaking neutrally to Thadston, Raelee asks, "Do you ever ask Lord Breshon these questions, or only myself?"

Speaking to Thadston, Leafiara mentions, "Raelee did ask last night for a message to be relayed that, apparently, Raznel was the original creator of the coffins."

Speaking quietly to Raelee, Pukk says, "You're special..."

Ysharra says, "He looks like one of the orcs that lives in the ruins of the old settlement's manor house."

Thadston asks, "You cherry pick the questions you'll answer but expect full transparency in exchange?"

Thadston peers quizzically at Raelee.

Thadston asks, "Breshon doesn't know squat about magical coffins. Does he?"

Thadston asks, "Do you?"

Evia says, "Mmm cherries."

Thadston asks, "Bekke....?"

Thadston furrows his brow.

Speaking quietly to Thadston, Pukk says, "That sounds about right for anybody."

Thadston asks, "Is that you?"

Thadston says, "Well I'll be."

The voice of Bekke says, "Yes. Yes, it is."

Ysharra says, "Considering what happened last night, I don't blame Magister Svala one bit for being cautious."

Bekke suddenly fades into view.

Thadston says, "You've come back at a horrible time."

Bekke says, "Haven't I though."

Stormyrain says, "Or mayhaps at the very right time."

Chamorr heartily says, "Wow, good to hear ya voice again."

Thadston says, "Walk me through everything...Magister."

Pukk offers Stormyrain a silver sylvankind scalp.

Thadston nods at Raelee.

Evia says, "But that was her cunning plan, come back at horrible time."

Speaking quietly to Stormyrain, Pukk says, "This belongs to you."

Stormyrain glances sharply at Pukk.

Speaking to Thadston, Bekke says, "You look terrible."

Stormyrain declines Pukk's offer.

Thadston nods at Bekke.

Thadston says, "About right."

Speaking simply to Thadston, Raelee states, "She unravelled its seals and released him."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra asks, "How's the wound?"

Thadston says, "I see."

Evia says, "Huh."

Thadston asks, "...and how was she able to do such?"

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee says, "And the message I sought to relay to you was to not place your son in one, for apparently she designed the coffins herself."

Speaking quietly to Thadston, Pukk says, "Magic."

Thadston gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Thadston says, "Then I'll place him in one and ship him away."

Thadston says, "I don't have many options."

Evia says, "Ship him away..golly."

Lylia says, "True enough. But he is already very much in her grasp regardless."

Leafiara muses, "I suppose it can't be any worse than just letting him roam, in any case."

Thadston says, "Unless you have any that don't involve the Hall using Raznel's designs."

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee says, "Whether or not Pylasar had a hand in their design - she neither confirmed nor denied. I asked. She did not answer."

Ysharra says, "She can go anywhere she wants, from what we've seen."

Lylia asks, "Has he ever made decisions on his own? Or has he always been...biddable in this fashion?"

Ysharra says, "If you put him in one you could be doing exactly what she wants."

Zosopage says, "Evening all."

Thadston says, "I don't see how she 'wants' him in a coffin."

Thadston nods at Ysharra.

Zosopage bows respectfully before Thadston, his eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Thadston nods at Zosopage.

Zosopage says, "Icemule is taking a beating but there are a few heavy hitters up there."

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee continues, "And she took a fresh dose of Shinann's blood and manipulated the portal in the Outpost to the Bleaklands."

Thadston asks, "To what end?"

Speaking curtly to Thadston, Raelee says, "And now I have spent the better part of my day staring at and contemplating a doorway to figure out precisely that."

Speaking to Shinann, Ysharra asks, "From you, eh?"

Thadston nods.

Speaking to Thadston, Goldstr says, "Dat be da question."

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee says, "Though she indicated it would be ready soon, whatever 'it' may be."

Speaking to Ysharra, Shinann says, "Yes. She slit my throat and took it without permission."

Evia says, "Folks should have stuck to keeping their own blood in their own bodies."

Speaking to Shinann, Ysharra says, "You, who were the vessel intended for her mother."

Lylia says, "She has made good use of the blood she has drawn. I hope the remaining personnel at the outpost are aware of her illusory magic."

Bekke mildly says, "What a mess."

Disean Impending

Thadston says, "I suspect Disean will be back soon. Even as soon as tomorrow eve. Maybe."

Speaking to Evia, Lylia says, "Yes, I would have liked to do that."

Thadston nods at Lylia.

Lylia says, "The witch violated me."

Lylia explains, "This is why she will die."

Lylia nods at Thadston.

Thadston says, "I've instructed Breshon of the threat."

Speaking to Thadston, Lylia says, "You will forgive me if I say that I wish he had his father's spine."

Thadston says, "I plan to utilize Casiphia once Disean returns."

Lylia says, "I presume she is aware of this."

Shinann says, "His father is a coward." [she took Lylia as referring to Breshon, but she was referring to Disean]

Thadston says, "Disean is soft. The witch can corrupt, but she cannot create what he never had."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Raelee murmurs, "That implies that he had one."

Wolfloner quietly says, "She is the most dangerous of mages. She cares not what needs to be done to achieve what she desires."

