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Coffee and Tea are common Elanthian beverages made that can be made by adventures using stoves, kettles, and other necessary tools found in certain cafes. Ebon Gate has increased the popularity of this pastime by offering kettles and stoves in both shops and as automated game prizes. Brewed tea allows those with the gift of divination to read the remaining leaves in their cups prior to the last sip.

Necessary Items


  • Place the log and tinder inside the stove.
  • Place the kettle on the stove.
  • Fill kettle with water. Several pours may be necessary from physical vessels, otherwise one cast of 903 should work.

At this point, the instructions split depending on whether it is coffee or tea that is being brewed.


  • LIGHT the stove with a match. Alternatively, CAST Minor Fire (906) at the stove.
  • Ready the coffee press by placing coffee grounds in the vessel.
  • Wait for the water to boil and the fire to go out. POUR the water into the coffee press.
  • After the allotted time has passes, PUSH the coffee press.
  • Pour coffee into the prepared drinking vessels and add flavors as necessary.
  • CLEAN the stove. Excess coffee can be cleaned by TURNing the coffee press.


  • Either PUT tea leaves directly into the kettle, or place them in an infuser and put the infuser into the kettle. (This step can also be done later, after the water starts to boil.)
  • LIGHT the stove with a match. Alternatively, use Minor Fire (906).
  • Wait until the water boils and the tea is sufficiently steeped. The fire will go out by itself but the ideal steeping time is usually a while longer so that the tea is not too weak or strong. If using an infuser, removing it will cause the tea to stop steeping. Look inside the kettle to monitor progress, which can be judged by the depth of color:
  • Pale golden brown - the tea is weak.
  • Murky golden brown - the tea is weak.
  • Rich golden brown - the tea is a bit weak/is just right.
  • Golden brown - the tea is a bit strong/is very strong.
  • POUR the prepared tea into drinking vessels, and add flavorings if necessary.
  • CLEAN the stove. Excess tea can be cleaned up by a TURN of the kettle.

Public Stove Locations

Coffee and Flavoring Shops

Town Shop Name Room ID (Prime)
Four Winds Isle Misty's Teas 17606
Kharam-Dzu The Bean and Leaf 29187
Ta'Vaalor Casu's Coffee


Tea Set Help

Tea and Coffee Flavors

A Taste of Truth Tea Leaves

Loenthran Divination by Tea Leaves

Erithi Tea Ceremony

Non-Brewable Teas

  • Herbs (for healing teas which cannot be brewed and must be purchased)