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Map of the hunting area The Hinterwilds. Cartography and map by Mnar Akurion.

Hinterwilds (abbreviated as "HW" or "HiWi") is a challenging and large hunting ground with creatures from base levels 96 to 115 located near Icemule Trace, far north of the existing map of Elanith and located near to Elanthia's northern pole. The Long Snow is a barrier between Icemule Trace and the Hinterwilds. It can be bypassed using the Temple of Hope caravan system. A separate caravan may be taken from Ta'Illistim, up the trail from the postern gate. These caravans cannot travel between Icemule Trace and Ta'Illistim, and the return journey can only take adventurers to their respective starting locations.


Hinterwilds came out of the storyline The Uncertain Times. More information will be put here at some point.

The wendigo are halflings who have been transformed by Zeban's dark magic.


From Icemule Trace

You can take a caravan to and from the Temple of Hope to the Hinterwilds. (Lich# 23830, INQUIRE CONDUCTOR).

You are escorted to your seat by a weathered sylvankind, who hops up into the driver's seat and coaxes the vehicle into motion just in time to keep up with the rest of the caravan.

[Hinterwilds Caravan, Sleigh]
The capacious sleigh is one of several traveling swiftly toward Icemule Trace, driven by a weathered sylvankind.  Drawn by a pair of ponderous yaks, the sleigh is piled high with supplies.  There are also fur blankets that, if a bit musky, provide ample warmth to both driver and riders.
Obvious paths: none

There is also an instant-travel option available in the Temple of Hope teleportation chamber which requires 4 gigas artifact framents to operate. (Lich# 31064, GO SLIVER).

From Ta'Illistim

In Ta'Illistim, efforts to track a long-lost elven expedition into the mountains resulted in the reopening of a trail over the eastern Dragonspine Mountains. A caravan gathering point was subsequently set up outside the western postern gate and up the trail. (Lich# 31073, INQUIRE CONDUCTOR)

There is also an instant-travel option available directly east of the Ta'Illistim caravan which requires 4 gigas artifact framents to operate. (Lich# 31074, GO SLIVER).

Caravan Return

The return trip to your point of origin can be made from Kalivan's Caravans:

[Kalivan's Caravans, Tent - 29865] (u7503002)
The interior of the tent is redolent with the musk of unwashed bodies and fire-warmed hide.  Two huge braziers of plain clay are positioned at the entrance, standing guard against the invading chill, but its shrill screams drown out the crackle of the roaring flames.  Behind a spindly modwir desk sits a perfunctory-looking halfling heavily swaddled in furs.  The logbook before him is splotched with snowmelt in places and the pages are warped by the damp, but it is mostly legible.  You also see a fluffy blue-eyed sled dog.
Obvious exits: out

Sparkfinger, the alchemist (Lich# 29876), offers a fast-transport service at the cost of 4 gigas artifact framents that allows caravan transport to be bypassed. If you arrived in the Hinterwilds from the Temple of Hope the teleportation service will return you to the Teleportation Chamber (Lich# 31064) in the temple. If you arrived in the Hinterwilds from the caravan gathering in Ta'Illistim the teleportation service will return you to the Seethe Naedal, Tavern (Lich# 31072)


There are four distinct hunting areas which also feature some different geographic locations such as the Issenflow River.

Boreal Forest

The design intent was for the Boreal Forest to feel a little more spread out.

Gigas Villages

The design intent was for the Gigas Villages to feel a little more swarmy. These include Eldurhaart, Fjallarhaart, and Ojandhaart.

Angargreft Exterior

The design intent was for Angargreft to feel a little more spread out.

Berserker's End


Great Chamber

Hanging Gardens

Sanguine Grove

Pits of the Dead

The Pits of the Dead are the disturbed ancestors and their psychopomps, which are being awakened by Zerroth's corrupted blood. This pit can be located from the Mead Hall in Fjallarhaart or after the pillars in the Great Chamber down the steps at the Maw. They converge at the Nexus within the Pits of the Dead.