Shinann asks, "Did you mean Breshon or Disean?"

Shinann raises an eyebrow in Lylia's direction.

Speaking to Shinann, Lylia says, "Disean. He has, to the best of my knowledge, never made an actual decision. They have all been made for him."

Shinann says, "Ahh."

Lylia says, "And he follows where he is led."

Shinann says, "I thought you were speaking of Breshon."

Bekke whispers something to Thadston.

Shinann asks, "So, how do we find Thrayzar?"

Thadston nods at Bekke.

Lylia says, "So, that is useful information. We must therefore find other ways to lead him."

Speaking to Shinann, Raelee says, "Likewise. The disparagement was for the Caulfield line."

Thadston glances between Bekke and Stormyrain.

Thadston nods at Bekke.

Leafiara speculatively muses, "Whether he's ever made decisions depends why exactly he started resisting Chaston's control, but... in any case semantics."

Speaking to Lylia, Evia says, "Peculiar, that is, a trait often formed in extreme youth."

Cryheart says, "Give something of Thrayzar's and let Winston smell em out."

Goldstr asks, "Disean trusts Cassie much aye?"

Thadston says, "He loved Casi, I suppose."

Thadston says, "Maybe."

Speaking to Goldstr, Stormyrain says, "He loved her, when he was alive."

Thadston says, "As close as he's ever gotten."

Alosaka says, "We do terrible things for those we love."

Leafiara pragmatically agrees, "So worth a shot, then."

Speaking to Lylia, Wolfloner asks, "Any thought on what might be done to find the children that were kidnapped?"

Thadston says, "Rage has made many a puppet vulnerable."

Speaking to Alosaka, Ysharra says, "I've heard that before."

Thadston says, "We'll utilize it."

Thadston says, "It'll get ugly if needed, so be warned."

Thadston says, "But she and I have agreed to take it as far as we must."

Zosopage says, "Handling ugly is our middle names."

Thadston says, "I still intend to coffin him."

Lylia says, "Of course."

Thadston asks, "Does anyone have more reasons why I should not?"

Guarrin deeply says, "I thought Ralee covered that."

Speaking to Zosopage, Evia says, "Except last night when we had our middle names all changed to Squashed."

Speaking to Thadston, Meureii asks, "Other than they don't seem to work?"

Alosaka says, "Only the casual humanitarian reasons."

Leafiara reasons, "Even if Disean being put in a coffin would only be a minor inconvenience to her, at least it's better than nothing."

Cryheart says, "Well..considering it will keep him out of more trouble."

Thadston nods to Leafiara.

Leafiara nods at Thadston.

Speaking to Evia, Zosopage says, "It was ugly but we handled it."

Thadston says, "Already under her control, I see no reason for him in a coffin being some "trap" of Raznel's."

Leafiara points at Thadston.

Speaking to Thadston, Goldstr says, "He be yer son so shoulds be yer choice."

Lylia says, "Just so. He is already hers."

Lylia asks, "Amusing. I wonder if I could pretend to be her, as she has worn my face, and have him do my bidding?"

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee says, "I never thought it a trap. I merely thought it... more vulnerable than we knew." [though I believe Thadston was referring to Ysharra asking if it might be a trap]

Maags says, "Wonder if what is behind that door is like a giant coffin to traps a lot of people at once."

Lylia smiles wryly and says, "I do not know that I could act the part of Raznel acting as Lylia...though I would enjoy the theater of it all."

Ysharra says, "Unless there's something about him that could make it a trap."

Leafiara tilts her head at Maags.

Speaking to Leafiarar, Maags says, "Since she knows how to create them and is -working- on that."

Shinann says, "I believe he sees his mother and not Raznel. I cannot prove this."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "I think that idea has merit."

Goldstr says, "Coulds be."

Speaking to Maags, Leafiara admits, "It's been a while since I've seen one of these coffins used, but isn't there a whole process to sealing people in them? Not a quick thing?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Maags says, "Perhaps. was jus a thought."

Speaking hurriedly to Maags, Leafiara says, "Because if it is a quick thing, it's something worth considering."

Thadston says, "Chaston saw his mother."

Thadston says, "Not surprising if Disean sees his."

Thadston clenches his jaw.

Shinann nods.

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "It seems to be a common theme."

Speaking to Shinann, Ysharra says, "Mothers."

Lylia says, "I would imagine so. Which means...how interesting, then, that she chose to show her face as my face to others."

Lylia dryly remarks, "I am no one's mother."

Thadston says, "So a few things then."

Thadston says, "When Disean returns, in the next night or two, we'll be more prepared."

The Thrayzar Question

Thadston says, "I've asked Breshon to send his best to scout the wilds for the orc....well, what remains of him."

Thadston says, "In the mean time...Mayor...Captains..."

Lylia sighs.

Lylia nods at Thadston.

Thadston asks, "I suppose we should warn the locals?"

Ysharra says, "Perhaps he's in the Ruins."

Thadston asks, "Persuade against hunting red orcs?"

Stormyrain clenches her jaw.

Shinann frowns.

Stormyrain nods firmly.

Ysharra says, "I go there regularly, I rarely to never see another soul."

