Sigil of Distraction

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Guardians of Sunfist - edit
History of the Guardians of Sunfist
Guardians of Sunfist release
Superintendents' Histories
Tasks Hated Enemies
1. Recognition 2. Location
3. Contact 4. Resolve
5. Minor Bane 6. Bandages
7. Defense 8. Offense
9. Distraction 10. Minor Protection
11. Focus 12. Intimidation
13. Mending 14. Concentration
15. Major Bane 16. Determination
17. Health 18. Power
19. Major Protection 20. Escape

The Sigil of Distraction is the ninth sigil learned by Guardians of Sunfist members. This sigil will decreases enemies' chances to evade, parry, and block. This sigil uses the Standard success resolution system to detemine success or failure.


"Sigil of Distraction, memorize it well. By focusing on this sigil, you can create a fleeting moment of attunement with the natural energies of chaos so often present in our foes. By exploiting this common weakness, you will be able to distract nearby foes in combat, making them less likely to evade, parry, or block any attacks they may face. Attuning yourself with this chaos can be draining, and the cost to you is 10 points of stamina and 5 points of mana. Go now, and make good use of what I have taught you."

Detailed Benefits

Mana/Stamina Costs

Note: Thanks goes to Belnia for all the information provided by her research.