Gigas artifact fragments

While looting creatures in the Hinterwilds, adventurers may come upon gigas artifact fragments. They are relatively common but each adventurer can only hold up to 20 at a time. The currently held amount is shown via WEALTH. The fragments can be traded to the alchemist in the village for various benefits, including temporary immunity to hypothermia, temporary alchemical fire flares, and quick return trip teleportation service. Temporary effects provided by the alchemist only function inside the Hinterwilds, though the effects remain for the intended duration if you leave and return. Artifact fragments can also be used in specific places for quick transport to the Hinterwilds, bypassing the caravan trips.


This hunting ground has Spell Sever which allows a character to cast spells they know as well as up to two outside spells. There is a cold environmental effect called Hypothermia, and there are ice patches you can slip on (whether in the open or sneaking). Creatures have sheer fear and some variable damage immunity. There are no planned teleport restrictions according to APM Estild.

Spell sever

Spell sever is a balancing mechanic for hunting areas to manage the amount of outside spells a character can wear in the affected areas. Spell sever will strip any beneficial spells that a character does not know over a maximum allowed limit per area. The order in which the spells are stripped is in random order.

Spells in the Arcane circle(such as Spirit Guard (1712)) are not removed or counted by Spell sever.


You can increase your Hypothermia tolerance with Physical Fitness, Survival, and Resist Elements. The baseline expectation to combat the wind is 1x Survival. The damage is increased by being wet and by the duration of time you stay outside. Swimming in the Issenflow River applies a Frigid Waters debuff that increases Hypothermia accrual to 2x. You can go into an "inside" room to reduce the environmental effect. Tip: Inside rooms will say "Obvious exits" instead of "Obvious paths." You can use campfires to reduce the environmental effect or possibly go visit a fireplace such as in the Tavern.

Both Hypothermia and the Frigid Waters debuff from the Issenflow River will show up in the Debuff window and do show up under SPELL ACTIVE.

Frostling warding provides temporary protection from Hypothermia. Sparkfinger, the alchemist (Lich# 29876), will apply 15 minutes worth of frostling warding when you order a flask of frostling slush at the price of 5 gigas artifact fragments. The duration of frostling warding does not stack, however it is possible to obtain a full hour of protection by solving an intermittent puzzle in the Boreal Forest.

Wind messaging
Wind screeches through the area, cold as steel and sharp as a knife's edge.  It gleefully slices at your exposed flesh!
The howling wind drives you out of hiding.
You shiver uncontrollably as the freezing air slices at your skin!
   ... 15 points of damage!
   The icy blast tears into your stomach!
   You are stunned for 1 round!
Bitter polar winds whip around you with a hateful screech!
You shiver uncontrollably as the freezing air slices at your skin!
   ... 1 point of damage!
   My!  You'll surely be stiff in the morning!  Better ice down the bruises!
A brief lull in the cutting wind heralds a sudden, cruel gust that sends the temperature plummeting!
You shiver uncontrollably as the freezing air slices at your skin!
   ... 30 points of damage!
   Pain penetrates your being as your right ankle shatters from the icy blast.
   You are knocked to the ground!
   You are stunned for 6 rounds!
The freezing cold winds shriek all around you, numbing your extremities.
You shiver uncontrollably as the freezing air slices at your skin!
   ... 1 point of damage!
   My!  You'll surely be stiff in the morning!  Better ice down the bruises!
Hypothermia recovery messaging
A semblance of warmth returns to your body as the bitter cold of the Hinterwilds retreats.

Behind the Scenes

Hinterwilds was released on the test server on September 29, 2021. It was originally announced at the OOC Icemule Trace meeting on March 17, 2021. It was released on prime on May 4, 2022.


GameMaster Auchand wrote and designed the Hinterwilds with help from the Development Team including APM Estild, ASGM Naijin, and GM Mestys.