Chronomage Teleportation System

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The Chronomage Teleportation System is a system that allows characters to easily travel between the major towns without the hazards and time involved with travelling the distance by foot. The Chronomages will transport all individuals holding a Chronomage orb in their right hand in the transport waiting room to their destinations every 20 minutes for a flat fee of 100,000 silvers. Travel times during each hour are at :00, :20, and :40. Tickets are sold by a NPC in each town's Chronomage office. You can reduce the cost of tickets by giving the NPC gold rings. For local travel between two towns within the same zones, a day pass may be purchased for 5,000 silvers for unlimited travel between the two towns for 24 hours. Chronomage orbs can also be earned via Login Rewards or purchased through the SimuCoins Store. A player can GAZE at an orb to determine its destination, READ the orb to determine the next departure time, and LOOK at the orb to determine if you are in a transport waiting room (the orb will emit a faint golden glow).

Chronomage Office Locations

Zone 1:

  • Wehnimer's Landing: Town Square Southwest, in the basement of the Travel Office (one north from the clerk) (Lich Room# 8635)
  • Solhaven: Beacon Tower on Beacon Ring (up the ramp) (Lich Room# 14358)
  • Icemule Trace: on Wraith Road in the Magical Burrow at the Loci Workshop (Lich Room# 8916)

Zone 2:

  • Cysaegir: southwest of Linsandrych Common
  • Ta'Illistim: southwestern corner of the Gateyard (Lich Room# 13169)
  • Ta'Vaalor: southwest of Victory Gate, in a turret (Lich Room# 5883)


  • Kharam Dzu: across the footbridge at the deadend of Copper Avenue. (Lich Room# 12790)
  • River's Rest: down the tracks near the log outside of the town. The waiting room is through the bore on the stump. (Lich Room# 16115)
  • Zul Logoth: building near the Bard's Guild (Lich Room# 997)

Chronomage Day Pass

A Chronomage day pass costs 5,000 silvers and allows a character to travel unlimited between two towns within the same teleportation zone for 24 hours. Day passes are only available for purchase for destinations in the same teleportation zone as the town where you are purchasing the ticket.

Example (Wehnimer's Landing to Icemule Trace)
Weyneidra the clerk says to you, "A roundtrip day pass to Icemule Trace will cost you 5000 silvers.  ASK me again in the next minute if you wish to purchase it."

Weyneidra the clerk accepts your silvers.
Weyneidra the clerk quickly hands you a Chronomage day pass.

Bold calligraphy states simply, "This pass entitles the original purchaser to one (1) day of unlimited travel between the towns of Icemule Trace and Wehnimer's Landing, commencing at the time of purchase.  To travel, present yourself at the Chronomage station in either town, hold this pass in hand, and RAISE it."

>raise my pass
As you go to raise your pass, you realize that this is not a Chronomage teleportation waiting room.
[Wehnimer's Shop, Waiting Area]
Cushioned ladder-backed chairs surround a plush, snow white bear rug.  Affixed in the eye sockets are a pair of brilliant dragonsbreath sapphires and long, slightly yellowed pieces of ivory serve as the fangs.  Edged in gold braiding, the tapestry on the back wall depicts several males encircling a kneeling individual as they work together to wrestle an object from his grasp.
Obvious exits: south
>raise my pass
You raise your pass up, presenting it for inspection.
Suddenly, a silver mist swirls about you.  Golden arcs streak across your vision, making it impossible to discern anything beyond the spinning silver mist.  Gradually, the whirlwind of color subsides and it becomes obvious that your surroundings have changed.

[Loci Workshop, Antechamber]
A granite worktable, clearly a relic of the workshop's past, stands immovably at the center of the room.  Positioned behind the massive slab of granite and blocking the passageway that leads further into the shop is a bulky, heavily robed figure.  Freshly strewn rushes spotted with dried lavender and rosemary cover the floor, their scent failing to combat the lingering, acrid odor of smoke.  The aroma is not aided by the pungent smell of fish oil burning in the lamps suspended from the ceiling.  You also see a finely-dressed halfling.
Obvious exits: out

Clerk Questions

>ask halfling about chronomage
A finely-dressed halfling peers at you and asks, "What about the Chronomages?  I've never met one myself, but I hear they aren't to be trifled with.  They're the ones who anchored the magic that these tickets use."

>ask halfling about destinations
A finely-dressed halfling says, "I currently sell travel tickets to Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest, Zul Logoth, Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, Cysaegir, Kharam-Dzu and Icemule Trace."

>ask clerk about <specific town name>
Weyneidra the clerk says to you, "A roundtrip day pass to <named town> will be <"free of charge", if you have gold ring credits>.  ASK me again in the next minute if you wish to claim it."

>ask halfling about disabled
A finely-dressed halfling looks overhead thoughtfully, then turns to you and says, "I've been told that all travel is working properly."

>ask halfling about gold ring
With a wide grin, a finely-dressed halfling turns to you and says, "I am quite interested in gold rings. I'm even willing to discount the price of a travel ticket or pass by 5000 silvers for each ring you give me.  You currently have no credits towards the purchase of a travel ticket."

>ask halfling about help
A finely-dressed halfling turns to you and says, "My job is to sell you a ticket.  With one of my tickets you can travel about Elanthia via the magic of the Chronomages.  Ask me about a certain location if you wish to know more about it, or you can ASK me about destinations and I will tell you more details about where you can travel.  You can also ask me about disabled locations, gold rings, departures, times and tickets."

>ask halfling about price
A finely-dressed halfling grins and says, "Tickets for a single long distance teleport are priced at 100000 silvers.  Local citizens will receive a ten percent discount.  Partial citizens will receive a five percent discount."

A finely-dressed halfling continues, "Day passes for linked teleport destinations are priced at 5000 silvers.  There are no citizenship discounts for these."

>ask halfling about ticket
A finely-dressed halfling clearly says, "The way a long-distance travel ticket works is simple. Hold it in your hand inside the waiting room and when it is time you will be transported to your destination.  If you are unsure whether you are in a waiting room, look at your ticket.  It will glow if you are in the correct place.  You cannot travel with a ticket purchased by another.  Also, there are times when travel to certain locations will become unstable and will not work.  You can read your ticket to check when the next transport will take place and you can gaze at your ticket to check its destination."

A finely-dressed halfling continues, "Day passes can be used at will.  Simply hold the pass inside the waiting room and then RAISE it when you are ready to travel."

>ask halfling about time
A finely-dressed halfling takes a moment to think before saying, "The next distant departure will be in # minutes, and I can sell you a travel ticket right now if you like."

>ask halfling about departure
A finely-dressed halfling pauses for a moment before he says, "The next distant departure will be in # minutes."

Behind the Scenes

The Chronomages replaced the I.C.E. Age guilds called The Navigators, which is why gold ring robberies are called getting "Navved." The messaging is still more consistent with the archaic history.