List of Guardians of Sunfist hated enemies

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A current list of hated enemies of the Guardians of Sunfist society.

Creature Level Realm(s)
Cave gnome 2 Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace
Cave gnoll 3 Wehnimer's Landing
Troglodyte 3 Wehnimer's Landing
Ridge orc 4 Elven Nations trail
Lesser orc 6 Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace
Lesser red orc 7 Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Vaalor
Lesser burrow orc 7 Wehnimer's Landing
Greater orc 8 Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest
Greater burrow orc 8 Wehnimer's Landing
Raider orc 10 Ta'Vaalor
Neartofar orc 11 Ta'Vaalor
Crystal golem 12 Wehnimer's Landing
Dark orc 12 Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, Ta'Vaalor
Agresh troll scout 14 Ta'Vaalor
Silverback orc 14 Icemule Trace
Grey orc 14 Wehnimer's Landing, River's Rest, Ta'Vaalor
Forest troll 14 Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven
Swamp troll 14 Solhaven
Neartofar troll 15 Ta'Vaalor
Large ogre 15 Wehnimer's Landing. Solhaven
Agresh troll warrior 16 Ta'Vaalor
Plains orc warrior 16 Ta'Illistim
Cave troll 16 Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest
Hill troll 16 Wehnimer's Landing, River's Rest
Mongrel troll 16 Solhaven
Mountain ogre 16 Wehnimer's Landing
Plains ogre 17 Ta'Vaalor
Plains orc scout 17 Ta'Illistim
Mountain troll 17 Wehnimer's Landing, River's Rest
Forest ogre 17 Solhaven
Plains orc shaman 18 Ta'Illistim
War troll 18 Wehnimer's Landing
Thunder troll 18 Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven
Agresh troll chieftain 20 Ta'Vaalor
Ogre warrior 20 Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Vaalor
Plains orc chieftain 21 Ta'Illistim
Roa'ter wormling 24 Zul Logoth
Jungle troll 26 River's Rest, Teras Isle
Troll chieftain 27 River's Rest
Cyclops 27 Solhaven
Grutik savage 27 Zul Logoth
Lesser stone gargoyle 27 Wehnimer's Landing
Fire ogre 28 Teras Isle
Grutik shaman 29 Zul Logoth
Ice troll 29 Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace
Hunter troll 30 Ta'Illistim
Jungle troll chieftain 30 River's Rest, Teras Isle
Tegursh sentry 30 Ta'Vaalor
Krynch 31 Zul Logoth
Skeletal ice troll 31 Icemule Trace
Skeletal giant 33 Wehnimer's Landing
Tundra giant 34 Icemule Trace
Lava troll 34 Teras Isle
Bog troll 35 River's Rest
Fire giant 36 Teras Isle
Arctic titan 36 Wehnimer's Landing
Frost giant 38 Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace
Greater bog troll 39 River's Rest
Storm giant 39 Wehnimer's Landing
Kiramon worker 40 Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Illistim, Teras Isle
Lesser ice giant 41 Icemule Trace
Roa'ter 41 Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven
Greater ice giant 46 Icemule Trace
Kiramon defender 48 Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Illistim, Teras Isle
Stone sentinel 53 Wehnimer's Landing
Stone troll 55 Wehnimer's Landing
Stone giant 58 Wehnimer's Landing
Black forest ogre 60 Ta'Illistim
Illoke mystic 62 Wehnimer's Landing
Stone mastiff 62 Wehnimer's Landing
Massive troll king 63 Wehnimer's Landing
Yeti 67 Ta'Illistim
Illoke shaman 67 Wehnimer's Landing
Krag yeti 70ish Wehnimer's Landing
Krag dweller 72ish Wehnimer's Landing
Lesser minotaur 75ish Wehnimer's Landing
Minotaur warrior 76ish Wehnimer's Landing
Minotaur magus 78ish Wehnimer's Landing
Clay faceless being 79 Wehnimer's Landing
Earth elemental 82 Wehnimer's Landing
Greater krynch 84 Wehnimer's Landing
Illoke elder 86 Wehnimer's Landing
Illoke jarl 89 Wehnimer's Landing
Huge Earth Elemental 95 Elemental Confluence

Note: A great thanks goes out to Mario (Dhask) for his helpful research