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Decay Timer 13 minutes
Spirit Regeneration 1 per 4 min, ×2 on node
Height 5' to 5.5', 6' max
Weight 100 to 300 lbs.
Languages Common, Krolvin

Half-Krolvin most often wear their heritage in their bodies, an undeniable badge of identification. Most half-krolvin have pale skin, but their skin tones are within the range considered "normal" on a human, except that they often support a blue or blue-grey tinge, as on a human who has been overexposed to the cold. They also tend to be hairier than the average human, and much hairier than the average elf. Many half-krolvin tend to have disproportionately long arms ending in long hands with elongated fingers and swollen-looking knuckles.

Often the elegance and delicacy of their fingers is remarked on, along with some comment as to how the swollen knuckles mar the beauty of the hand. Also, in profile it becomes apparent that the foreheads of half-krolvins tend to slope backward into the hairline and they often have a concave chin shape. The most obvious attribute that is used to prove half-krolvin heritage is a hair growth from the top four vertebrae of the spine. This is obviously easy to cover with clothing in most circumstances, but can be construed as damning evidence if a being's heritage is called into question for having krolvin blood.


Bonuses and Penalties
Strength Constitution Dexterity Agility Discipline Aura Logic Intuition Wisdom Influence
Bonuses +10 +10 0 +5 0 0 -10 0 -5 -5

For statistic growth rates by profession, see List of statistic growth rates#Half-Krolvin.

Other Characteristics
Spirit Regeneration 1 per 4 min Decay Timer 13 min
Max Health 165 Base Regeneration 2
Weight Factor 1 Encumbrance Factor 1.1
Maneuver Bonus Average Elemental TD 0
Spiritual TD 0 Mental TD 0
Sorcerer TD 0 Poison TD 0
Disease TD  ??

Half-Krolvin take less damage from cold attacks as if they wore heavy critical padding. This bonus will stack with any other modifiers that apply (e.g., armor).


The Half-Krolvin Klinastes
a simple, stylized sword
Largest and most power-hungry of the klinastes, Gob'tak favors able fighters with strong muscles and quick reflexes. Most Gob'tak have a martial background and make fine Warriors, Rogues and even Paladins. Many are extremely militant or violent in their dealings with others.
a stylized wave
The seafaring klinast, Rafi'kaes are wanderers and explorers. They have a deep bond with the icy lands and nearly freezing ocean waters. Rafi'kaes revel in their partial immunity to the rigors of cold inherited from their Krolvin side. Since most of its members prefer to be off exploring new shores or sailing the distant seas, this klinast never gained much power or members. Rafi'kaes are often Rangers or elemental magic users.
a starburst
Secretive and elusive, Hos'tau houses those with the inclination to learn magical skills. Though most prefer to work with elemental magic, there are those delve within the other various facets of magic. Members often seek privacy and do not have many tight knit relationships within their klinast. Rangers, wizards, sorcerers and the extremely rare savant are most commonly found in Hos'tau.
a square inscribed in a circle
Builders and crafters, Lar'toth klinast is formed from those of more artistic temperament. Generally more intelligent than others, Lar'toth are called upon when new buildings and outposts are needed. They are regarded with a strange mixture of respect for their abilities and disdain for their distinctly non-violent interests. Lar'toth draw members of any profession who feel a strong calling for craft.
a stylized leaf
Smallest of the klinastes, Swu'lin is comprised of those who feel drawn to helping others or who have a spiritual calling be it martial or nature bound. Empaths, clerics, monks and the occasional paladin, ranger or bard can claim allegiance to the Swu'lin klinast.


The main population of half-krolvin originates from the icy colony of Krint, where the krolvin slaver Krintaur interbred krolvin with humans and giantmen for his personal army. In time, the half-krolvin banded into organized clans, known as klinasts, and overthrew their masters. The original bloodlines are still viewed with pride by the Pla'dush gno Krint, who see themselves as having the best of both heritages. Outside of Krint, some half-krolvin are born of isolated relationships between krolvin (or half-krol) and non-krolvin. These Pla'dushte gno Krol are only allowed to marry into the bloodlines in rare circumstances, after proving their worth and loyalty.

