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The Gotronek Clan is one of the Dwarven mountain clans, renowned for their skilled stone masons.[1]


The home of the Gotronek Clan is the white city of Rockmelderam beneath the far northern reaches of the Dragonspine Mountains.

The great halls of this mining town are carved in pure marble. The city itself is much like a modern day museum, with great marble statues denoting events in the history of Elanthia, and moreso of the dwarves. In the great hall of Rockmelderam, there stands a pure marble depiction of Eonak and Imaera, surveying the lands with their hands clasped. In their shadow stands the likeness of Khazi Khazar, a peaceful smile upon his face and a stein of ale in his hands, as many dwarves believe that Khazar sits with Eonak and Imaera in his afterlife. The Gotronek dwarves are well known for their intricate statues, marble creations and mastery of dwarven art.


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