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The verlok is a demon archetype which originates from the Lorae'tyr valence. It has three sub-types, verlok'asha, verlok'cina, and verlok'ar. All three are classified as minor demons, and as such, can be summoned through the use of Minor Summoning (725).

Physical Description

The verlok are a species of metallic birds, similar in size and shape to chickens. The main body of the verlok is a finely detailed hollow metal frame, filled with intricate jointed mechanical parts. Each is comprised entirely of a single type of metal, such as those found in Elanthia. Additionally, the rarity of metals comprising the verlok are found in the same ratio as found in Elanthia. The metal bodies are coated in bright feathers which range in color from bright yellow or gold, to orange and red. Strangely, the feathers are not attached to the verlok's body at all, they float nearly an inch from the surface. Despite not actually making contact with the metal frame, the feathers' movements are synchronized with those of the bird's body. The feathers also emit a faint glow, enough to illuminate dark surroundings. The verlok are capable of flight, despite their metal bodies, and though they have been observed to perch in their home valence, they tend to remain in constant motion while in ours. They are also quite noisy, constantly clicking, humming, and whirring, and are quite capable of mimicking speech.

The identifying factor between the three sub-types of verlok is the metal they are comprised of. The metal of each verlok retains its unique abilities, lending their strengths or weaknesses to the bird.

Society and Behavior

The verlok nest in communities surrounding large heaps of metal, generally comprised of a single metal, which its inhabitants will share. These heaps are the birthplace of the verlok, and where their bodies will go when they die. In this manner, the metals of generations of verlok are recycled continuously. Verlok are rather like barnyard fowl in their demeanor, generally content to wander about until disturbed, whereupon they will take flight for only a short distance, enough to separate themselves from the threat. When summoned, the verlok refuse to land for some reason, remaining perpetually in flight.

Mechanical Benefits and Flaws

The verlok are generally proficient at most of the demon abilities. They have the second highest base coin capacity, and are able to carry up to three items. They are also fast at finding and scouting, and they make decent guards. Of particular note are the verlok'ar, whose beaks will flare corresponding to their element, doing additional damage to the pickpocket. In contrast, verlok have poor mana capacities and mana sharing skill. Additionally, all verlok will molt verlok feathers over time. These are magical items which contain a single rub of the Light (205) spell.

Roleplaying Verbs

POKE - As you gesture, the verlok'cina suddenly stops what it was doing and begins to minutely examine its surroundings for any threat.

SNAP - At the snap of your fingers the verlok'cina turns suddenly and flies straight toward you, focusing all its attention on you.

DISMISS - The verlok'asha approaches you head on, then slows its momentum to a hover with strong backward beats of its softly glowing wings. It locks both its eyes with yours then lowers its head to its metal framed chest and then turns away, abashed.

LAUGH - As you laugh at the verlok'asha, a squawking chuckle erupts from the verlok'asha's maw in mocking imitation.

STARE - As you stare into the faceted jewels of the verlok'cina's eyes it hovers for a moment, its intelligent, unblinking gaze meeting your own.

TOUCH - The verlok'cina approaches your outstretched hand, then deftly turns away at the last instant, brushing you softly with its magically suspended feathers.

All of the roleplaying verbs work for an illusioned verlok except for DISMISS. LAUGH works particularly well with the parrot and raven illusion variants.

Possible Adjectives

Verlok summoned by Minor Summoning may have the following appearances. The description of each will follow this format: "a/an {descriptor} {metal} verlok'{subtype}," with the options possible displayed in the following table.

Descriptor Metal
bright alexandrite
clacking brass
clicking bronze
glowing copper
graceful drakar
humming drake
radiant feras
shimmering gold
shining gornar
dull-beaked imflass
sharp-beaked invar
wide-beaked iron
diamond-eyed krodera
emerald-eyed mithglin
ruby-eyed mithril
sapphire-eyed razern
topaz-eyed rhimar
veil iron

Illusion Possibilities

brightly plumed toucan
large glossy raven
lanky white stork
old blue parrot
small brown pelican

Sorcerers With This Uncommon Rune

  • Querthose
  • Krolnivar
  • Delarock
  • Maetriks
  • Rozy
  • Kaldonis
  • Lylia