Leafiara says, "Hopefully his body still remembers his combat instincts, at least."

Lylia says, "I have done so to the best of my abilities. And if any of him remains in that slope-browed head, then he must also know where to avoid."

Lazaryth says, "Mm. If we try to warn people off hunting red orcs.. you know this town. There's many who will do the very opposite."

Lazaryth says, "Just to spite the mayor, even."

Zosopage says, "Survival instincts should kick in if he gets attacked."

Shinann says, "The townspeople do not seem fond of me or the mayor. At least the other night. It could backfire."

Stormyrain says, "And they'll die at Thrayzar's hand, most likely."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Leafiara says, "If he does have some muscle memory..."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Leafiara says, "Exactly."

Thadston says, "Captains, I trust you to handle the situation the best we can then."

Thadston says, "I'll instruct Breshon to send updates directly to you both."

Lylia says, "People do things to spite the mayor? I cannot imagine this is so."

Stormyrain says, "Thank you."

Thadston says, "In case I have to lock myself up in a coffin with Disean myself."

Speaking to Lylia, Shinann says, "And me."

Lylia whispers something to Thadston.

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Our better natures are sometimes a harder quest to achieve than the rest of these puzzles."

Thadston nods at Lylia.

Thadston says, "I'm kidding."

Bekke mildly asks, "Are you, though?"

Thadston shrugs.

Lylia deadpans, "Yes, but you know I have no sense of humor."

Paragon Preparations

Thadston says, "This Eve of the Huntress."

Thadston says, "Peter has prepared for us to hunt the bastard paragon."

Evia says, "Ahh."

Berkana asks, "Another one?"

Thadston says, "We can't lose sight of our mission."

Berkana asks, "Is there no end to them?"

Thadston says, "With the witch's meddling and Disean's attacks."

Evia asks, "How many shall that be?"

Lylia says, "That dwarf is a bit of a bastard himself."

Thadston says, "This is the final one, except the dwarf who remains."

Speaking to Thadston, Berkana says, "Wedding? Oh. Meddling."

Leafiara adds, "And the possible mystery paragon."

Thadston says, "..and now Peter and others suspect another exists."

Ysharra says, "The blight said that it is the Bleak. It is the End."

Shinann says, "That we know of."

Evia says, "Unless."

Thadston asks, "It spoke to you?"

Thadston peers quizzically at Ysharra.

Stormyrain says, "If we don't succeed, my visions tell me the Bleak War will be the end of this world as we know it."

Speaking to Cryheart, Wolfloner asks, "Does that mean he will mount you again?"

Thadston says, "That's comforting."

Ysharra says, "And last night Rachel went to the Bleaklands."

Zosopage says, "I would bet that witch would have one last trick up her sleeve as far as the pargons are concerned."

Thadston nods at Stormyrain.

Cryheart says, "I dinnae think so."

Thadston says, "Lucky for us I don't believe in visions."

Stormyrain smiles at Thadston.

Speaking to Thadston, Stormyrain says, "Of course you don't."

Speaking to Cryheart, Wolfloner says, "I hope not."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "I do. And Stormyrain has the right of it."

Speaking to Thadston, Berkana says, "Usually they're from bad food."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "It told me it's been released. To be death."

Thadston says, "If I killed you right now, no future vision would happen."

Thadston nods at Stormyrain.

Thadston says, "Hence..."

Thadston shrugs.

Zosopage says, "Belief or not it is prudent to expect it all the same."

Speaking to Thadston, Stormyrain says, "If you killed me right now the favor I hold with the Gods would have me standing again in no time at all."

Stormyrain shrugs at Thadston.

Cryheart says, "Perhaps we could put out a false notice on the oak tree, that states a place where the attacking orcs and the orc king will be...therefore laying a trap for Brumas."

Thadston says, "No one has favor with the Gods."

Leafiara offers, "Either way, whether we can trust the vision or not, the goal of ending Raznel and the paragons remains the same."

Stormyrain gazes in amusement at Thadston.

Lylia says, "Visions and signs are curious things. They seem to be more like a haze of probabilities than a distinct, colorful thread to follow, or so say some Igaeshian readers. But that is theoretical; I prefer practicalities."

Thadston says, "There is no trap to spring for Brumas."

Thadston says, "His form is...whatever it is."

'Thadston says, "We need to find his cocoon body trap thing."

Cryheart asks, "So, we just wait for him to show up?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia says, "I suggested we all take on the aspect of orcs and pretend to surrender, but it didn't catch on."

Zosopage says, "He takes some strong hallucinogens too."

Thadston says, "That...is beneath Doggoroth Keep."

Thadston says, "Which is scattered dust and rock in the Bleaklands."

Thadston says, "To that end though, it brings up something else."

Speaking lightly to Thadston, Lylia asks, "Ah, a picnic, then?"

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "The tree down in the Dragonsclaw, the large modwir. The blight within told me these things. Turned a bit of my hair a little...off-color for my overall theme, you see."

Thadston says, "Octaven has offered to bring more pylons and golems. We've got to strike at the Bleaklands eventually."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "That wasn't a vision. That was gardening."

