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The 2023 Rumor Woods Event (June 16th-30th) includes:

  • Pixie/Fox hunt
  • Jousting
  • Shopping
  • Mounts
  • Summit Academy Customizations in the shop What Remains - signature verbs, custom swears, features, spell preps, spell customizations, log-in and log-out messaging
  • Weight Reduction provided by the Seamstress at Couturier's Retreat: This once-a-year service will apply a percentage of weight reducing to your favorite container/s. The higher the percentage, the higher the cost to have this done.
  • NEW Flare Add-ons
  • NEW Rolton races

Quick Links

Rumor Woods.png

Shop Listing

**New** Refreshed Reopened Final Run
Baaarnyard Bounty Been Shanked Lately? Barn with It The Silken Lotus
Bad Wolf Clothing Channeled Affection Born to Adorn Sweetie Pies
The Brass Ring Charmed, I'm Sure Braid and Mane Fanfare
Clodhoppers Common Weaves Bugs on Parade The Kindred Plaid
Curio Minds* Container Yourself Can't Stop That Weaving The Tartan Cloth
The Daily Dip* Crafter's Hearth Cervidae Corral
The Flanked Bags* Earthtones Mount'N'Cloak
Gnomish Gnails The Folded Lotus Cog & Zephyr
Lamb Among Wolves The Gallant Groom The Colorful Carapace
Legendairy The Galloping Gait Couturier's Retreat
A Lofty Affair* GemStoned Deerner Time
Milkin' It The Gift Horse Devout Alloy
Rolton Pens Gifts of Atan Irith Ferocious Eyes
Steaming Mugs* The Girlybird GemStoned
Vintage Visions* The Greater of Two Weevils Goin' Stag
Whirl and Twirl Holy Sheaths Grand Stables
Horsing Around Horn and Mane
*Delayed The Lesser of Two Weevils ImPressions
Off the Chain Irons in the Fire
On the Wing The Knight Way
Peaked Interest Leaping Leezards
Poiret & Company The Lizard Nest
Quit Stallin' Lizard Vivarium
Robes of Resistance Notcher Style
Roundabout Racers Obsidian Raiment
The Spirits Within Of Sand and Rain
Tempered Threads Ostler's Den
Tinkers Toys Pigments of Memory
Trim and Polish Purls of Wisdom
Unfurling Battle Rollin' In The Greens
Vaunt It and Flaunt It Saddle Me Up
What Remains Tiu & Qaiteke
Woodn't Yew Tortoise Holdings
View from a Stag

New for 2023 Rumor Woods

Rare Mounts

  • All previously sold rare mounts are returning for sale!
  • NEW - This year's rare mount is a Rolton, with a chance to find a butterfly, cikya, or moth from the Bugs on Parade series, with a chance at special rolton-specific paper designs. Discord

Big Teaser Round-up

We've been learning new things about Year of the Rolton plans for nearly a year, here's everything we know so far:

  • Rare mounts return: Don't expect to see these offered again before an anniversary event, but expect another chance to pick up a nightmare steed, megalochelys, hart, hind, yierka, or possibly even a unicorn!
  • New automated flare add-on merchant: Tokens available for 50 raikhen, with discounts for unscripted gear with standard enchants and less than heavy weighting.
  • New mounts: Roltons, Sheep, and Goats - Details
  • New horse nouns
  • Mount travel updates - including new stables in Brisker's Cove
  • The ability to have multiple manna and major sanctuary customization options
  • Mount containers
  • Stable lofts
  • New rolton racing game - with lamb pet

Announcement: Wiki / Discord

2023 Tournament Titles

  • 100 (runs) of Rolton - Shepard/ess of the Tranquil Flock
  • 500 (runs) of Rolton - Knight of the Arctic Glade
  • 100 (runs) of Wolf - Protector of the Universal Pack
  • 500 (runs) of Wolf - Knight of the Frigid Timberland
  • If the rolton is Victor, people who ran rolton get Cupbearer of the Divine Fleece
  • If the rolton is Victor, people who ran wolf get Discarded of the Divine Fleece
  • If the wolf is Victor, people who ran wolf get Alpha Among the Ferocious Pack
  • If the wolf is Victor, people who ran rolton get Zeta Among the Ferocious Pack

Rolton Racing

This new game will be arriving alongside established classics, but it's still in the works!

