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The Parkshnuum Clan is a clan of the Dwarves. They are the largest of the western clans and are known for their mastery of iron.[1]

The clan leader resides in Eregendu Dzu, near the northern iron mines.

In Parshillam Dzu, the iron miners taught the secret of the forge to any who could afford the lesson. Thus some, but not all, secrets of the forge came to be learned by members of all races. Although this is still the largest public iron forge, there are many smaller forges in modern Elanthia, where the Parkshnuum dwarves teach the forging process to all who share their interest in the craft.

Activity near Solhaven Bay

In 3925, a group of Parkshnuum dwarves were part of an expedition that discovered a series of habitable caverns near Solhaven Bay. The dwarven settlement in the area lasted until 3975, when it was attacked and destroyed by kraken. The caverns were afterwards sealed with a massive boulder, and the nearby waterfalls became known as the Cascade of Tears.

Several hundred years later, human fishermen would attempt to settle the region, only for the same fate to befall them. While investigating the strange deaths, the humans came upon the sealed dwarven caverns and sent a messenger to Parshillam Dzu. With dwarven and human cooperation, the kraken breeding site was cleansed. The fortress of Vornavis, named after the dwarven phrase "vorn ahvis", was built atop the cliffs.[2]

Involvement with Talador

For more information, see: Egrentek Clan

In 4519, the Parkshnuum Clan and the Egrentek Clan built Doggoroth Keep within the Kingdom of Hendor near the present-day human province of Talador. The keep was one of the first major above-ground dwarven fortifications, and stood for 60 years before it was overrun by orcs.

In 5094, the Parkshnuum and Egrentek clans were involved in a conflict with Baron Lerep Hochstib of Jantalar, who took over the Talador silver mines and enslaved the local dwarven miners. After the death of several hundred miners under Hochstib, a joint attack by the dwarven clans succeeded in collapsing a major silver mine in retaliation.


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