Thadston says, "If nothing else to end Brumas."

Leafiara recalls, "Finally making good on her offer to Crux with those golems."

Thadston says, "I believe in talking trees a little more than visions."

Thadston nods at Ysharra.

Ysharra says, "The tree wasn't talking."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "It took something from you but left something as well. I find that rather surprising, and rather comforting in its way."

Cryheart says, "Unless they bark at ye."

'Ysharra says, "The resident of the tree's corpse was talking."

Evia says, "Cryheart made a funny."

Speaking to Thadston, Lazaryth says, "I saw it myself. The tree responded to her. It.. moved. Grabbed her by the throat."

Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "Awful, Shiny. Just awful."

Cryheart says, "Oh well."

Paragon Theories

Thadston asks, "Have we learned or come up with a theory at all for the last paragon?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Zosopage says, "I think you're barking up the wrong tree."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "I don't...really know, but I don't think it intended to harm me. I think it was just what it needed to do to be heard."

Lylia whispers something to Xorus.

Thadston says, "Not the bastard...not the dwarf..."

Speaking to Thadston, Leafiara says, "Entirely too many."

Thadston says, "Fantastic. A blight that has mother issues."

Thadston nods at Ysharra.

Ysharra says, "We wondered if it might be one of us."

Lylia says, "If it wanted to be heard, then it did want something other than to devour."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Bekke says, "I've chosen a rather inopportune time to make my way back to the Landing, haven't I."

Speaking to Thadston, Shinann says, "It took her hair and entwinted it in its bark."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "I struggled with what to ask it, since it did reach out."

Lylia says, "If 'want' is a term that could even apply here."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Of course we want it gone, to stop starving our people."

Leafiara admits, "If we can trust the captain's vision, I do think it ruled out... quite a number of candidates, at least."

Speaking to Bekke, Stormyrain says, "I think it's serendipitous really."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra asks, "But how would I say that? How can I kill you, Weed? Please explain how you can be destroyed?"

Thadston peers quizzically at Leafiara.

Thadston asks, "What do you mean?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Zosopage says, "I asked Balley last night and she has had no new visions."

Speaking to Thadston, Leafiara explains, "In her vision, she was told to find the paragon... to me, it implies someone she and we wouldn't otherwise be looking for."

Goldstr says, "Maybe dat Paragon be da one da Witch said last eve was almost done."

Leafiara reasons, "...ruling out most everyone in this room, for one thing, like targets of Raznel's attacks and scarabs."

Lazaryth glances at Leafiara.

Lylia says, "Even the simplest creatures flee pain and seek comfort. They do not return to what harms them, nor do they linger where they encounter it frequently."

Shinann says, "Raznel told me my scarab was used to complete Thrayzar's curse."

Speaking wryly to Lazaryth, Leafiara says, "I'm nothing if not pragmatic on this one. I was on my own suspect list, believe me."

Lazaryth noncommittally says, "Mm."

Thadston says, "I don't imagine anyone standing here is a paragon. From what I've heard and seen, you don't just...walk around."

Cryheart says, "Poor Thrayzar."

Evia says, "One would think not."

Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "He looked very frightened."

Leafiara ask, "It depends... if she had a willing supporter, would they need their mind erased and given over to delusions, like the unwilling paragons?"

Evia says, "Mayhaps it's Peter."

Leafiara reasons, "Maybe not." [conclusion to her previous thought, not a response to Evia]

Ysharra asks, "Or Disean. He's mostly dead, isn't he?"

Lylia says, "Disean is one I had considered as a Paragon."

Leafiara distantly says, "But it's all only theory. I don't feel like I've come much closer to pinpointing any specific person."

Thadston says, "From what Peter explained, the process is not easy or painless."

Thadston squints.

Thadston says, "Disean is not a paragon."

Lylia says, "He is ambulatory, but he is clearly not..."

Lylia nods at Thadston.

Thadston says, "Move on to another theory."

Lylia says, "Of course. It was speculation only."

Speaking to Thadston, Stormyrain says, "We all hope he is not but we have to consider all options."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra asks, "You still have hope, don't you?"

Leafiara agrees, "I don't think it's Disean either. It should be someone we don't think of right away--he's out in plain sight and attacking us constantly."

Lylia smoothly says, "There are many other possibilities; we must eliminate each as we come to them."

Thadston glances at Ysharra.

Cryheart asks, "Could a statue be a paragon?"

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "Keep it. It may not be lost."

Thadston says, "No. There must be blood."

Stormyrain looks thoughtfully at Thadston.

Cryheart nods at Thadston.

Leafiara reasons, "With the other paragons, we wouldn't have had any way to find them if not for Pylasar's memories. So Raznel should be using secrecy to her advantage with the last one, if she's clever."

Leafiara says, "Since Pylasar can't bail us out this time."

Thadston glances at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Cryheart, Goldstr says, "Aye er nae we should destroy dat statue. Blight came when it did."

Ysharra says, "We may not understand her, but almost every encounter hints at her desire to humiliate us."

Lylia says, "Raznel is also working at a disadvantage she has not had in quite some time."

Ysharra says, "Whoever it is, she'll be eager to show them off. Make us suffer."

