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This is an ongoing log of submitted/active/completed requests or projects from the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing to the Town Council or other internal/external parties, in the interest of tracking such.

These are largely requests that have been submitted to the "Town Council" (GM Kenstrom) for consideration - largely to facilitate requests from players - as potential projects to enhance or improve the quality of life in Wehnimer's Landing, and the general roleplay therein.


Mayor Puptilian Peregrin, 5115-5117

While not officially affiliated, Mayor Emeritus Puptilian has been very active in relief efforts in the Bleaklands of former Talador, via the North Talador Outpost.

Mayor Cruxophim, 5117-5118

Submitted, Active, and Completed Requests

  • Status/Priority: APPROVED, PENDING CONSTRUCTION [Priority High]
  • Synopsis: Build protective underground bunkers to safeguard imperiled citizens in the event the town is besieged (as happened in the Taladorian War), or otherwise falls victim to calamitous occurrences. Khylon offered the services of some of his sapper contacts for the initial construction, but they have delayed in their travels at present. The proposed location for these bunkers is in at the nexus of the Burrow Way Tunnels, as it is an optimal location for maximum protection from the proposed future Ward project. This project would be funded in part by the Lockhart Defense Fund, under the umbrella of helping to protect the citizens of Shanty Town.
  • Further OOC Info: I envisioned this as perhaps being another room leading off of the nexus area, accessed via a closable hatch, as a place for people to stand guard and "protect" townfolk during invasions and whatnot where appropriate.
  • Project Contacts: Cruxophim
  • Associates: Maylan (Fund Holder)
  • Status/Priority: APPROVED, POSSIBLY PENDING CONSTRUCTION [Priority Medium-High]
  • Synopsis: Build a Community Garden for the Shanty Town citizens, in order to help them become more self-sustainable and foster collective community efforts. Possible use of flax, as donated by Dame Evia, or some other readily available high-yield crop. This is being funded by the Lockhart Defense Fund in addition to the Bunker Construction Project, which takes priority; however, should not be an issue given the relatively low overhead.
  • Further OOC Info: We envision something simple, maybe a "garden" object (or objects) with a few ambient messages about locals tending the crops or some such, or maybe even some VERBs to reflect tending the garden and whatnot. To my understanding, this is partly an excuse to "spruce up" some of the squalor of Shanty Town a bit, to reflect the Landing's economic growth over the years.
  • Project Contacts: Cruxophim
  • Associates: Maylan (Fund Holder)
  • Status: In Development
  • Synopsis: The goal is to build a Greenhouse and "Sanctuary" along the Icemule Trail, as a respite to travelers or rescuers, as a community effort between our two towns.
  • Further OOC Info: Due to the current number of pending Wehnimer's Landing projects, my recommendation was to have the project be done via the Icemule side of things, with the Landing aiding in labor/funding/creative design as needed. Our mutual goal is to create a tangible result for such collaborative effort, just something small to remember such by.
  • Project Contacts [Landing Side]: Mayor Lylia, Cruxophim
  • Associates: Maylan, Jalodg, Laralana via ICICLE
  • Status/Priority: Under Consideration [Priority High]
  • Synopsis: After her assault on Wehnimer's Landing, Crux suggested offering a modest number of golems in lieu of financial recompense for damages incurred. She offered to consider such, but even after several missives prompting a reply, no further word has been issued. Crux offered some veiled threats if such were not delivered, such as exposing certain facts to (or about) corruption inside the Hall of Mages, and may or may not intend to follow up with such when or if it becomes pertinent.
  • Further OOC Info: I thought it would be pretty intriguing to explore the Landing having its own modest number of golems. The obvious immediate purpose for such, of course, would be to send them into Darkstone Bay to scavenge for more Ithzir artifacts in the exact manner that Dennet did prior.
  • Project Contacts: Cruxophim
  • Associates: Lylia (Current Mayor, Transferred)
  • Status/Priority: Under Consideration [Priority Medium]
  • Synopsis: Upon the announcement that the blood marble altar within the Hendoran Outpost would be torn down and a new, more appropriate altar built in its place, Cruxophim requested that Prelate Lheren at least consider donating such for further study as a charitable gesture of solidarity between the Landing and the Church of Koar. The Prelate did offer to consider such, but did also state the high value inherent to blood marble; Cruxophim countered by offering to purchase such for the town at a reasonable price, but no definitive answer has yet been given.
  • Further OOC Info: Seems a shame to waste such an artifact, especially one of such an interesting and controversial nature, so I suggested placing such in some out-of-the-way area of the Landing instead of just getting rid of it. By doing so, there could potentially be a lot of supplemental roleplay based around such, born out of the presumed return of Raznel in the upcoming Witchful Thinking story arc.
  • Project Contacts: Cruxophim
  • Associates: Lylia (Current Mayor, Transferred)
  • Status/Priority: Submitted [Priority Low]
  • Synopsis: It was suggested that we could benefit from an installation of emergency water pumps at critical points throughout the town, in light of the frequent and devastating fires that we seem to incur from various sources.
  • Further OOC Info: Basically, additional areas from which to retrieve water buckets other than inside Moot Hall.
  • Project Contacts: Cruxophim
  • Associates: Lylia (Current Mayor, Transferred)
  • Status/Priority: COMPLETED
  • Synopsis: Requested and created the position of Advisor to the Mayor, a volunteer position consisting of several individuals who would aid, represent, advise, or otherwise facilitate the Mayor in their role.
  • Further OOC Info: To further the opportunity for roleplay and create additional "roles" within the community. This was created with the explicit understanding that no real power nor expectation of such would be conveyed to those involved [even less so than the 'illusion' of power bestowed upon the position of Mayor itself], but would exist simply as a framework for people to explore their roleplay in a politically-relevant context.
  • Project Contacts: Cruxophim

Ongoing/Unresolved Plot Threads

  • REQUESTED (Cruxophim): Golems as remuneration from Grand Magister Octaven, after her blatant assault on the town. She offered to consider it but has not, thus far, offered any form of recompense.
  • Prelate Lheren announced that the old altar inside the Hendoran Outpost, which is made of blood marble, would be torn down and a new altar to Koar be erected in its place.
  • REQUESTED (Cruxophim): Prelate Lheren was asked to consider relocating the blood marble altar [see above] to somewhere in the environs of the Landing, rather than tearing it down.
  • Malluch AKA "Rone" is currently imprisoned, having been sentenced to 30 years for his crimes. There is strong implication, however, that he was merely the pawn of some larger entity.
  • A pillar of corpses made by a unknown entity or entities was found on the Black Sands, possibly connected to a prior string of murders. Rone denied responsibility, claiming it was the "imposters" and blaming Cruxophim and Goblyn (directly or indirectly, it was not clear) for its existence, who in turn denied any involvement.

Mayor Lylia Rashere Faendryl, 5118-Present

Submitted, Active, and Completed Requests


Ongoing/Unresolved Plot Threads

  • No further developments yet, see [above].