Grey orc

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Grey orc
Grey orc Colored.jpg
Level 14
Family Orc family creatures
Body Type Biped
Classification(s) Living
Area(s) Found Danjirland
Old Mine Road
Yander's Farm
HP 130
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Composite bow 139 AS
Bolt Spells
Minor Fire (906) 130 AS
Misc. Offensive Spells
Gas cloud
Defense Attributes
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 164
Bolt 50
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 42
Cleric Base
Empath Base 42
Paladin Base
Ranger Base 39
Sorcerer Base
Wizard Base 42
Minor Elemental 42
Major Elemental
Minor Spiritual
Major Spiritual 42
Minor Mental
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin an orc beard
Other None
This orc, midway in size between a lesser and a greater orc, the grey orc has a greyish cast to its skin, lending an unhealthy pallor to an already hideous countenance.  Dim intelligence flickers behind the narrow eyes and a mocking grin shows blackened and rotting teeth.

Hunting strategies

A grey orc's gas cloud does not immediately dissipate when the orc dies.

Other information

Grey orcs were removed from The Citadel in River's Rest on 09/09/08 (See: River's Rest hunting expansion (saved post)). They can no longer be found in River's Rest.

They will move your body to other locations in the area if you are dead:

A grey orc waggles his fingers at you and then a cloud of smoke blows up obscuring your vision.  Your dead body almost feels a wrenching sensation and then when the cloud clears you are elsewhere.
Other Messaging
A grey orc plods in and sniffs the air!

A grey orc treks south.

A grey orc draws some crude sigils in the dirt at her feet.  Once completed, the sigils glow momentarily and then fade back to normal.  When nothing further happens, the grey orc raises her head and glowers.

A grey orc glares balefully at you.

A grey orc raises his claws to the sky and begins to slowly gyrate.

A grey orc yells, "Narlarld saakrarl harllp arvarlr harlrarl!!" 
("Need some help over here!!")

A grey orc grunts, "Og'tr garnna arlnjar barlatogng XXX tar darlath."
("I'm gonna enjoy beating XXX to death.")


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