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Spell knowledge (also commonly referred to as self-knowledge or just SK) grants the user inherent knowledge of a spell without training in Spell Research of any circle. The user will be able to PREPARE and CAST, or INCANT, and even EVOKE and/or CHANNEL the spell, as applicable. Any form of casting the spell will use the caster's mana. Spell knowledge comes in the form of an enhancive item that can either be worn (jewelry, clothing, armor) or wielded (weapons, armor), or a spell scroll that has vibrant ink. Eligible spells may be of any spell circle and usable by any profession regardless of that profession's native spell circles, unless there are specific restrictions built into the item by its creator.

Unlike casting from regular scrolls or using imbedded magical items, a spell cast using a spell knowledge item will receive the full benefit for all applicable Lore ranks. Additionally, defensive spells that are self-cast through spell knowledge are not subject to spell burst, spell sever or Rift dispel.

Spell Knowledge Item Policy

Newly created, as of February 22, 2023, Spell Knowledge (SK) items will be permanently tied to the base spell that they are created as. If there are changes to that spell due to future development, the SK item will always match those changes. They will not be updated to use the old version of the spell via the Lost Arts spell circle or substituted for another spell.


Spell knowledge enhancives (SKEs) are items in which the spell knowledge is granted via an enhancive ability, and charges drain as the item is worn/wielded just like stat and skill enhancives. A SKE may have up to two spells on it, but no other enhancive abilities. They must also be charged via bounty points or spell knowledge enhancive charging potions.

While item upkeep is required for SKEs, unlike the older items, they provide the benefit of the spell(s) not counting towards spellburst if it is a defensive/worn utility spell.

Original spell knowledge items were released long before the enhancive system was created, and some of them are still in use.

Spell Duration

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Eligible Spells

Most spell circles, level 20 or lower, are eligible for spell knowledge item creation. To view a list of spells allowed for use, see the list of SK eligible spells.


Users of spell knowledge items can use Magic Item Creation (420) to imbed the spell into appropriate imbeddable items, and clerics can use Holy Receptacle (325), if the spell is able to be imbedded. When a spell knowledge enhancive item is used to IMBED, it will drain a charge from an item.

Click to expand imbeddable spells chart from Magic Item Creation (420) page

Below is a table of spells which can be normally imbedded. Spells in green can be imbedded and spells in pink cannot. No spells above the 20th spell in a circle nor Bard Spellsongs can be imbedded. Circles which would not ordinarily be known by a character knowing Magic Item Creation that can be imbedded are also shortened in the table for brevity.
Minor Spiritual Minor Elemental Major Elemental Sorcerer Base Wizard Base Major Spiritual
Spirit Warding I (101) Elemental Defense I (401) Sleep (501) Blood Burst (701) Minor Shock (901) Heroism (215)
Spirit Barrier (102) Presence (402) Chromatic Circle (502) Mana Disruption (702) Minor Elemental Edging (902) Spell Shield (219)
Spirit Defense (103) Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Thurfel's Ward (503) Corrupt Essence (703) Minor Water (903) Major Sanctuary (220)
Disease Resist (104) Disarm Enhancement (404) Slow (504) Phase (704) Minor Acid (904)
Poison Resist (105) Elemental Detection (405) Hand of Tonis (505) Disintegrate (705) Prismatic Guard (905) Bard Base
Spirit Fog (106) Elemental Defense II (406) Celerity (506) Mind Jolt (706) Minor Fire (906) All Spellsongs
Spirit Warding II (107) Unlock (407) Elemental Deflection (507) Eye Spy (707) Major Cold (907)
Stun Relief (108) Disarm (408) Elemental Bias (508) Limb Disruption (708) Major Fire (908) Empath Base
Dispel Invisibility (109) Elemental Blast (409) Strength (509) Grasp of the Grave (709) Tremors (909) Empathic Focus (1109)
Unbalance (110) Elemental Wave (410) Hurl Boulder (510) Energy Maelstrom (710) Major Shock (910)
Fire Spirit (111) Elemental Blade (411) Floating Disk (511) Pain (711) Mass Blur (911) Minor Mental
Water Walking (112) Weapon Deflection (412) Cold Snap (512) Cloak of Shadows (712) Call Wind (912) Mind Over Body (1213)
Undisease (113) Elemental Saturation (413) Elemental Focus (513) Balefire (713) Melgorehn's Aura (913) Focus Barrier (1216)
Unpoison (114) Elemental Defense III (414) Stone Fist (514) Scroll Infusion (714) Sandstorm (914)
Fasthr's Reward (115) Elemental Strike (415) Rapid Fire (515) Curse (715) Weapon Fire (915) Arcane
Locate Person (116) Piercing Gaze (416) Mana Leech (516) Pestilence (716) Invisibility (916) Arcane Blast (1700)
Spirit Strike (117) Elemental Dispel (417) Charge Item (517) Evil Eye (717) Earthen Fury (917)
Web (118) Mana Focus (418) Cone of Elements (518) Torment (718) Duplicate (918) Not Shown
Spirit Dispel (119) Mass Elemental Defense (419) Immolation (519) Dark Catalyst (719) Wizard Shield (919) All other spells level 20 and below
Lesser Shroud (120) Magic Item Creation (420) Mage Armor (520) Implosion (720) Call Familiar (920)

SimuCoin Items

Short-term and long-term spell knowledge enhancive charging potions are available in the SimuCoin store as a potent blue-green potion and a potent yellow-green potion, respectively. A SKE item will not drain any charges while under the effect of either of these potions.


Spell knowledge scrolls debuted in April 2018 and are identifiable by the vibrant ink the spells are written in. Each spell on a scroll can only be invoked once, and spells not typically appearing on standard scrolls may appear on SK scrolls.

When a spell is invoked from such a scroll, it will grant the user temporary knowledge of the spell. The duration lasts a base of 5 minutes for buffs, and 10 minutes for offensive spells. Any spells cast off these spells can be cast infinitely in those windows, but buffs will fade when the window closes - meaning they will only last a base of 5 minutes. This base window can be increased to around a max of 60 minutes for buffs, and 120 minutes for offensive spells via Scroll Infusion. These spells will be treated as native cast for spell burst and Rift dispel.

Buffs from these scrolls are self-cast only. Offensive spells will benefit from the generic CS/spell rank system.

Scrolls may not be used with Magic Item Creation (420).


It takes you a moment to focus on the glittering palimpsest.
On the glittering palimpsest you see
(214) Bind in vibrant ink
(115) Fasthr's Reward in vibrant ink
(212) Interference in vibrant ink
(105) Poison Resistance in vibrant ink
(114) UnPoison in vibrant ink
(1712) Spirit Guard in vibrant ink

Knowledge of spells will be shown in SPELL ACTIVE

>spell active
You currently have the following active spells:
Knowledge - Bind ................... 0:09:58
Knowledge - Spirit Guard ........... 0:04:17


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