Xorus says, "I would focus on those who have gone missing in the past year."

Thadston glances at Ysharra.

Thadston says, "Who could make us suffer."

Lylia says, "The missing children."

Lylia says, "But that is rather more recent."

Evia asks, "Remind me who is missing?"

Raelee quietly says, "... were I creating paragons, I would select someone seemingly unimportant, nearly invisible. A commoner that no one in this room has even exchanged words with. Someone who could die without your even noticing."

Leafiara recounts, "Given what I saw of what many of you did with Chaston's controlled children, I don't think this bunch would hesitate over a paragon child."

Zosopage says, "Haven't seen Happy in a while."

Lylia says, "I did not know their names, only that I was accused of having taken them."

Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara agrees, "Exactly."

Thadston says, "Disean was hers before Larsya was healed. Larsya was a paragon until she wasn't."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "The capacity for suffering is almost endless."

Speaking to Raelee, Lazaryth asks, "I feel we're missing something, though. Surely there's a reason she chose powerful figures from history. Does she need that power?"

Thadston asks, "So anyone from here, gone missing?"

Thadston peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "Were you creating paragons, we would be in considerably more trouble. You are not as vain or as impulsive as Nai -- Raznel."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Leafiara says, "It was because she remembered the stories of their disappearances and deaths, so she could take them without changing history."

Thadston says, "Or I suppose from anywhere truly."

Evia says, "Oooh, how about that fellow that lost his mind and memory and shacked up in Phoenix for awhile and did odd jobs around town..."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Thrassus says, "Likely strength of will and ability."

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee says, "I am not the person to ask about the status of the citizenry."

Thadston says, "But would she not also want something..."

Thadston says, "Compelling."

Speaking to Thadston, Zosopage says, "I haven't seen Hapenlok in quite some time."

Ysharra says, "She also needed people who were assumed to be dead...."

Leafiara wryly says, "No, too many would be satisfied with offing Hap."

Speaking evenly to Lylia, Raelee says, "Mmm."

Thadston says, "Each paragon has been no mere commoner."

Ysharra says, "And often ones who were rather conveniently dead."

Zosopage says, "I wouldn't want Hap to be a paragon."

Cryheart says, "Well..her process is someone from the past."

Speaking to Cryheart, Lylia says, "Precisely what I meant earlier when I said she is now working at a disadvantage."

Lylia says, "For centuries, she has known something of the future."

Ysharra says, "Now we're hopefully from beyond her knowledge."

Lylia says, "Now, that is as dark to her as it is to most of us. She no longer knows which threads she can snip out of the tapestry of history."

Leafiara says, "Strategically, I think it should be someone meeting at least two of three criteria: relatively unknown to give the witch secrecy, capable in battle to defend itself better when we go after the paragon, or someone who the Landing might hesitate to kill to buy the witch time."

Leafiara admits, "All three would be a tough find."

Lazaryth asks, "She can't go back in time, anymore?"

Alosaka says, "Clearly, no one meets the third criteria."

Lylia says, "She only went back the one time."

Thadston asks, "Who would we hesitate to kill that we haven't yet?"

Zosopage asks, "Anyone hear from Rodnay lately?"

Thadston peers quizzically at Leafiara.

Thadston asks, "Dreaven?"

Balantine says, "Walkar was nae so famous, was very capable in battle, and hae died."

Thadston smirks.

Speaking tentatively to Thadston, Leafiara says, "...Thrayzar."

Thadston glances at Balantine.

Thadston asks, "Walkar?"

Stormyrain can offer Thadston only a blank expression.

Thadston says, "Can we..."

Thadston glances at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain clenches her jaw.

Stormyrain folds her arms over her chest.

Thadston says, "We may have to to be sure."

Ysharra says, "There's Rysus."

Stormyrain firmly says, "He's dead."

Thadston nods at Stormyrain.

Leafiara says, "Abygail Walkar."

Alosaka says, "We could just start killing people at random."

Thadston asks, "There should still be something left of him, yes?"

Shinann says, "She is missing..."

Speaking to Alosaka, Lylia says, "That happens all too often."

Thadston peers quizzically at Stormyrain.

Thadston says, "It is not favored work but..."

Stormyrain twists her head slightly, cracking her neck. She looks relieved.

Speaking to Ysharra, Leafiara says, "Even if he's still alive and under Raznel's control, this very room already ended him once... but he'd fit the other two categories."

(Evia searches under the rugs for potential paragons.)

Stormyrain clenches her jaw.

Thadston asks, "Who is missing?"

Speaking to Alosaka, Ysharra says, "Welcome to the Landing. You'll fit right in."

Zosopage says, "Thurfel but I think he is dead."

Shinann says, "Abygail Walker."

Stormyrain says, "Abygail is missing, this is true. Rodnay, as someone else mentioned, has not been seen in ages."

Lylia says, "There are many people I have not seen in some time. Not all who are missing are lost, however."

Leafiara says, "I don't know if she can get to Rodnay in the Reach. Even if she did, I don't know if she could overpower him."

Lylia says, "I am not 'missing' when I take a day away from this office."

