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Red Forest map by Rozy

The Red Forest is a hunting ground located in the Elven Village near Wehnimer's Landing and also Aradhul Road near Ta'Vaalor containing level 60-83 creatures. These are two separate instances created by unstable planar energies from the collision of Elanthia with the Elemental Confluence. In the past it would only rejoin our space/time briefly in a celestial alignment of Liabo and Lornon.

Training in Survival and Perception is required to access the area.


Any herb that is able to be foraged in the Red Forest Landing area, can be foraged in EVERY room in the Red Forest. There is no creature in the first area that can break a sanctuary, so this area is safest to forage for herbs.

Behind the scenes

The Red Forest has an isles of transfer quality like Shadow Valley and The Broken Lands. They are foggy with serpent, poison, black ichor, demonic, moon, dream, moss/fungus, and time warp themes. The demon of Shadow Valley resembled a very large winged viper, and the dire beasts have the myklian "bony protrusion" block on attacks. The Red Forest itself is something of an I.C.E. Age throwback to the Blue Forest which was destroyed by Shards and purged of its Elven population by the Iylari of The Iron Wind. They had earlier been ethnically cleansed with war wolves by the conqueror Ugus Fost, who might have been subtly alluded to by the Colossus for the Vvrael story. The Shards were warped "tree golems" with a taste for brains and bowels, probably what decapitated the bear in Danjirland. In the past they were poisonous creatures that could be hunted outside the Spider Temple. They were made from the mutilated bodies of men and elves, and were described as "cunning" or "demonic." The Navigator obelisk in Danjirland was near the Shard forest in the Jaiman source book map, and was discovered to work a week after the Red Forest returned, transporting to a place called Talon Isle.

Ambient messaging

A twig snaps in the distance.

Serpentine coils of grey mist curl through the area like silken ribbons of ashen shades.

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