Sigil of Concentration

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Guardians of Sunfist - edit
History of the Guardians of Sunfist
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1. Recognition 2. Location
3. Contact 4. Resolve
5. Minor Bane 6. Bandages
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13. Mending 14. Concentration
15. Major Bane 16. Determination
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19. Major Protection 20. Escape

The Sigil of Concentration is the fourteenth sigil learned by Guardians of Sunfist members. This sigil will grant the user five extra mana per pulse for ten minutes.


"This is the Sigil of Concentration, memorize it well. Mana flows through the world like music from a harp. Some of us are deaf to that music, prefering to focus on the more martial aspects of life. Others are able to appreciate the music, but always strain to hear the ever more subtle notes of it. This sigil allows each of us to sacrifice some of our physical vitality in order to temporarily attune ourselves more closely to the flows of mana. While under influence of this sigil, you will regain spent mana more quickly than normal, but at the cost of 30 points of stamina. Go now, and make good use of what I have taught you."

Detailed Benefits

  • Extra 5 mana per pulse
  • 10 minute duration.
  • Refreshable.

Mana/Stamina Costs


Sigil beginning:

As you concentrate on your sigil, you feel more attuned to the flows of mana.

Note: Thanks goes to Belnia for all the information provided by her research.