The half-krolvin of Krint worship the traditional gods of the krol, foremost of whom is the Three-Faced God Khar'ta, ruler of the oceans. Each klinast also has its own patrons.


{verb} set {standard/culture}

BARK <target> You bark at (target).
BARK AMUSEMENT You emit a noise that is a combination of laughter and barking, your eyes full of amusement.
BARK ANGRY You pull back your upper lip revealing your sharp incisors and give an angry snarl.
BARK ANNOYANCE You roll your eyes and make an annoyed, barking grunt.
BARK ASSIST You adopt a hesitant posture and issue three soft barks, requesting help.
BARK BORED Your bark of boredom is truncated by a half-yawn.
BARK BYE You bark an abrupt goodbye.
BARK CHALLENGE You take an aggressive stance, lowering your head as you growl in challenge.
BARK DISCONTENT With a guarded expression, you release a bark of discontent.
BARK DISGUST You recoil in disgust as you bark out your distaste.
BARK DISTRESS You erupt in loud, high-pitched barking as you glance about with an insecure expression.
BARK DISTRUST You reveal your dubious opinion of the situation with a growling bark.
BARK EMBARRASSED You croak out a bark of embarrassment.
BARK ENCOURAGE You bark encouragingly.
BARK FEAR Wide-eyed, you flinch and make several quiet, nervous barks.
BARK FONDLY You utter a warm bark of fondness.
BARK FRANTIC You hurriedly bark out a series of clipped yelps.
BARK FRIEND Recognition registers in your eyes, and you give a short, welcoming bark.
BARK GREEDY You unleash a string of quick, excited barks in a high tone as your eyes grow large with greedy desire.
BARK HELLO You give a sharp bark of greeting.
BARK HUNGRY You declare your hunger with a loud, almost piteous, bark and lick your large white incisors in anticipation.
BARK JOY You give a piercing bark of pure joy!
BARK LAUGH You let loose a wild yowl of laughter.
BARK LOUD You release an abrupt, ear-piercing bark!
BARK NO You bark loudly in disagreement.
BARK PAIN You let out a sharp yelp of pain!
BARK PLAYFUL In a playful tone, you bark repeatedly and give a toothy grin.
BARK PLEASURE You utter a low, long-lasting growl of pleasure.
BARK PROUD You draw yourself up proudly and give a deep, guttural bark full of dignity.
BARK SAD You issue a muted bark that transforms into a keening yowl of sorrow.
BARK SCORN You give a sneering bark, laced with derision.
BARK {SELF} You let a low-pitched, guttural growl grow deep in your throat.
BARK SKEPTICAL You yip a short bark that is immediately followed by a grunt of doubt.
BARK SNARL You let loose a ferocious, snarling bark!
BARK THANKS You issue a quick, appreciative bark.
BARK WARNING You bare your teeth and bark a warning that tapers off into a low growl.
BARK WONDER You bark loudly, then again in a more subdued voice to express your wonderment.
BARK YES You bark loudly in agreement.
BRISTLE <self> You turn your head slightly and tense up, forcing the hair on your body to go stiff.
BRISTLE <target> You bristle at (target).
BRISTLE ANXIOUS You glance around, bristling with anxiety.
BRISTLE EXCITED You bristle with excitement!
BRISTLE HAPPY You give a bright yelp of laughter and bristle with happiness.
BRISTLE IMPATIENT You bristle impatiently.
BRISTLE NERVOUS You bristle nervously.
BRISTLE PROUD You hold yourself in dignified silence, bristling with pride.
BRISTLE SATISFIED You stretch slowly, bristling with satisfaction.
BRISTLE SLEEPY You stretch lazily, bristling as you suppress a yawn.
BRISTLE SMUG You bristle smugly.
ROAR ANGRY You bare your fangs and roar angrily!
ROAR HUNGRY Pointing to your mouth, you roar hungrily!
ROAR LOUDLY You take a deep breath and level a deafening roar!
ROAR PAIN Wincing with pain, you let out a roar!
ROAR TRIUMPH You throw back your head and let loose with a roar of triumph!
ROAR FEAR Quivering in fear, you let out a tentative roar!


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