Cryheart says, "The last Rook leader."

Stormyrain asks, "Mother?"

Goldstr mutters rysus.

Cryheart says, "Afore that."

Ysharra says, "Rysus died in a rather unusual manner."

Stormyrain says, "Rysus."

Cryheart says, "Rysus."

Lylia says, "Rysus died a pitiable death. Praxopius did his work well there."

Leafiara mentions, "There's also the possibility that she's taken the body of another we thought dead, like Dennet, Cyph, Reannah..."

Goldstr asks, "An who said dey mus be living now?"

Ysharra says, "I haven't seen Stephos in a few Lornon turns, but not many would hesitate to kill him."

Zosopage says, "Getting tougher up there it seems."

Cryheart says, "Drangell."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "I have daydreams about it at least once a fortnight."

Ysharra says, "Grand Magister Dennet."

Zosopage says, "Dennet was crushed I thought."

Ysharra says, "We never did find out exactly what he was up to in the Bleaklands."

Evia says, "Glethad."

Speaking to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "Impaled and buried in a collapsing cavern."

Speaking wryly to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "But the witch has worked with more destroyed bodies than that."

Evia says, "Oh bother this is not a good process."

Leafiara admits, "...just... not to make a paragon, yet."

Lylia says, "It might amuse her to use Dennet in that way."

Thadston rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Xorus says, "It might be less a matter of making us unwilling to kill, and more about making it painful."

Ysharra says, "In fact."

Bekke says, "Coincidentally."

Shinann says, "If Stone wants her dead... maybe it is someone Stone does not want around. The paragon."

Ysharra says, "It might explain the ease of our dealing with Naimorai that night."

Bekke shows Lylia her smirking human wizard doll.

Speaking suddenly to Shinann, Leafiara asks, "A good thought. Anyone come to mind?"

Speaking to Shinann, Lylia asks, "Who would be uncomfortable for Stone?"

Ysharra says, "Perhaps she and her true father meant it to go that way."

Speaking to Shinann, Meureii says, "The one of Father's Blood holding the Star."

Avalera asks, "What of Mayor Stennis, what became of him?"

Speaking to Meureii, Stormyrain asks, "Quinshon?"

Shinann says, "I do not know."

Stormyrain says, "No wait, he holds the Talon."

Leafiara dubiously says, "I thought Octaven had the Talon."

Speaking to Avalera, Lylia says, "All past mayors are summarily burned to ashes, then interred in salted soil."

Stormyrain says, "Grishom holds the Star."

Raelee nods faintly to Leafiara.

Speaking to Leafiara, Stormyrain asks, "Mayhaps?"

Lylia says, "This is well-known."

Stormyrain says, "I lost track of the Talon moons ago."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Meureii says, "The one that assisted us with defeating the Krolvin last we visited their Isle."

Ysharra says, "Praxopius would make me sad."

Speaking flippantly to Ysharra, Leafiara says, "Not me."

Stormyrain says, "Not me."

Shinann says, "Not me."

Leafiara says, "There's Cayde, though I suspect that's an alias."

Thadston says, "But..."

Lylia sincerely says, "I would hate to face him in such a manner. I admired the man greatly."

Thrassus says, "I recall Praxopius dissolving into nothing, anyway."

Leafiara says, "Maybe even an acronym, depending how Cayde spells his name."

Speaking to Thrassus, Lylia says, "You saw more than most of us did, at his final moments."

Stormyrain says, "Wait."

Stormyrain asks, "What about Teuriz?"

Stormyrain says, "He's been missing for awhile now."

Stormyrain says, "He's definitely powerful."

Thadston says, "A paragon Dennet...Cyph...Drangell..."

Thadston says, "None of us would blink to end them."

Evia asks, "Who of all these would be one people would be reticent to harm?"

Speaking distractedly to Stormyrain, Meureii says, "Falz..."

Thadston says, "So is she going for strength..."

Thadston says, "Emotion..."

Stormyrain says, "Teuriz has been missing since...before Quinshon returned to the landing."

Thadston says, "Secrecy..."

Leafiara offers, "The latest Rone is also powerful, hasn't shown any aims to harm the town yet, and hasn't been seen in months."

Bekke says, "I have not heard from Teuriz in some time, but I can attempt to contact him."

Thadston says, "We've had a few minor reports of a new Rone."

Leafiara says, "Whether she'd play on our emotions depends who's behind that mask, though."

Speaking quietly to Stormyrain, Meureii says, "Falzcrow..."

Thadston says, "Small things."

Speaking to Bekke, Stormyrain says, "He's missing. We had a report on it awhile ago."

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at Thadston.

Bekke asks, "Missing?"

Evia says, "Khylon..."

Thadston asks, "Is Teuriz missing though?"

Thadston says, "I thought he just...comes when is asked...or doesn't."

Speaking to Meureii, Leafiara muses, "We'd have to check with River's Rest since that's where he was headed, if I remember..."

Cryheart says, "Aye, someone we would favor and protect, like a child."

Speaking to Bekke, Stormyrain asks, "If memory serves yes? He was supposed to come back and did not arrive? Though it was a long time ago. I would have to search my notes to know for sure?"