  • Follow the discussion here: Discord


From now until June 15, 2023, TICKET CONVERT will be active and allow you to convert any stored raikhen to the new normalized value. Don't miss out on doubling your raikhen on hand! You'll need to activate it on every character with raikhen individually as you won't be able to withdraw raikhen again until the 16th.

  • Follow the discussion here: Discord

June 2023 Rumor Woods Item Teasers

Sound Charm Gadget

Turns basic charms, such as those from the charmtraption, into sound charms! With five off-the-shelf adjectives, five off-the-shelf templates, and plenty of room for customization.

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Cobbling Upper Maker

Found at Clodhoppers, this is exactly what it sounds like. These convert your unneeded, unscripted fabric or leather into cobbling uppers with a variety of preset options!

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

  • Can be charged with diamonds or by any cobbling merchant
  • 1 diamond = 1 charge, comes with ten charges
  • Permanently charged boxes will be available via raffle/auction/special event
  • Has three custom slots for leather and three for cloth in addition to the presets

Let's Dance!

Available from Whirl and Twirl, these new dancing shoes (or nearly anything else) allow a character to dance in time with instrumental music, alone or with a partner, and with special accommodations for married dance partners!

Announcement: Discord / Wiki

Lamb pet

New this year, replacing the dragonfly pet as a prize in the Pixie Hunt, Thandiwe shared a great deal of detail about the new pet lambs. If you're not lucky enough to find one in the hunt, they'll be available for purchase alongside the bugles in Ewe Vixen as well.

Stall Lofts

Lofts can now be added to your stall in the local stable, with a viewing rail and options to upgrade and customize the furnishings, and even add a node.

Milk Pails, Cheese Wheels, and Butter Churns, oh my!

For use with goat and sheep mounts, as well as wrangled wild roltons, these pails will allow you to collect milk for use with coffee and tea, or to convert to butter or cheese!

  • Teasers: Discord 2
  • Gazing at the pail, you think that you could milk a cow, bison, buffalo, gak, rolton, Bresnahanini rolton, mountain rolton, black rolton, kish'dal, rakka, risthi rolton, flatfoot rolton, Vaslavian rolton, ixacikta, steelhorn rolton, maeltijd rolton, stoutfoot rolton, cavelta rolton, sheep, bighorn sheep, bighorn ram, forester's dorper, Darkling wood sheep, ewe, ram, goat, sea-horned goat, Myssarian goat, piebald koza, Paeladri goat, mountain goat, maedat goat, Mhoragian muskox, camel, llama, yak, arctic oxen, vicuna, or similar creatures.


This new material, available at The Starry Lotus alongside starveil, will cause a standard disruption flare to hit up to three targets (or one target three times) when struck in combat.

  • Announcement: Discord
  • 400,000 raikhen, with surcharges for claidhmores, katanas, and naginatas
  • UPDATE: converted to a tiered pricing structure, with 1dTier flares
100,000 OTS (200k for naginatas/katanas, 300k for claidhmores)
150,000 for tiers two and three
  • Compatible with ranged, runestaves, unarmed combat gear, armor and armor accessories, and shields, although only weapons will be available off-the-shelf this year
  • No tiers or unlocks
  • Does not use standard ability (flare) or script, leaving those open for other applications
  • Inyexat have slightly altered messaging and a minor damage boost

WoodChopper Box updates

Alongside a variety of quality of life upgrades, a new Tier 3 is being introduced, which allows for lockmastery clasps and potentially cobbling heels!

Private property shop

Pricing and details for the contents of the private property shop, for owners of existing properties, have been revealed.

Announcement: Discord

News and Updates


  • Player Customization System updates allow for multiple manna breads and major sanctuaries: Wiki



  • Expect to see festival-themed Dreamfire panels at Curio Minds, but make note that the large six-sided stock panel display will not be available. Discord
  • And new perfumes, some of an unpleasant nature, at Lamb Among Wolves. Discord


  • Expect to see the Rumplesnoots Adventuring Company at Rumor Woods! And be sure to swing by Bugs on Parade for jars and specimen boards.


Cry Wolf - Discord
Rolton's Tail - Discord
Predator - Discord
Prey - Discord


  • Xynwen shared some upcoming goals for origami, and a reminder that Rumor Woods is the time to learn the base skill! Discord / Wiki


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