Seasonal weapon and armor carts

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Seasonal weapon carts wander Mist Harbor and are changed quarterly.

A Frost-hued Rhimar Cart (Winter)

The frost-hued rhimar cart is run by a white-haired elderly male warrior.

On the frost-hued rhimar cart you see:

More expensive weapons likely have cold flares.
a white ruic longbow carved with stylized snowflakes long bow 40000
a grey faewood runestaff capped with a white crystal orb runestaff 250000
a pale blue vultite war hammer inlaid with silvery swirls war hammer 110000
a sky blue vultite spear etched with stylized snowflakes spear 26500
a frost white vultite maul with a sturdy birch haft maul 150000
a silvery steel claidhmore inlaid with white vaalin swirls claidhmore 5000
a blue leather blackjack with a multitude of rhimar studs blackjack 37000
a vultite-studded cestus with a pale white handwrap cestus 28000
an icy blue vultite longsword with a snowflake-etched blade longsword 110000
a curved rhimar falchion with a silver hilt falchion 80000
a suit of bright white half plate etched with snowflakes AsG: 19 750000
a set of mist grey double leathers with silver buckles AsG: 8 90000
some thick blue velvet robes with frost white satin hems AsG: 1 26000
a set of white full leathers with icy blue swirls AsG: 6 63000
some pure white leather gloves with a snowflake on the palm 4x UCS Gear (cold flares; not pocketed) 31000
a pair of dark blue leather boots with white vaalin buckles 4x UCS Gear (cold flares; not pocketed) 91500

A Large Silver-racked Cart (Spring)

The large silver-racked cart is run by a a short black-haired dwarf.

On the large silver-racked cart you see:

a tall guisarme wrapped around the haft with silver vines halberd 53500
a gold-sheened troll-claw tipped in scarlet troll-claw 29500
a vine-etched spiked mace with a thickly woven grip morning star 57500
a scarlet-tipped yumi composed of pale green ruic long bow 36000
a gold-sheened woodsman's axe set with jeweled scarlet streaks battle axe 76500
some glassy green half plate scaled with patches of scarlet AsG: 19 639000
a scarlet-hued helm etched with pale green vines armor accessory; protects head
a gnarled orase pastoral staff carved with scarlet leaves runestaff 108000
a glassy green tower shield streaked with scarlet and gold tower shield 34500
some fitted golden leathers stitched with scarlet vines AsG: 6 57000
some glassy green double chain marked with golden vinework AsG: 14 257000
a glassy green kaskara etched with a spiral of vines longsword 44500

A Rickety Rough Wooden Cart (Summer)

The rickety rough wooden cart is run by a short brunette sylvan child.

The brunette sylvan child says, "I'm only visitin' while my mom's in town! So huwwy qwuick and buy some nice weapons!"

On the rickety rough wooden cart you see:

a sun-etched vultite longsword with a driftwood hilt +20 longsword 49500
an ocean blue vultite maul with a sand-hued modwir haft +20 maul 71000
a sunny yellow steel claidhmore with a driftwood hilt claidhmore 1200
a gold-hilted crimson falchion with scrollwork on the blade +20 falchion 64500
a wave-crested vultite war hammer with a marbled blue shaft +20 war hammer 51500
a grass green vultite katar inlaid with azurite raindrops +20 katar 45000
a flower-etched pink vultite lance with a pale green shaft +20 lance 49500
a deep black ruic long bow inlaid with tiny sunstone stars +20 long bow 40000
a twisted black orase runestaff topped with a white starstone +20 runestaff 121000
a silver-hilted vultite espadon with a rainbow-hued blade +20 bastard sword 88500
a silver-tined vultite troll-claw etched with storm clouds +20 troll-claw 32500
some fitted green leathers inset with tiny ruby ladybugs * AsG: 6 57000
some sun-tooled yellow double leathers inlaid with gold +20 AsG: 8 72500
some thick blue half plate inlaid with green sea glass waves +20 AsG: 19 710000

* item not on cart as of 8/1/2019.

If you smile at the child, you will learn that her name is Tawnie.

A Rickety Old Wooden Cart (Autumn/Fall)

The rickety old wooden cart is run by a dark-robed monk.

A dark-robed monk looks up at the sky with a sigh and says, "The wind scatters leaves as war scatters the innocent."

On the rickety old wooden cart you see:

a dark grey vultite-bladed razorpaw razorpaw 15000
a dark grey vultite knuckle-blade knuckle-blade 20000
a dark grey vultite yierka-spur yierka-spur 25000
a pair of dark grey spidersilk hand-wraps 4x UCS Gear (not pocketed) 15000
a pair of dark grey spidersilk foot-wraps 4x UCS Gear (not pocketed) 42500
a fitted dark grey spidersilk vestment AsG: 2 50000
a glyph-etched sharp black slap-slasher razorpaw 75000
a glyph-etched sharp black slash-fist knuckle-blade 85000
a glyph-etched sharp black spike-fist yierka-spur 100000
a pair of black onyx-studded gauntlets 4x UCS Gear (CER 5 damage weighted; not pocketed) 90000
a pair of black onyx-toed boots 4x UCS Gear (CER 5 damage weighted; not pocketed) 175000
a sleek black onyx-buttoned vestment AsG: 2 50000

The monk is female. One of the ambient messages is "A dark-robed monk carefully tends to the wares on her wooden cart."

A dark-robed monk says, "The true path in life is what you believe in, not what others tell you to believe."

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