Cryheart asks, "Stiletto?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain exclaims, "Bite your tongue!"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Leafiara says, "He did return, though months delayed.. that was to help us get into the shadow realm to rescue Acorn."

Cryheart says, "It is still possible."

Cryheart nods at Stormyrain.

Thadston nods at Leafiara.

Leafiara grins at Thadston.

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain says, "That would be terrible."

Speaking to Thadston, Bekke says, "I will make an attempt this week. His method of communication is .. difficult, but perhaps he can at least send an answer as to his well being."

Thadston nods at Bekke.

Thadston says, "I would not hesitate to cut down Stiletto."

Speaking in Faendryl, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Thadston says, "Well let's be honest, I would not hesitate to cut any of them down."

Speaking to Thadston, Stormyrain says, "You would not hestitate..."

Speaking in Faendryl to Thadston, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Stormyrain says, "Exactly. Except Disean."

Speaking amusedly to Thadston, Leafiara says, "Yeah, we know."

Cryheart says, "That we can agree upon."

Speaking in Faendryl, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Thadston says, "I would cut down Disean."

Stormyrain shakes her head, totally at a loss.

Thadston says, "Do not confuse my duty as a father and my love for my child as a weakness in battle."

Lylia says, "As it should be."

Speaking in Faendryl, Ysharra says something you don't understand.

Leafiara seriously says, "I do doubt that it's Disean. It seems a crazy strategy to keep tossing the final paragon directly at us for the taking."

Thadston says, "If Disean is a paragon, he is dead already."

Thadston says, "But he is not."

Leafiara simply says, "But we'd do it. Most here, anyway."

Balantine asks, "Ulstram? Didn't he walk into the Tehir desert and we assume dead?"

Evia says, "Mayhaps is the little old gnome constantly sweeping up around the town square."

Thadston smirks at Evia.

Lehon says, "Grandmaw."

Thadston asks, "How do we even know? How do we even determine?"

Evia says, "Or even little bunny foo foo."

Ysharra says, "We would need to know her process."

Thadston asks, "Can someone once dead become a paragon?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Zosopage asks, "Icemule cleared now?"

Cryheart asks, "If given blood?"

Leafiara says, "Would have to ask Pylasar that one..."

Lazaryth says, "Surely Pylasar can tell us more about the process.."

Ysharra says, "If she's found a way to do them without Peter, we can't even guess at the procedure."

Cryheart says, "Raznel is a powerful witch."

Evia says, "Why should they not, everyone dies frequently and often."

Thrassus says, "Pylasar did say she was making a new type of paragon."

Thadston nods at Ysharra.

Speaking to Thadston, Meureii says, "The circle continues in any state."

Speaking to Evia, Ysharra says, "Three times, last night."

Speaking heartily to Zosopage, Chamorr says, "Still some griffins and bigarse elems." [an Icemule invasion was going during all this and kept on going for probably an hour and a half after it]

Thadston says, "Peter mentioned much of his aid was in the travel aspect of it all."

Thadston says, "So at least it narrows our choices to this year."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "And she used Shinann's blood to make a portal."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "Maybe that's one reason why she's been implanting scarabs."

Lylia says, "A new type of paragon may still have something in common with the older ones. A new architectural form often uses some version of older ones. New languages arise from the broken shards of old empires' tongues."

Lylia says, "So some knowledge of how it was done could still illuminate how it might be done a novel way."

Thadston says, "...and if she made a new paragon while self-aware that we are hunting her or them..."

Thadston says, "She may go for someone that is compelling for us not to hurt, or can project something compelling for us not to hurt."

Lazaryth asks, "A child?"

Lylia dryly says, "I wish her joy in that."

Thadston says, "Half of us haven't hesitated before."

Leafiara acknowledges, "Though it's only if she thinks such a thing would work."

Ysharra says, "...paragon is an interesting term. It means a perfect example. Perhaps Lazaryth is right, she needs something of them to be exemplary."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Raelee says, "Something she has attempted before."

Bekke says, "The orphans."

Evia says, "Surofee then."

Cryheart says, "Liabo forbid that."

Bekke says, "Pigtails and a lisp, does it every time."

Lylia asks, "Why would any of you hesitate, knowing what is at stake?"

Speaking to Ysharra, Lazaryth says, "It was my first thought. But I can't pretend an understanding of her insanity."

Leafiara says, "It's not a matter of whether we would, but whether she thinks we would and will try to use that."

Speaking in Faendryl, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Alasatia amusedly offers, "Winston."

Evia says, "Daisyanne and Fluffy."

Thadston says, "I would rip out Kai's heart himself if he was a paragon. An orphan won't stop me."

Wolfloner quietly says, "Raznel has targeted the orphans before."

Thadston says, "But maybe she's more concerned about some of you, not me."

Lylia says, "Yes. Sowing discord would be helpful too."

Stormyrain says, "We do have missing children."

Leafiara reasons, "We in this room wouldn't have fallen for Raznel's little impersonation trick, but she used it last night anyway and got past the soldiers at the outpost."

Speaking to Leafiara, Lylia says, "I wonder how many of them believed their lying eyes."

