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The year 5116 (2016) marked the launch of the first Elanthian Fashion Week, a collaborative event sponsored by Elanthian Elegance and involving a number of other CHEs and MHOs to celebrate cross-cultural fashion through the ages.

Programme of Events

Feastday, 6th day of Phoenatos to Restday, 14th day of Phoenatos (Saturday, August 6th to Sunday, August 14th)

All times Eastern

Date Time Event Host/s Venue Decription
Feastday (Saturday), 6th 6pm Reflections of the Past Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Museum Alerreth, Costumery, Ta'Illistim Champagne Reception/Launch Event
Restday (Sunday), 7th 11am The Long and the Short of It (Alteration 101) Elanthian Elegance Landing Hall, Auditorium,Wehnimer's Landing An IC class about general alterations with hints and tips on how to get the most of out of your time with a merchant
Restday (Sunday), 7th 1pm Let's Talk Fashion with ... Elanthian Elegance Elaraeyn's Boutique, Atelier, Wehnimer's Landing A brief presentation on this season's trends with a special guest (Ainfore).
Restday (Sunday), 7th 4pm Grab-a-Bag! House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance Sylvanfair Grove, Wehnimer's Landing A limited number of jewellery bags up for grabs!
Restday (Sunday), 7th 6pm Fashionable Greedy Gremlins House Sylvanfair Sylvanfair Grove, Wehnimer's Landing A couple of rounds of Greedy Gremlins with a fashion theme.
Volnes (Monday), 8th 3pm Shoe Love is True Love Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Atelier, Mzaarine Bazaar, Ta'Illistim Opening of The Looking Glass shop for a 5-day bonanza shoe sale
Volnes (Monday), 8th 9pm Femme Fatale The Black Hand Trading Co. Tent, North Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing An educational discussion on accessories like: Vanishing Point clothes, poison rings, smuggling sacks, hidden sheaths, dagger fans etc.
Tilamaires (Tuesday), 9th 9pm The Wander Gypsy Gypsy Troupe Faeilythe's Fashions, Solhaven Talk on fashion trends of a nomadic nature
Leyan (Wednesday), 10th 4pm Fashion to a Tea! Elanthian Elegance Baker's Shop, Tea Room, Wehnimer's Landing An informal discussion about style and fashion with tea and free nail painting, face painting and henna work
Niiman, Thursday, 11th 8pm Custom Alterations - Accessorise Yourself! White Haven White Haven, Icemule Complimentary alterations!
Niiman, Thursday, 11th 10pm It's a Hat-Trick! Order of Lorekeepers Silverwood Manor Design a hat with the Mentors
Day of the Huntress (Friday), 12th 8pm Nalea Brawl Helden Hall, House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance Helden Hall, Fighting Pit, Wehnimer's Landing Women brawling in the fighting pits for a coveted Nalea gown with consolation prizes including zested/altered gowns for all participants.
Feastday (Saturday), 13th 3pm Fashion Showcase House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Ebonstone Manor, Ballroom A formal fashion show and contest for best themed outfits.
Feastday (Saturday), 13th 10pm Masked Ball House Paupers Ebonstone Manor, Ballroom Formal masquerade ball
Restday (Sunday), 14th 3pm Fashion Faux Pas and Feral Finds House Arcane Ebonstone Manor, Ballroom Informal show of retrospective fashion and creature drops in the wilds
Restday (Sunday), 14th 6pm Reflections on the Future Elanthian Elegance Lily Manor, Events Hall, Wehnimer's Landing Cocktail party to close the festivities

Week Long Services

Service Host/s Location Description
Cobbling Wares Willow Hall, House Sylvanfair Willow Hall and Sylvanfair Grove, Wehnimer's Landing Carts of cobbling supplies
Merchandise Stand Elanthian Elegance North Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing A stand selling fall fashions
Shoe Love is True Love The Looking Glass Atelier, Mzaarine Bazaar, Ta'Illistim 5-day themed shoe sale


Date/Time Item Host/s Location Description
Restday, 6th @ 7pm Two Prestige Champagne Cases Elanthian Elegance Museum Alerreth, Ticketing, Ta'Illistim Special cases containing a bottle of Poiret & Company champagne, two flutes and a saber
Volnes, 8th @ 10.15pm An hourglass navy blue silk corset with a cream crossover ruched front panel Elanthian Elegance on behalf of The Black Hand Trading Co. North Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing A Vanishing Point corset
Leyan, 10th @ 5pm A teatime basket for two House Sylvanfair Baker's Shop, Tea Room, Wehnimer's Landing A basket containing a floral-themed teaset and tea leaves.
Day of the Huntress, 12th @ 9pm An elegant gentleman's outfit House Sylvanfair Helden Hall, Wehnimer's Landing A chest containing a complete gentleman's outfit (original creations by Yansio and Treysen
Feastday, 13th @ 5pm Two-themed Showcase Outfits House Sylvanfair and Rone Academy Ebonstone Manor Complete themed outfits created by the hosts
Restday, 14th @ 7pm A miniature clockface with exposed brass cogs and gears Elanthian Elegance Lily Manor, Event Hall, Wehnimer's Landing a Time Travel-themed pin from Sylinar's Spire


Chalat Award: Kayse Thaellian

Awarded in honor of Chalat Greyvael Illistim, Former First Couturier of the Argentate

  • Saewehna Jungle
  • Military Precision
  • Time Travel
  • Frivolous Florals


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