Leafiara says, "It only has to work on some, in other words."

Chamorr heartily says, "Well, so far, they used people of power, so someone who wouldn't be questioned."

Thadston says, "The children just vanished. I do not suspect they're involved."

Lylia says, "Yes. We have already seen that within our own town."

Goldstr asks, "Breshon?"

Zosopage asks, "Thanden?"

You notice a vein pulsing in Thadston's forehead.

Ysharra asks, "Have we run out of possible speculations?"

Evia says, "Gads."

Avalera says, "I think we could speculate all night."

Goldstr says, "Hates to think Renpaw."

Evia says, "It's Cryheart."

Thadston says, "I must rest. Be ready. Disean returns within a day or two. And on Eve of the Huntress we hunt the next paragon. The last one we know of."

Lazaryth says, "This one is a speculation factory."

Lazaryth cocks his head at Leafiara.

Speaking dubiously to Evia, Leafiara says, "I do hope it's not you. You were the only one to feel abdomen pains without getting a scarab..."

Thadston says, "I'll see about rattling Peter's cage, see if he can provide any useful information."

Zosopage asks, "Pherantyr?"

Speaking to Thadston, Lylia says, "Good. Let me know if you need a stick to rattle more loudly."

Evia says, "I don't feel like I am any sort of paragon."

Thadston says, "None of this matters if we don't find if there's a new paragon and who."

Speaking to Thadston, Goldstr says, "Rest well Sir Andrfews."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "I wish you healthful rest."

Speaking earnestly to Evia, Leafiara says, "We do hope."

Cryheart says, "Rest well."

Speaking simply to Thadston, Leafiara wishes, "Rest well."

Zosopage says, "Sleep well."

Bernadette softly says, "Have a good rest."

Thadston says, "I'll keep you posted once Octaven has a better timeline on her additional golems and pylons."

Thadston says, "But within weeks I expect we'll be striking the Bleaklands."

Thadston says, "We need to end Brumas."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "We never did have to take on Dennet for more than a few moments."

Lylia says, "Good."

Goldstr says, "Aye we do."

Bekke whispers something to Thadston.

Thadston nods at Bekke.

Speaking heavily to Lazaryth, Leafiara sighs, "And trust me, it hurts me to be this serious this long on any subject. But this is a three-year-long grudge we're talking about."

Thadston says, "Welcome back Bekke."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "I was just thinking about what you said. It may not be someone we find hard to kill for emotional reasons."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Leafiara adds, "Longer for others in here too."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "But maybe someone hard to kill all the same."

Bekke says, "It's good to be back. I wish the circumstances were better."

Lylia says, "Yes. Not all of us are chained to emotion in such a way."

Thadston says, "When are they."

Thadston says, "Goodnight."

Lord Thadston just limped through a varnished modwir door.

Discussion Afterward

Zosopage says, "Rodnay would actually fit that bill."

Evia says, "Other paragons have not so much been ended by killing them but by persuading them away from the delusion."

Speaking to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "Even then, only for some. Maylan would jump at the chance."

Speaking to Evia, Lylia says, "Some have. Others required more than persuasion."

Evia says, "Hmm."

Pukk quietly says, "Well, that was too much for me to think about."

Speaking to Leafiara, Zosopage says, "True but that would be true for most that could be Paragons."

Xorus says, "What I find more disconcerting is how easy it has been slaying these paragons."

Speaking tentatively to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "I truly don't think Raznel can take Rodnay, though. He overpowered Quinshon once and that was before he evolved to whatever he is now."

Xorus says, "Raznel could have been making it much more difficult."

Speaking firmly to Xorus, Leafiara agrees, "I'm with you on that. Very, very easy."

Rainedrop quietly says, "As an actual Landing citizen I hope to help in any way I can."

Bekke says, "I will see what I can do regarding Teuriz. I do hope he's well, and perhaps has a bit of advice regarding the situation."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia asks, "Because some have not needed to be slain at all. Or did you mean the lack of resistance from Raznel?"

Speaking to Lylia, Xorus says, "The latter."

Balantine says, "Seems Sir Cryheart was right, we jus hae to wait n' see who appears."

Ysharra says, "Perhaps Peter isn't helping us."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "I believe the man works against his own head and heart at times."

Xorus says, "This may be a distraction while she works on something where she will no longer need paragons."

Zosopage says, "It seems Peter does have issues with Raznel, unless those visions we saw were contrived."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Having been caught in such opposition myself, I do understand it. But I still wonder if he doesn't have an agenda past Rachel. But that's just speculation, too."

Ysharra says, "In any case, I think I'm done for, for tonight."

Zosopage removes a fluffy white pillow from in his black leather pack.

Zosopage tightens his grip on the pillow and spins around with a fierce growl, smacking Leafiara right in the head!

Leafiara removes a fluffy white pillow from in her instrument case.

Leafiara tightens her grip on the pillow and whips around in a fury of strikes! Zosopage is caught by surprise and lightly stunned!

Zosopage says, "Ow."

Speaking coyly to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "Don't dish what you can't take."

Speaking relievedly to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "That did feel good, though. Ending my night on less of a heavy note."